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Promo Printing Group is the industry leader in designing and manufacturing scratch off games, sweepstakes promotions, postcards and direct mail promotions. Our state-of-the-art in house facilities can accommodate any size job.

Employee Incentive Scratch Off Cards. Trade Show Incentives- Full Color Trade Show Promotion Scratch Offs. Full Color Trade Show Promotion Scratch Offs have never been more affordable!

Trade Show Incentives- Full Color Trade Show Promotion Scratch Offs

No motivating device today has been so uniquely and consistently effective in attracting attention as a trade show scratch off promotion. By using scratch off cards as a pre-trade show promotion you will excite potential customers even before the trade show begins! Spark interest in prospective trade show attendees by either mailing or handing out cards prior to their entering the show. Typically, we use matching numbers or symbols under the scratch off area. In order to find out what they have won, the attendee must come to your booth. You can choose to run the trade show game along with the pre-trade show game or alone.

We suggest one of our turn-key promotions or have us design a custom promotion specifically for your company. Fill out our simple form and receive a FREE simple pack that contains some of our best ideas and work! Scratch & Sniff Screening Tool- Covid 19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards. Promo Printing Group. Full Color Rack Cards are concise, yet packed with valuable information.

Promo Printing Group

These are compact marketing machines. These 4″ wide by 9″ tall narrow cards are designed to be displayed in racks and are incredibly tempting for customer to grab and take home with them. Scratch & Sniff Screening Tool. Covid 19 Loss Of Smell Screening Cards (Pack Of 250) 5 Most Expensive Homes for Sale @DevinMcCrossan. Custom Printed Scratch off Postcards: Boost Response Rate in 2019. Our custom designed and printed scratch off postcards will grab your consumers attention and directly involve them with your product, service or offer.

Custom Printed Scratch off Postcards: Boost Response Rate in 2019

Adding a scratch off element to a simple postcard will create excitement, increases readership and will BOOST your response rates! You have less than three seconds to grab the attention of someone going through their mail. Our scratch off postcards are a time proven tool to do just that. Although we are a full service printing and marketing company, ff you just need to print the postcards and apply the scratch off we can do that as well. We work with mail houses nationwide to supply them with these unique, fun and interactive direct mail postcards. Our professional staff can work with you to develop a cost effective and successful promotion to meet your needs. 5 Most Expensive Homes for Sale @DevinMcCrossan. Devin McCrossan: 7 Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers. Devin McCrossan: 7 Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers. Treasure Hunt - Scratch off Card. We print your 6 prizes under the scratch off.

Treasure Hunt - Scratch off Card

You determine what the prize is and the quantity of each prize. These Promotions can be used for Traffic Builders, Mystery Discounts, Retail Bounce Back, Trade Shows, Employee Incentives, Safety Programs, Web Promotions and more! All in-stock cards ship in 2-3 days if you add your logo it will be 7 days! Optional: Add your logo and text for FREE!!! Just choose the quantity below and get started on your project today. Social Distancing at Workplace with COVID-19 Social Distancing Table Tents Promo Printing Group. Safety Scratch off Cards: Keep Your Employees Motivated in 2019. Our Safety Scratch off Cards can be completely customized with your Full Color Logo and Your Prizes, or Point Values printed under the scratch off area.

Safety Scratch off Cards: Keep Your Employees Motivated in 2019

Includes 6 prize/point levels and you determine the quantity of each prize. 16 FREE Social Distancing Signs. 16 FREE Social Distancing Signs: (8.5” x 11”) Good for any Small Business –Prints Full Color on 1 side, on Heavy 12 pt.

16 FREE Social Distancing Signs

C2S Cards Stock –Premium UV Gloss Protective Coating –Bilingual: In English and Spanish –Same Day Shipping –Includes a 4 Page full color guide on how to successfully Re-Open your Business! BONUS Fundraising OFFER! –4 Free Scratch & Give Cards – Raise $400 for the Charity of your choice! –Same Day Shipping – Ships with Social Distancing Signs Order online or by phone Monday-Friday from 9:00 Am-5:00 EST.Toll Free 866-381-9902 and we will email you an invoice and a secure link to pay online.

Custom Scratch off Cards- Best Promotion to Excite Customers. Highly Effective Custom Printed Magnetic Postcards. Marketing Magnets and Magnetic Postcards are a great way to keep your name if front of your customers all year long!

Highly Effective Custom Printed Magnetic Postcards

These full color cards are custom designed to meet your marketing needs. All cards come with a standard 1.5″ x 2.5″ magnet. Below are some samples of our common sizes and existing die lines. Coupon Magnets are print full color on both sides. Promo Printing Group. All of our brochures are printed full color on both sides using a premium gloss paper.All of our brochures are printed full color on both sides using a premium gloss paper.

Promo Printing Group

Fast 5-7 Day Turnaround on all orders! FREE Standard Folding on all Brochures! Standard Folding includes. Half Fold, Barrel Fold, Tri-fold, Gate Fold and Quarter Fold. Have a special folding need or need a larger quantity, call us Toll Free: 1-813-831-9902 for a custom quote! Promo Printing Group. Full Color Door Hangers from Promo Printing&nbs... Promo Printing Group. How It Works: Targeted consumers receive a Lucky Number Match Postcard via the mail.

Promo Printing Group

Consumers are eligible to receive discounts or win prizes based on their Lucky Number. (you determine the offers, prizes and odds). In order to see what they have won, the consumer must bring the postcard to your establishment, (or visit your website).It is a simple and effective way to increase your response rates and give away great offers. We can inkjet unique numbers on the back of your postcard or match numbers on the front of the cards. These numbers will match to discounts or prizes that you will offer. Our professional staff can work with you to develop an effective and successful promotion.

Full Color Door Hangers from Promo Printing - Heavy stock, durable. Highest quality door hangers available anywhere!

Full Color Door Hangers from Promo Printing - Heavy stock, durable

Door hanger advertising is a unique way to catch a prospect’s eye somewhere they are not typically expecting it. Because door hangers must be removed from the door, the readership and impression is almost 100% guaranteed. We offer free perforations across the door hangers.Add a valuable tearaway coupon or easy to save business card. This is accomplished by adding a 2″ perforation across the bottom of the card.Door hangers are a perfect fit for limited time offers, promoting new services or products, or bringing attention you your business in a new sales territory.We also have the capabilities of adding a magnet or a scratch off element to accentuate your call to action and extend the shelf life of the advertisement.All door hangers are coated with a weather protective Premium UV Gloss that protects it from fading and the rain.

Door Hanger Specs Current Door Hanger Templates. Print Marketing Promotion- Positive Approach to your Business. Is this your business? Update now Promo Printing Group. High Quality Vinyl Banners Full Color only $4.60 Square foot, Free Design. Promo Printing Group, Printing. Self Mailers and Direct Mail Marketing. Reasons to Purchase Redi-Exit Egress Windows for Spring. The spring time is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to getting things done around the house. Maybe you’re looking to take care of some spring cleaning indoors. Maybe you’re getting ready to finally get around to those outside projects. If you’re thinking about getting the egress well system installed this spring we’ll give you the top reasons why spring is the best time to start the egress project. We’ll answer the top concerns and we’ll show you why now is the best time of the year to start considering an egress window and well.

Castle Roofing and the Corona Virus. As we write this today’s date is April 10, 2020. If you haven’t heard about the coronavirus then you’re living under a rock. The pandemic that’s going around is affecting much more than just people’s health and safety. The virus has spread its tentacles into the business community, especially the home improvement industry. For the first time in a century there is a mandatory shut down of all non-life-sustaining businesses and it has really changed the roofing industry in a big way.

We don’t know when business will continue as usual so we wanted to keep you up to date on all changes. In this article we’ll explain what Castle Roofing is doing regarding the coronavirus. How Has the Roofing Business Changed? Only one month ago it was business as usual. The roofing business, like Castle Roofing, has two different components to the business model. Many roofers offer commercial roofing and repair and/or residential roofing and repair. Brochure Printing- FREE Standard Folding on all Brochures. Promo Printing Group. Your message has been sent to Promo Printing Group . Like authorSTREAM? Give us a +1! Promo Printing Group Tampa, United States Write your message here (Enter the characters you see in the picture above) Close About:

Role of Promotional Printing Products for Small Business. Ten Reasons why Spring is the Best Time to Hire Castle Roofing. 1) Weather The main reason why you should call Castle roofing in the Spring is that the weather is the best. The spring offers the best chance of nice weather to be on a roof. The winter is way too cold and unsafe. The Summer is way too hot to be on a roof, especially in the Atlanta area.

The fall can be too cold at times but the spring is just right! 2) Prices We know that the spring time is when everybody with a hammer offers roofing services. 3) Timing At Castle, we believe that the Spring is one of the best times to take care of those annoying roofing issues. 4) Compliments other Projects In addition to timing roofing compliments other sprinting projects. 5) Rainy Days As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. 6) Summer Parties You spent a pretty penny on that new pool, outdoor kitchen, and patio. 7) Coming Out of Winter From late fall to mid-spring can be a good four or five months. 8) Longer Days 9) Materials 10) Safety for the Roofers.

Redi-Exit’s Corona Virus Strategy. As of today (March 20, 2020) there is a lot of concern going on around the world regarding the corona virus. People are concerned about how long the pandemic will last, people are concerned about finances and the economy and people are worried about their business. For the first time in over 100 years the United States is calling a mandatory shut down of all non-essential businesses in most part of the country. We’ll walk you through the exact steps that we are taking regarding our business and we’ll help you become better informed about how this affects egress windows and the egress window and home improvement industry. 1) Health and Safety First of all, our main concern is that our customers, suppliers, vendors and personnel all remain safe and healthy during this pandemic.

As a company we are following all Pennsylvania state rules and mandatory regulations regarding the corona virus. 2) Business as Usual We are still talking to customers on the phone about orders. Gov. Promoprintinggroup - Tax Preparers- Scratch Off Promotions Boost Revenue. Promo Printing Group Inc. How Mystery Discount Scratch Off Cards Boost your Sale. Promo Printing Group. Business Card Postcards. Natural Gas Scratch & Sniff Safety Cards. Full Color Rack Cards- Promo Printing Group. Custom Flag Printing. Tax Preparers- Scratch Off Promotions Boost Revenue. Promo Printing Group. Tax Preparers- Scratch Off Promotions Boost Revenue. Brochures- Best way to Promote your Business.

Add The Power Of Smell To Your Next Promotion- Scratch & Sniff Cards. Scratch Card Printing. Color Postcards- Full Color both sides. Making Direct Sales Scratch Offs Do The Work. Scratch and Give Fundraising Cards. Making Direct Sales Scratch Offs Do The Work For You. Fundraising Scratch Cards: Increase Your Profits in 2019 & Beyond. Tax Preparers- Scratch Off Promotions Boost Revenue. A scratch off or patented Peel & Win® promotion is key to generating buzz. Scratch off promos for tax prep companies are a great way to gain clients and boost revenue. The tax industry is unique in that it provides services assisting with something every American is required to do by law- file yearly income taxes.

The nature of this business is immune to recession, but there are things that must be done to stand apart from your competition. As a tax prep company, you have only 4 months to secure as much business as possible for the “season.” With over a reported 109K firms in the US, it is imperative to get noticed and stay relevant. Scratch and Give Fundraising Cards. Grow Your Business with Great Customer Service. Customer service training never stops. Whether it’s a formalized program or employees modeling their behavior upon each other or management, what comes to be accepted as normal is what your customers, both external and internal, will experience during their interactions with your team. Some organizations, like the Ritz Carlton, have a much regimented routine to continually train their employees for service excellence and share experiences, stories, and the most recent service recovery actions taken to rectify problems.

In the end, these are retellings of how staff managed to delight their customers even if the initial encounter was negative. Tax Season Scratch Cards. Tips for a Profitable Scratch Fundraiser.