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Excelling with Excel on the Cloud: Powered by Smart OLAP™ Supercharge Excel for advanced analytics on the cloud and access all your data with exceptionally high performance.

Excelling with Excel on the Cloud: Powered by Smart OLAP™

Our Smart OLAP™ technology transforms Excel into a cloud-native BI tool. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular analytics tools that has been around for ages. Though enterprises today use advanced BI tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, and others, a significant chunk of business users and analysts still prefer to work on Excel. Two key reasons for its popularity are – it is familiar and inexpensive. As most users already have the Microsoft Office Suite installed on their computers and have been using it since grade school, it is one of the top choices for BI analysts. Modern data ecosystem and the cloud shift However, with all the enterprise data moving to the cloud, it becomes challenging for Excel to keep up with the cloud’s native flexibility and scalability.

As data volumes rise, Excel generally becomes unresponsive and fails to respond to queries. A Few Important Elements of a Successful Big Data Analytics Strategy. While nearly all the companies know that their data is a strategic asset, most of them are not taking full benefit of big data analytics to get ahead.

A Few Important Elements of a Successful Big Data Analytics Strategy

This post explains the key elements of a successful data strategy which will assist you make decisions on the basis of right data analysis instead of hunches. Companies know that their product data is a strategic asset and plan to use it to make better decisions, but the issue is that it is complicated. Usually, the data gets distributed in silos, caught in departmental systems which don’t work well with each other, the data quality is poor and costs related to it are really high.

Besides handling the market pressures, most companies will prioritize the critical, strategical and routine requirements over the long-term strategic initiatives. Understanding What Exactly Single Source of Truth Is and Why Must Data Marketers Care About It. For data marketers that have spent some time in the world of marketing analytics have heard about the single source of truth often think what it means exactly.

Understanding What Exactly Single Source of Truth Is and Why Must Data Marketers Care About It

Unlike many slangs floating around in their industry, single source of truth is an extremely useful concept, which allows the data marketers to watch their performance very clearly and correctly than before. What is Single Source of Truth? Single source of truth (SSOT) is basically, a concept which originally derives from the information systems industry. It is a single place where a company’s data is stored and if required, edited or updated. In this manner, everyone in the company works from the similar record, enabling for reliable, correct reporting, analysis and decision-making across the whole company.

Having a single source of truth is important for bigger brands and companies which might have many teams and divisions, located around the world, all of them generating their own individual data. Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix. Analyze Trillions of Data Points with MicroStrategy in Sub-seconds. Take your Tableau Experience to a Completely Different Level with Kyvos. Primary Reasons to Opt For Advanced Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions. While companies are embracing cloud business intelligence solutions, they are still finding it hard to make their solutions more strong, easily nearby and successful.

Primary Reasons to Opt For Advanced Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions

Key Approaches to Make Use of Cloud Analytics to Empower Your Business Enterprise. New-age companies who have already used cloud analytics keep thinking that what separates them from the companies that have not used cloud analytics to capture real business value from it.

Key Approaches to Make Use of Cloud Analytics to Empower Your Business Enterprise

What makes them unique? Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ Brings the Power of Multidimensional Analytics to Google BigQuery. Perform multidimensional analytics on your cloud data warehouse and create interactive dashboards using any BI tool you like.

Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ Brings the Power of Multidimensional Analytics to Google BigQuery

Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables self-service analytics on Google BigQuery at interactive speeds, even for very high concurrencies. Cloud data warehouses are being touted as the next big thing for business analytics. Several enterprises have either moved or considering migrating their data loads to the Google Cloud Platform and use Google BigQuery for their BI needs. However, there are some key questions that need to be addressed. SSAS Migration to the Cloud or an On-Premise Data Lake. Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix.

Take your Tableau Experience to a Completely Different Level with Kyvos. Working with Recursive and Alternate Hierarchies with Custom Rollups in Kyvos. Maintaining the accuracy of results in complex data models is a difficult task particularly if the underlying data consists of hierarchies.

Working with Recursive and Alternate Hierarchies with Custom Rollups in Kyvos

A hierarchy is the way of organizing data in form of levels of aggregation. Typically, analysts use hierarchies to recognize trends at one level, drill down to lower levels to find reasons for these trends, and roll up to higher levels to see the effect of trends at a broader level. A Hierarchy is used to organize the levels of a dimension into a logical tree structure that defines parent-child aggregation relationships. Here, the parent level, i.e., aggregate members correspond to the consolidation of child levels. By arranging members of a dimension into a hierarchy, not only can the OLAP model calculate the aggregation of dimension level, but also eliminate the need for mathematical calculations in the form of cube formulas as the values for the child levels will automatically sum up or total to the parent level.

Parent-child Recursive Hierarchy. Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Analytics with Scheduled Cluster Scaling. Cloud has radically altered the way IT infrastructure is provisioned and managed over the last decade.

Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Analytics with Scheduled Cluster Scaling

Organizations world over are moving all their operations, including analytics to the cloud. For continuously expanding businesses with ever-increasing data, the cloud offers tremendous advantages. The two most significant benefits are cost-effectiveness and easy scalability. Organizations can rapidly alter their IT deployments to suit their needs and keep their focus on growing their businesses rather than continually tinkering with their infrastructure. A scalable architecture ensures improved performance and the ability to handle bursts of traffic or heavy loads instantaneously. OLAP on AWS: The Power Duo for Faster BI on Massive Data. Cloud analytics is no more the dream of the future as enterprises have shifted their data or are in the process of doing so on the cloud.

OLAP on AWS: The Power Duo for Faster BI on Massive Data

This step is a result of many advantages that the cloud has to offer including to scalability, agility, ease of collaboration, resource optimization, unified data approach, less maintenance etc. AWS, one of the leading cloud service providers is leading the cloud data lake market as most enterprises rely on them. Get the Best SEO Services in Indore from SEONerds Digital Pvt. Ltd. Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform is Now Available on Azure Marketplace. Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform is Now Available on Azure Marketplace.

Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform is Now Available on Azure Marketplace. Kyvos brings the power of scalable OLAP to Azure Marketplace.

Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform is Now Available on Azure Marketplace

How to Simplify Complex Data Modeling at a Massive Scale. In modern business environments, where every transaction is logged, enterprises need efficient ways to model data collected across multiple customer touchpoints, business areas, and data sources so that they can get a holistic view of their business. However, getting a 360-degree view and drawing business insights by analyzing data aggregated from multiple channels is always a challenge. It becomes essential to label and organize complex data to create simple, consistent views that users across the enterprise can use for their analysis. Data modeling defines the structure in which data is interpreted and used by different entities in the organization.

Often data is stored in different locations, and the volume that needs to be analyzed is exceptionally high. 10 Emerging Analytics Startups In India To Watch Out In 2020. The year might have started on an ominous note with recession indicators flashing signs of an economic downturn, but the space of analytics has never looked more indispensable. With companies scrambling to pare costs, more data-driven decision-making will prove to be a simple yet effective proposition for these times. In recent years, businesses have begun seeing value in capturing actionable insights from vast swathes of raw data. This had led to an upsurge in the number of startups entering the analytics space, some of which have left a lasting impact with their work and the potential they hold. Like last year, we have compiled a list of some of the most promising analytics startups in India that offer exceptional solutions for data-driven organizations.

Listed in alphabetical order, read about the top ten startups emerging in the space of analytics in India in 2020:- Primary Tricks Helping Companies Make OLAP on AWS Work to Your Utmost Benefit. Businesses of all sizes have chosen OLAP on AWS as their go-to cloud service provider, thereby making it a highly acknowledged contender in the field of Cloud services. OLAP on AWS solution retains the top position due to its constant innovative strategy and an attitude of enlarging the partner ecosystem. Olap on AWS has taken it ahead through integrating analytics and machine learning abilities within its offerings.

This provides AWS a benefit to stay updated with the newest cloud trends and have an edge over their competitors. It is continually enlarging its partner ecosystem through adding numerous reliable names to the list that adds to its trustworthiness as a worldwide cloud service provider. Beneficial Big Data on Cloud Trends to Look Out for in 2020. Big data on cloud and analytics are a very important resource for new-age businesses to survive in an extremely competitive environment. The data sources and latest AI applications are turning out to be even more difficult and detailed. So, 2020 is going to be a year for new innovations and advance developments in the field of Big Data. This post abridges below the big data on cloud trends that can impact the existing IT landscapes in 2020.

Kyvos Joins the Global Fight Against COVID19. Announces Free Licenses for Government Agencies. The world is at the crossroads of an unexpected challenge. As we all fight this TOGETHER, we are confident that we will overcome and come out stronger. Governments, Hospitals, Pharma companies, and others are doing all they can to contain and cure the pandemic. High-Speed Financial Analytics with Extreme Decimal Support: When Precision Matters. Insights are useful only if they arrive on time – the faster, the better. In fact, speed and accuracy are the two most important pillars of financial analytics. Now, if we add another ingredient “scale of data” to the mix, the combination can transform financial analytics for any business.

Handling Ragged and Unbalanced Hierarchies in Kyvos. Most BI tools support standard hierarchies such that a field value is available on each level of the hierarchy. However, in real business scenarios, all hierarchies are not perfect, and querying such hierarchies becomes difficult. How Kyvos is Helping Major Retailers Maintain Supply Chain Efficiency in Turbulent Times. Traditionally viewed as a cost center, Supply Chain projects often took a backseat to work more closely tied to revenue. Comprehending With the Vital Capabilities of New-Age Data Lake Analytics. Understanding the Primary Benefits of the latest Cloud Analytics Tools. Kyvos + MicroStrategy Provides Instant BI at Massive Scale on Cloud & On-Premise. Kyvos’ Customer 360 Solution offers Instant Insights on Billions of Interactions. Getting a unified view of a customer’s journey and consolidating this data across thousands of customers can answer several key business questions such as, which product features are most valuable to the customers, how various steps of customer experience drive conversions, how customer support interactions contribute to conversions, how marketing campaigns affect customer interactions, and many more such questions.

By analyzing the customer journey data instantly, businesses can build strategies to engage with their customers and increase revenue. Tableau on the Cloud: How Kyvos Helps You Sail Through Massive Data. Transform your Business with Instant BI on Massive Data on the Cloud. Leverage the cloud for business intelligence and put yourself in the lead. Understanding The Concept And Need Of A Semantic Layer. Understanding the Growing Power of Tableau on Cloud & Its Key Benefits. A Quick Overview about What Is Semantic Layer & Key Benefits It Has Over the Traditional Reporting Tools.

A semantic layer is basically a group of pre-defined virtual views or models which represent a business enterprise's data that are represented in recognizable and important terminologies rather than 100% technical fields. It is usually a business translation layer which assembles between end users and the database and insulates the end users by the technical details and difficult database structure. By having a semantic layer as your reporting tool, business users cannot see the data like a collection of technical tables with difficult inter-relations, rather as a simple collection of well-known business strings systematized into a significant structure.

It gets a lot simpler for users to access, control, systematize and evaluate the data. How You Can Leverage Tableau On Hadoop For Your Business! Join in Kyvos Insights for the Strata Data Conference 2020 in San Jose, California. Key Pointers You Must Do Prior to Starting Your Big Data in Cloud Initiatives. Tableau on Hadoop or Cloud for Fastest Reporting on Massive Data.

What is a Semantic Layer? How to Build it for Future Data Workloads? Kyvos is exhibiting at the MicroStrategy World - Orlando. Transform Financial Analytics with Instant Insights at Massive Scale. Kyvos Delivers Transformative Business Solutions at Massive Scale. Understanding Why the New-Age Supply Chain Managers are Shifting to the Cloud Supply Chain Management Approaches. Semantic Layer- Understanding What it is & Why Business Enterprises Need One. New Kyvos Connector Now Available Through Tableau: Accelerating BI on Modern Data Platforms. Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Superpowering Tableau for Trillions of Rows. New Kyvos Connector now available through Tableau: Accelerating BI on Modern Data Platforms. Smarter Analytics with Advanced Data Profiling and Query Analysis. A Quick Overview on BI Accelerator Concept, Architecture, Benefits & Setbacks. Join in Kyvos Insights for the Tableau Conference 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Kyvos' Product Designed for Modern Data Platforms. Meet Kyvos at Tableau Conference 2019. Petabyte Scale- An Overview on the Next Generation Data Storage Solution for Business Enterprises. Big Data in Cloud- A Powerful Approach to Analyze Big Data for Business Enterprises. Supercharging Tableau Performance on Big Data. Know How Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions Speed-up Your Business Enterprise’s Growth. Qlik Big Data Approaches, Uses & Key Benefits-A Quick Overview. Replace your SSAS cubes with next-generation OLAP on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Kyvos Technology: Simplifying Period over Period Analysis on Data at Massive Scale. Why doesn’t Tableau perform as well on Hadoop? And how to make it faster. A Step-By-Step Guide to Execute a Successful Enterprise BI Strategy for New-Age Businesses.

Customer 360- Understanding Your Target Customers in a Better Way. Shaping the future of supply chain management: Kyvos with Tableau. How Kyvos handles currency conversions on massive scale data on the cloud. The Power of OLAP and its Relevance in the Big Data Ecosystem. Kyvos Insights and Guest Boris Evelson To Discuss How Cloud Will Shape The Future of Enterprise Business Intelligence. Walgreens Transforms Supply Chain Management with Kyvos, Tableau and Big Data. The Biggest Challenge of Hadoop Analytics: It’s all about Query Performance -Big Data Analytics News. Kyvos Insights to Host Webinar on Accelerating Business Intelligence with Native Hadoop BI. Insights on Big Data Analytics Tools: How to Obtain Value with the Advanced Big Data Visualization Tools? Primary Approaches to Triumph Over Big Data Analytics Precincts with Hadoop Analytics – Big Data Analytics & Trends. Insights on Big Data Analytics Tools: Big Data Analytics Tools- Reasons for Sudden Rise, Key Benefits and Challenges Involved to Use It.

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