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Promantra joined the healthcare IT services domain in August 2003. Since then, we continue to provide high quality business process outsourcing services to all sections of the healthcare industry. With our corporate offices in Somerset, New Jersey and delivery center in Hyderabad, India, we are a leader in helping US healthcare providers operate more efficiently, compete effectively in their markets and provide unmatched patient care. The cornerstone of this work is our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service which has added significant growth to our company and provided a full spectrum of support for the healthcare industry. We leverage our quality control framework and service delivery innovation methods to help clients achieve RCM excellence. We align our quality policy with their outsourcing objectives to ensure compliance and integrity, supporting them through our adherence to Global standards; ISO 27001 & ISO 9001.

HEALTHCARE. Artificial intelligence and Revenue Cycle Management. Remember the last time when you took an alternate route shown by Google Maps on a busy route?

Artificial intelligence and Revenue Cycle Management

Or when you received close and relevant recommendations on your shopping list or your personal assistants like Alexa or Siri. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is setting its foot prints in Revenue Cycle Management and is geared up to give a tough fight to the insurance companies who are already using AI to find ways to deny or underpay claims. AI is making life better by adding brut force decision making, processing millions of claims to provide intelligent solutions, and automating manual jobs using complex algorithms. The question is how can AI optimize your revenue cycle management, reduce errors in your claims and help you grow your business. Before we dive into the technology let’s understand the challenges of healthcare industry and then take a closer look into the kind of results AI in RCM has to offer. Your organization collects huge amount of data daily. Payroll Services for LTC Facilities. Patient Management System And Claims Revenue Cycle PMS.

PMS allows Physician practices to perform routine administrative functions electronically and help save significant time and expenses.

Patient Management System And Claims Revenue Cycle PMS

To attain this upper hand in efficiency by using a PMS, the right technology and a dedicated vendor is necessary. Selecting a PMS may look like an easy task but it isn’t. Invest some time and effort in finding out the best available vendor and their products as you do with any major purchase. We have some simple rules to help you in selecting a PMS system that improves overall overall efficiency of your practice. PMS Assessment Team: Selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective system is very crucial and more for this the staff involvement (The team that majorly work with the PMS System) in selecting the system is very important.

Analysis of the patient management and claims revenue cycle: The team appointed to select the PMS system must analyze every step in the practice's patient management workflow and claims revenue cycle. Download Our Company Healthcare Brouchers. Under Payment Tracking Services&Denied Medical Claims RevPro.

Promantra provides Reimbursement Underpayment Tracking methods that help in maximizing reimbursements, decrease payment denials and increase profitability and this will be our prime commitment to each partner-client.

Under Payment Tracking Services&Denied Medical Claims RevPro

Track your Underpayments and Collect Upto 20% More with Promantra RevPro – An intelligent tool developed by Promantra helps juxtapose Payors ‘actual reimbursements’ with their ‘contracted rates’. Real time tracking of Payors’ contracts, fee schedules, underpayments and reimbursements from anywhere is the USP of RevPro.

Each component of RevPro is assembled with a purpose that will directly help in accelerating your practice’s revenue cycle. Full data transparency and 24/7 dedicated specialists services are other important features to be noted. Future of RCM Services for Healthcare Providers. In today’s scenario, the Healthcare Providers are struggling immensely with increased documentation, compliance requirements and lowering reimbursement.

Future of RCM Services for Healthcare Providers

Adding to this challenges is there a serious shortage of medical staff in the facilities. There is a dual impact on revenue with facilities missing on getting adequately reimbursed and also having to hire more staff to figure out billing and denials. The vision of RevvProTM is to provide transparency to the healthcare providers. Historically healthcare has been an opaque profession.

Many physicians leveraged the fact that they are put on a platform to deliver an old style of medical care. Healthcare IT Products. GeroPro | Software for Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities GeroPro is a complete healthcare information suite confederated with applications to actualize financial and clinical needs of long-term care facilities.

healthcare IT Products

GeroPro is modulated to manage the all important functions of healthcare organizations like patient demographics and face sheets, administration of LTC billing, accounts receivables, account payables, resident trust funds & MDS, care plan, general ledger, resident charting, payroll, management dashboards etc. GeroPro helps to optimize healthcare management costs & increase returns on investments for Geriatric Healthcare. Medical Billing Services - Medical Coding Services Promantra. Promantra is a premier provider of Healthcare BPO services for RCM and LTC companies.

Medical Billing Services - Medical Coding Services Promantra

Our objective is to help healthcare organizations succeed in achieving their operational and financial goals. Most importantly our paramount aim is to make your vision our vision. From denial management to medical billing-coding, Promantra has experience in meeting various IT requirements of Healthcare providers. Our industry and domain knowledge, gathered over a decade, enable us to provide apt solutions to clients’ challenges and enhance their strengths by acting as their extended arm.

Promantra today offers a wide variety of services to: Companies providing medical Billing services to Hospitals and Physician Practices across specialties Long Term Care facilities like Skilled Nursing facilities, Home Health, Assisted Living and Hospice Long Term Care Pharmacies. Sitemap - Promantra Provides healthcare It Services Company. Healthcare IT Achievements. Take Pride in Joining Hands with the world Leader!

Healthcare IT Achievements

Gone are the days when growth was attributed to expanded infrastructure and head count. An explosion of ideas, ideas which form the corner stone of an organizations’ thriving capacity is the name of the game these days A well knit team, powerful solutions driven by powerful thoughts, implementation of best practices and a charismatic leadership team is something which makes this organization fight the odds in this world of immense competition. In recognition of the unending urge to innovate and redefine working practices, this 400 strong group of intellectuals have put their brain cells to work, this has found Promantra a place among the TOP 100 IT Innovators and guess what, this is a NASCOMM release!

We Managed by Specialists for Medical Billing and Coding. Doctors today face a lot of challenges managing their practices.

We Managed by Specialists for Medical Billing and Coding

Undoubtedly they have acquired skills that are required to effectively run their operations apart from their core responsibility of providing patient services. At the cost of work-life balance in most of the cases. They are not only required to stay on top of changing protocols in their respective specialties, billing and coding but are also required to stay abreast of the technological advances to ensure they are providing better and right patient care. Medical Billing today is not just about going and filling up a form. Considering the nitty-gritty’s of today’s billing processes, it takes an experienced medical billing professional to ensure compliance. Our client's Testimonials of healthcare IT and BPO services.

Our main success mantra is when we sign a contract, we make our client's vision, "Our Vision".

Our client's Testimonials of healthcare IT and BPO services

Promantra ensures every project is assigned with a dedicated client relationship manager who the main job is to regularly interact with the client to provide updates, discuss performance, take feedback and deliver quality results. Accountability is one of the key elements of day to day operations. Each and every team member in Promantra is accountable for the tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to them and these are closely monitored by the management and the client relationship manager working on the projects. This enables us to deliver high performing results. Healthcare Payroll Software. GeroPro is a complete Healthcare Information suite confederated with applications to actualize Financial and Clinical needs of Long-term Care Facilities.

Healthcare Payroll Software

Financial Solutions Accounts Receivable Resident Trust Accounts Payable Payroll General Ledger Clinical Solutions. EMR For Physicians. AcutePro PMS is an all in one solution designed specifically for the small to midsize hospitals and physicians. All data flows easily and automatically to other parts of the patient's chart including billing and electronic medical records (EMR) for physicians and hospitals. AcutePro comes with preloaded settings for over 20 specialties including frequently used menus, ICD codes, CPT codes scheduling templates system settings Below are some of the features of AcutePro PMS that makes it the most apt billing and EMR solution for small to mid-sized healthcare practices like hospitals and physicians: Electronic Billing/EDI claims Multiple open windows Multiple provider views Electronic eligibility verification Take Copays at check-in Make appt. in 10 seconds Appointment reminder calls ERAs (Electronic Payments) Custom screens Day/Week/Month views ID card scanning/viewing Take payments at check-in Messaging system eStatements.

Medical Billing Platforms USA. If you are a provider who is looking to develop a customized in-house billing software and maintain complete control over your billing cycle, and need flexibility compared to the already existing software that are available in the market today, Promantra has a Medical Billing Platform solution for you. Our platforms are not only simple to use, but also provides a better control of your revenue cycle and which complies with regulations like HL7, HIPAA, CCHIT guidelines.

Depending upon the all the factors which influence your needs, Promantra can develop Medical Billing Software in any of the following architectures: Client- Server Web-Based Internet-Based Our Medical Billing Platform solutions will enable you to perform your billing tasks with outmost ease and flexibility. Some of the major functions offered by our software include: Promantra Electronic Health Records EHR/EMR Services in USA. From an individual practice to a large healthcare system, Promantra's experienced and creative team can build an EHR/EMR that will be a great fit with the use of latest technologies and enabling operating flexibility of any kind of specialty.

Below is a partial list of features: Appointment, event, and resource scheduling Easy telephone refills, triage, and inserted notes Referral/consult contact management Intelligent office messaging and ordering Patient management Demographics, insurance, and pharmacy Document generation Reference tracking for labs and reports Rx, Tx, instructions, referral/consult letters, lab orders, HCFA Personalized forms Integrated high-speed scanning, digital imaging, audio capture Workflow management Patient prescription management & contraindications Automated reminders/alerts Healthcare maintenance reminders Lab and diagnostics imaging reminders The EMR / EHR developed by Promantra caters to various specialities listed below:

Is Your Medical Coding Vendor Ready. 1st October 2015, a day that will be remembered in the history of American Healthcare and a day every physician and facility in the US are eagerly waiting for. On this day, the Healthcare industry will remarkably witness a shift in the scenario of ‘how medical coding is done’ from ICD-9 coding system to ICD-10-CM (diagnoses) and ICD-10-PCS (procedures). The ICD-10 coding system is already implemented across many developed countries in the world and the US will be the latest member to join after many inconclusive debates and discussions. ICD-10 has a historical origin and is the latest addition to the ICD(International Classification of Diseases) series approved by the 43rd World Health Assembly in May 1990.

Many WHO member states started following the ICD-10 coding system as early as in 1994, followed by the UK in 1995 and then by rest of the Europe in 2000. Promantra provides the best TeleRadiology Services in USA. Promantra Inc. has a robust team encompassing highly skilled and certified radiologists and has been providing cutting edge diagnostic teleradiology solutions to global customers. We have people with over 7 years of experience heading the operations. The average team members experience is 4 years.

Our comprehensive solutions provide better compliance at lower costs, enabling our clients to focus on their core business that is, providing better Health Care. By Partnering with Promantra for Teleradiology, you no longer have to hunt for nighthawk radiologists, worry about the overflow during day time, relieve nighthawk radiologists or find coverage for a radiologist on a holiday. Promantra Remote Patient Monitoring Services for Healthcare. Promantra - TeleMedicine Services for Healthcare providers. Healthcare AR account receivable Management&Claims Follow-up. Promantra understands that in the healthcare practice, every dollar not billed and every dollar not collected impacts the bottom line directly.

Promantra PMS Software Service. Most 7 Overlooked ICD-10 Issues. The clock is ticking…has your organization addressed these critical ICD-10 issues? Much of the conversation in the recent past on the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 has focused on the many new diagnostic codes. Best Practices of Denial Management. A good denial management process is not simply about working on denials, it is about systematically gathering the data required to eliminate denials. Working on denials is like pumping water from your basement when a pipe bursts. Denial management is about fixing the pipe so you no longer need to pump water from the basement. Challenges in Long Term Care Industry. The four most critical challenges faced by the Long Term Care industry today. Shortage of Nursing Staff : One of the major challenges in the nursing homes today is shortage of adequate nursing staff.

This has a direct impact on the service provided by the nursing staff as the residents have to wait for assistance from the nurses. In other words, the residents’ activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, dressing, eating, medication etc…are at times not being done in a timely manner. Ensuring your Practice Gets Paid. How do you deal with the issue of your patients having to pay out of pocket in order to meet their deductibles? In case you don't have a standard in place to deal with this, your practice will suffer a major impact at the beginning of each year. Promantra-Avoid Medical Billing Mistakes Using our Services. Emerging Challenges in Medical Coding. It’s time to take a look at the insights and trends in the Medical Coding space.

The reason why this becomes so important is the rules keep changing very frequently. First there was ICD-10 transition which was about to create a storm in the US healthcare space. Proposed Revisions by CMS for LTC Regulations. On July 13, 2015, CMS announced a proposal to improve the safety affecting the residents of long term care and the quality of care. This includes regulations for reducing the unnecessary hospital readmissions and infections, increasing the quality of care for the residents and the safety measures are amongst the top revisions in CMS.

Your Medical Coding Vendor Ready with ICD-10. Predicts That Claim Denial Rates Early Stage. Software Vendors In Successful ICD-10 Coding. Analytics In A Successful RCM Program. Healthcare Medical Claim Denial Management Tips By Promantra. Strategies For Healthcare Accounts Receivables. A Tale Of Management and Quality Achievement. Very Common Medical Billing Miscalculations. Can EHRs Be The Source Of Patient Feedback? Proposes To Add More Codes For Cardiologists. Recruit A Medical Biller With These Qualities. Learn more about ICD 11 - The Eleventh Revision. Eliminating Inadequacies in Revenue Cycle Management. 5 ways to Reduce Healthcare Administrative Costs. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Service. Claim Denial Management using RCM Solution. Role of Analytics in Revenue Cycle Optimization. Learn about The Impact of CPT Coding and its Changes in 2019. Promantra - Primary Care and Codes Specialists Must Know. Benefits of hiring Medical Billing and Coding Companies. Best ICD-10-CM Coding for Flank Pain in USA.

Denial Management Tips to improve the process. Healthcare Medical Coding and Billing Fraud Problems. Promantra ranked #1 among Top-100 Global service providers. Promantra celebrates its 3rd anniversary-Triumph. Promantra short listed for the 2007 Outsourcing Excellence Awards. Promantra - Take Pride in Joining Hands with the world Leader! We provide Complete Healthcare RCM Solution. Promantra celebrates its 10th Anniversary - Eternity. Promantra website has a new look now. Global Delivery Center in Philippines. American Healthcare Billing Services and Promantra-Partners.

We are one of top 10 most promising RCM solution providers. ICD-10 Coding System Progress Report by CMS. The HCI Group and Promantra Partnership. Best Healthcare BPO services for RCM and LTC Companies - US. Best LTC Software for Financial & Clinical System. Promantra Computerized Physician Order Entry System Service. Promantra - Ambulatory Care Management System Services USA. Health Information Management Systems - HIMS. Best Healthcare Patient Relationship Management-PRM Software.

Best TeleRadiology Software Solution & Services Provider USA. Best Remote Patient Monitoring Software in USA. Patient Portal Software - HIPAA compliant Patient Portal. Decrease Practice Denial Rate. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. Tips to hospitals and patients to prevent Medicare frauds. Latest Healthcare Blogs and Healthcare Articles. Promantra Inc. Looking for Healthcare IT Jobs Apply Now Online. Find out Better Opportunities in the Healthcare IT Industry.

We care about our Employees and Employees are biggest assets. Promantra Values An environment to Work Independently. Build Careers In Healthcare It Industry. Promantra - Latest Healthcare Technology News and Events. Advanced Healthcare IT Infrastructure for Healthcare firms. HIPAA compliant billing company.

Best Healthcare Quality Management Services in USA-Promantra. About us - Healthcare IT Services and RCM Services Provider. HealthCare software Integration services for Clinical. HealthCare QA & Testing Automation. HealthCare E-Learning and Healthcare Software Development. HealthCare Mobile Apps providers for clinician and Hospital. HealthCare Software Development Services Company in USA. Looking for Healthcare Accounting Software in US.

Long Term Care - LTC Pharmacy Billing Services. Long term care software in USA. HealthCare Data Entry Services in USA. Healthcare Denial Management Services for Medical Claims USA. Revenue Cycle Management Services - RCM Billing Services USA.