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In System Programming (ISP/ICSP)

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Uploading a sketch from the command-line [rpi] [raspberrypi] [arduino] [arduinomk] [upload] My guide to burning the arduino bootloader to the ATMega168 or ATMega328P. Quick links < Home > < Bio > < Publication List> < Resources > < Links > There are a lot of guides in forums, micro-controller enthusiast sites, etc on the internet which tell you how to burn the arduino bootloader to an off the shelf ATMega168.

My guide to burning the arduino bootloader to the ATMega168 or ATMega328P

Program standalone ATtiny / ATmega chips through an Arduino. Ok, I did it, I made the ATtiny13A blink a LED.

Program standalone ATtiny / ATmega chips through an Arduino

You see, I got this small ATtiny13A for $0.99 on ebay and the SIP8 to DIP8 board for another $0.90, soldered them together using the drag soldering technique. Go check it on youtube if you wanna try yourself. After this I only had to write a small blink program and load it onto the chip to reach my first milestone. This article will try to explain how I did the programming part.

After reading it you will hopefully be able to do the same, and an awful lot more! Memos From the Cube » The new LUFA bootloader. So I’ve been feeling a little down lately, saddened by my lack of enthusiasm for developing new projects.

Memos From the Cube » The new LUFA bootloader

Stuck in a rut, that sort of thing. A few weeks ago I thought I’d try something simple, new and fun to rekindle my love of developing — and who doesn’t love a good joke? A long, long time ago I was thinking about Bootloaders for LUFA. Right now there’s three in the current LUFA distribution: A DFU class bootloader, compatible with Atmel’s FLIP software, or the open source dfu-programmer code. Microcontroller enumerates as USB printer — can be programmed by printing. USnooBie. Easy Open Source AVR USB Device Development Kit The USnooBie is a microcontroller kit that does not require any sort of AVR programmer or USB-to-serial converters to load and run compiled code. It's hardware design allows the user to develop low cost USB devices with Atmel's AVR ATmega microcontrollers. It can also be used to develop projects which are not USB devices.

It is even compatible with Arduino . TOPWIN Universal Programmer. TOPWIN Universal Programmer is a cool Chinese product that helps you program a wide variety of Eproms,Microcontrollers,EEproms and GAL ICs.

TOPWIN Universal Programmer

I have tested Eproms 27c512, 27c4001 , Microcontrollers AT89s52,Philips 89V51RD2, AT89C2051,ATTiny2313,ATMega16L,EEprom 24c16, 93C46,PIC16F877A, PIC16F676 all devices are unbelievably working fine.All available flash ROMs of Microcontrollers were read, erased and written again with very little effort. It has also a built in IC tester (TTL logic tester). Just plug standard logic chip (74xx, 40xx, 45xx), select chip type and press test. The working condition of the chip is reported. 將Arduino Uno當做一台ISP線上燒錄器,燒錄bootloader或sketch到麵包板上的ATmega328P-PU晶片. 我買了一顆ATmega328P-PU晶片,裡頭空空的,沒有Arduino的bootloader也沒有任何sketch。

將Arduino Uno當做一台ISP線上燒錄器,燒錄bootloader或sketch到麵包板上的ATmega328P-PU晶片

但我有一塊Arduino Uno R3板子,它可化身成一台ISP燒錄器;把ATmega328P-PU放上麵包板,再接上一些電子元件與線材後,便可從主機電腦透過Arduino Uno R3板、將bootloader或sketch燒錄到麵包板的ATmega328P-PU晶片裡。 我的板子是Arduino Uno R3,Arduino軟體開發環境是1.0.3 Windows版,燒錄對象是ATmega328P-PU。 本篇介紹的內容,應該也可套用到其他Arduino板子與其他型號的AVR晶片,但我也沒試過,所以此篇內容皆以我的環境為準。 (我另一篇是燒錄到ATtiny85-20PU。) 若不清楚ISP是什麼意思,若想知道ATmega328P-PU的P與PU之意,請參考我寫的:Arduino與AVR微控制器相關詞彙。 Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. I got a PI!

Arduino and the Raspberry Pi

So I got a raspberry pi. It took almost 10 weeks to arrive, but it was definitely worth the wait. For those who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi is a cheap $35 computer that includes processor, memory, and a sd card slot for the hard drive. Uploading Sketches to the Arduino on the Pi. This is a follow up article to Arduino and the Raspberry Pi Now that your RPi has all the needed software You should now wire up your arduino similar to how it’s done here.

Uploading Sketches to the Arduino on the Pi

You can skip the part about using the 5V linear regulator because we’re going to use the ground and the 5V line directly from the GPIO pins available on the raspberry pi. Use the GPIO pin out documentation here for guiding yourself where the pins are. Raspberry Pi And Arduino Clone » Rep Yo Blog. Following my last post: I decided to see if I could get the RPI programming using AVRdude with support from the Arduino Library, and the X Arduino programming gui.

Raspberry Pi And Arduino Clone » Rep Yo Blog

After figuring out my fuses were set incorrectly, I finally got it working right, and I must say… I’m surprised I ever had SPI working at all.. I was essentially running the AVR at 1Mhz. I’m going to go back to playing with the SPI shortly, but first… The Arduino interface programming an AVR 3.3V@8mhz 328P. Using the wiring diagram and the modified avrdude noted for SPI programming you can use the Arduino gui with one minor change. as ISP gpioisp.protocol=gpio After adding those you’ll see the following appear on the Arduino GUI. Palm Arduino Kit. UPDATE: Read about the first journey of Palm Arduino Kit, here! I do travel many times a year, sometime I went with family, took relatives, friends, to places in US, for days, may be for weeks, even for a month, when I traveling aboard to visit my family once a year.

Previously, I left my Arduino project(s) untouched for the duration of the traveling. And most of the time, after i got back, I had to start the project over, because I was already forgot where it was left off. Electronics : Microprocessors : How to make an Arduino-compatible minimal board. Make your own board Once you have been playing with Arduinos for a while you probably are thinking that you want to deploy one, but without the expense, and physical size, of using a whole new Uno board.

Electronics : Microprocessors : How to make an Arduino-compatible minimal board

This post describes how to do that. AtMega328P chip. Using an Arduino to Program an AVR. Favorited Favorite 11 Overview Do you have a bricked Arduino that won’t accept code anymore?

Using an Arduino to Program an AVR

Or, maybe you wrote your own firmware and would like to upload it to your Arduino? Or, maybe you just want to learn more about the inner-workings of Arduino, AVR, and microcontrollers in general. Well, you’re in luck! Suggested Reading. Programmer. Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links If you have an external programmer (e.g. an AVR-ISP, STK500, or parallel programmer), you can burn sketches to the Arduino board without using the bootloader.

This allows you to use the full program space (flash) of the chip on the Arduino board. ATmega and ATtiny AVR Programmers and Schematics. AVR Programmer Information This section is intended to be a quick reference for the different AVR programmers. Each page has some useful information, and a schematic of a programmer that was built and tested. Parallel Port Programmers. USBtinyISP - Inexpensive USB AVR Programmer. USBASP driver for Windows 7 and Windows Vista x64 - Announcements. Until now, the USBASP windows driver wasn’t signed. On older versions of windows this was’t too much of a problem as you could override the signature error. On Windows Vista x64 and Windows 7, it is almost a show stopper. Various methods have been suggested including a utility called Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider or Pressing F8 at boot time and selecting Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

These approaches were far from ideal. With the release of libusb-win32 version this is a thing of the past. OK, now for the installation procedure… Download the driver from and unzip itFor those having issues with the zip file, please try the following rar file the USBASP into your USB portThe system will attempt to install a driver from Windows Update and will fail At this point, go into device manager and find the entry for the USBASP programmer. Progisp使用说明书.doc. USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. Official USBasp product by MSX. Programming Atmega16A with a USBASP device « .:mikroTechnica. Program standalone ATtiny / ATmega chips through an Arduino. ICC AVR ISP 熔丝位等 - 二月二的日志 - 网易博客. 一、 ICC AVR的窗口 1、关于窗口设置: [如图] 如上图:这是ICC avr 6.31 版本的窗口,分为5大区。 AVR ISP programmer AVRISP.

使用ICCAVR和并口ISP下载线下载程序. 并口ISP下载线 并口ISP下载线连接PC的并口和AVR的ISP接口。 一:Project>>Options>>Target 设置编译目标及选项。 二:Tools>>Environment Options……>>ISP 设置stk500.exe的绝对路径,stk500.exe在avr studio目录下面。 三:Tools>>In system programmer 最后使用软件进行下载,可以flash,eepro,熔丝位,锁定位进行操作。 Using AVR microcontrollers: Minimalist target boards.