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GNU AIS - Automatic Identification System for Linux.


The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) SDR Tube - Education and Entertainment. Rtl_fm Guide: The long lost documentation. Updates for rtl_fm overhaul Rtl_fm is a little utility I wrote for the rtl-sdr project.

Rtl_fm Guide: The long lost documentation

The program was made to fill a gap in software defined radio: all the computers weaker than a Pentium 4. Basically, an Atom processor processor does not have enough oomph to demodulate something as simple as narrow band FM using the standard tools. (Recently a high performance FM demodulator was released, Simple FM but it works only passably on newer Atoms.) So rtl_fm was written with one goal, efficiency, in mind. The very first version ran with plenty of cycles to space. Rtl_fm is a general purpose analog demodulator. Throughout this guide, I'll be using Sox's play command to play the audio. Before starting, make sure your dongle works.rtl_test should return a list of supported gain values and not produce error messages.

It is also very important to always make sure rtl_fm and Sox are both set to use the same data rate. Music on the Radio This will tune to a broadcast FM station. Police Scanner. Rtl_fm Guide: The long lost documentation. Software Defined Radio. Gnuradio吧. HamTestOnline™ 聯絡資料 - 中華業餘無線電研究會. RTL-SDR. RTL-SDR community on Reddit. GNU Radio. GNU Radio Project members: Zhifeng Chen, Ke-yu Chen Advisor: Prof.

GNU Radio

Dapeng Oliver Wu || Introduction || Background || Result || Download || Related Work || Useful Links || Introduction Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the technique of getting code as close to the antenna as possible. Rtl-sdr on Ubuntu. It was recently discovered that several cheap DVB-T usb dongles could be configured to be used as cheap ham radio receivers.

Follow along with the discussions here: or find some of the useful software here: I picked up one of the compatible receivers from ali-express: and will document here the steps I took to set it up with gnuradio on ubuntu 12.04. There are a few things that I won't cover in this instructable, because they deserve an instructable of their own. Dump1090 program. R820T Archives. Over on the SDRSharp Yahoo group, HB9AJG has posted an interesting report in a PDF file containing some measurements (Note you will need to be a member of the group to download the file titled “Some Measurements on E4000 and R820 Tuners.pdf”.

R820T Archives

Here is a Direct Mirror of the file.) quantifying the performance of both the E4000 and R820T RTL-SDR DVB-T dongles. See the discussion in the Yahoo group here. These results confirm the feeling that many RTL-SDR users have had: that the E4000 is more sensitive in the lower frequencies, and that the R820T is more sensitive in the higher frequencies, which is why it is recommended for ADS-B.

EarToEarOak/RTLSDR-Scanner. YouTube. Welcome to 哈罗CQ火腿社区 - Powered by phpwind. GNSS-SDR - An Open Source Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver. Sdr-radio-com : How To Build an FM Receiver with the USRP in Less Than 10 Minutes. Guruofquality/grextras. TerraTec Cinergy T Stick+ An DVB-T USB stick from TerraTec.

TerraTec Cinergy T Stick+

The TerraTec Cinergy TStick+ 0ccd:00d7 is supported under Linux since kernel 3.7 (source Antti Palosaari) Overview/Features USB interface Inputs: Antenna (Coaxial), Infrared Remote Components Used Other Images TerraTec Cinergy TStick+ box.jpgTerraTec Cinergy TStick+ box TerraTec Cinergy TStick+ antenna.jpgTerraTec Cinergy TStick+ antenna Identification. GNSS-SDR - An Open Source Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver. Introduction This article describes what is probably one of the cheapest ways for experimenting with real-life signals and GNSS-SDR.

GNSS-SDR - An Open Source Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver

This is product from a combined effort of many people, so let us only mention (to our knowledge) the very original source, the V4L/DVB kernel developer Antti Palosaari, who discovered an undocumented operation mode for some USB DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U chipset, enabling them to be used as a cheap Software Defined Radio (SDR) front-end. The key feature is that the chip allows transferring raw I/Q samples to the host, that in principle is the responsible for DAB/DVB+/FM demodulation. This is great news for a GNSS software receiver, since it covers the targeted frequency bands. Kochmorse - Koch Morse Tutor for Linux. KochMorse is a easy to use morse tutor (trainer) for Linux using the Koch-mehtod.

kochmorse - Koch Morse Tutor for Linux

It provides a clean and modern graphical interface. The current release (version 0.99.x) is full featured and stable. I've tested it under Fedora and Ubuntu and it works well. If you have trouble to get it running or you like to see any features added, please contact me by mail: hmatuschek [at] gmail [dot] com . TV28Tv2DVB-T(R820T)国産水晶振動子( Xtal MADE IN JAPAN)交換のススメ 周波数のズレ大幅に改善! : KG-ACARS HFDL VDL MCAに感謝 受信方法 受信記録のブログ. You can see the difference by comparing the substrate is the difference between a USB TV tuner E4000 R820T crystal oscillator mounting method. (TV28Tv2DVB-T is recommended solder fix) Blog: Thanks receiving method receiving record in KG-ACARS HFDL VDL MCA.

I tried to replace USB TV tuner TV28Tv2DVB-T (R820T) MCX (J) → BNC to (J). : The blog of appreciation reception reception method recorded in the KG-ACARS HFDL VDL MCA. RTL2832 Software Defined Radio. Updated 04/12/2014 Software defined radio (SDR) hardware is becoming smaller AND more capable.

RTL2832 Software Defined Radio

For many years, the king of small SDRs was the Softrock Radio. With a combination of surface mount and conventional discrete components, it offered high performance and small size. Miniaturization took a large leap ahead in mid 2010 when the Funcube Dongle was introduced. It incorporated more functions onto a single chip than the Softrocks and hinted at the possibilities in a coming wave of USB based digital television and radio tuners. Consider, for a moment, how the miniturization AND mass production of these small software defined radios can affect the activity of radio monitoring.

Gr-air-modes – The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) Bistromath/gr-air-modes. 哈罗CQ火腿社区 - 卫星和空间通信 - 教程来了-rtl-sdr,RTL2832+E4k tuner电视棒跟踪飞机轨迹(1090MHz ADS-B/TCAS/SSR信号) - Powered by phpwind. Phasor - Phased Array Processing for Software Defined Radio. ATPDEC Home Page. Software-defined Radio on a Shoestring. Software-defined radio (SDR) holds incredible promise for the future of communications: from reducing the bill of materials and enabling software upgrade of equipment, to cognitive radio systems that bring unprecedented efficiency in managing access to scarce spectrum resource.

Software-defined Radio on a Shoestring

However, most hardware platforms that enable SDR experimentation are expensive or else limited to some specific use. But this is no longer the case and due to a neat hack it's possible to re-purpose hardware that can be had for less than £20, to provide an RF front-end that can be tuned from 64-1700 MHz and to provide sample rates of up to 2.8 MS/s. Firstly, it's important to note that if you require a system with high resolution ADCs or one that supports transmit as well as receive, this may not be what you're looking for. But if you have basic Linux skills and would like to gain hands on experience with SDR for minimal outlay, this provides incredible value for money. Index. WRPLUS. HDSDR Homepage. RTLSDR: My First SDR! « AndrewNohawk. A few weeks ago (I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages, few weeks ago is give or take 2 months) there was a post on reddit regarding a new software defined radio that cost around $20.

After reading a few topics on the discussion (now all avail at now ) my interest was peaked. RF was a whole new world of WTF for me. I think it offers the same awe and wonder that I had putting a tape into my very first tape into my vomit brown fischer-price tape player: The basic gist of how it all works is as follows: * There is a common chip found in video cards known as an RTL2832U * This chip is commonly used for specific frequencies used for Television signals (and then software decodes this so you could watch TV on your pc) * A bunch of cool guys ™ found a way to read the data coming into the card directly with drivers * These cards also offered some tuners that allowed tuning beyond the basic TV ranges.

GNU Radio Blog. Simple DVB with Gstreamer and GNU Radio - MyLabWiki. This article describes a simple video broadcasting setup based on Gstreamer, GNU Radio and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP).

Simple DVB with Gstreamer and GNU Radio - MyLabWiki

It does not (yet) provide any DVB-T or DVB-S compatible system — just a simple way to get your webcam on the air! Overview The objective is to create a simple digital video broadcasting setup using easily available components as illustrated on the figure below. The long term goal is to get a similar setup up to near space and LEO. UVC Webcam An UVC compliant webcam is used as a cheap but efficient video source. Gstreamer. Connecting a world of audio.

Linux Software [ wiki] Options for free software in Linux are: GNURadio is an excellent but unwieldy piece of software for use with RTLSDR.

Linux Software [ wiki]

It's the only software for now that will receive analogue (FM, AM, sideband) and digital modes such as AP25, FSK and ADS-B. Be warned it's not very easy to drive but if you are canny you can use it to build your own software defined radio. Follow the build guide for your Linux system as the latest code is always the best to use.GQRX apparently does too. Realtek. The RTL2832U is a high-performance DVB-T COFDM demodulator that supports a USB 2.0 interface. The RTL2832U complies with NorDig Unified 1.0.3, D-Book 5.0, and EN300 744 (ETSI Specification).

It supports 2K or 8K mode with 6, 7, and 8MHz bandwidth. Modulation parameters, e.g., code rate, and guard interval, are automatically detected. The RTL2832U supports tuners at IF (Intermediate Frequency, 36.125MHz), low-IF (4.57MHz), or Zero-IF output using a 28.8MHz crystal, and includes FM/DAB/DAB+ Radio Support. git repositories. Software Defined Radio (SDR) on the EzTV645 w/ RTL2382U and FC0013. Due to much of my own issues with setting this USB dongle up, I thought it should take the time and write my own version of the installation. Take note that this installation is for Windows 7, and not linux (if that wasn’t already apparent). I will also list all of my references below, which may end up solving some problems people were having. First find a place to order the dongle at a reasonable price. I got mine from DealExtreme at a price of just shy under $20. Shipping time wasn’t the best since it’s from overseas, but this was a side project and didn’t really matter much to me.

The first thing you want to do is to check the chipset in your device. GNSS SDR Toolkit for MATLAB® What is it? Are you involved in advanced wideband GNSS signals research using Software Defined Receivers? Then you know how frustrating it can be to crunch hundreds of Gigabytes of data using MATLAB. Sure, you could implement your algorithm in C or try to run it on a DSP or even get it to go realtime on an FPGA – but you don’t want to add three or more years to your graduation do you?

Besides, all you want to do right now is develop your algorithm – not go down a path that ends up limiting flexibility. Hands down MATLAB’s flexibility can’t be beat. Bottom line: I’ve been there so many times that finally I decided to bite the bullet and write an engine that would preserve flexibility where it mattered the most while relieving MATLAB of the sample-level correlation operations that can do without its double-precision matrix arithmetic.

Features. BasicExam. Amateur Radio Exam Generator - Spectrum Management and Telecommunications. ExHAMiner. RTL2832U - SpenchWiki. From SpenchWiki Introduction. SDR-J. RTL-SDR - With a BNC => MCX adaptor. My slides from the BATC Convention talk are now up! The key to the RTL-SDR is the Realtek 2832 chipset. YouTube. Upconverter - opendous - MF/HF Converter for Receivers - Open Hardware designs and related works by Opendous Inc. Converts signals in the MF and HF Bands to signals in the VHF Band (specifically 100.5MHz to 150MHz). Ghpsdr3 SDR project. Homepage. REDHAWK. Description. How to Make a $19 Police Radio Scanner. GRC Examples. Below you will find a few software defined radio examples implemented in the GNU Radio Companion . They are very simple yet functional examples I created while I was learning GNU Radio and SDR – I hope they can be useful to others too, who are learning GNU Radio and/or software defined radios.

You will find that in many of the examples tuning is done using a frequency translating FIR filter rather than changing the USRP frequency. This is because on some daughterboards (e.g. Adding ADS-B, ACARS, and ATC Audio to PlanePlotter Using Multiple RTL2832U Sticks. PlanePlotter from COAA. Skykooler/radiobird. Hacking the Raspberry Pi: Wearable computer and software defined radio. GNU Radio - GNURadioCompanion - RTL2832 / RTL2838 DVB-T. Linux: Multimon Radio Transmission Decoder. PWN SDR: RTL-SDR for Pwn Plug. Embrtlsdr. OpenLTE / Home / Home. GNU Radio Projects. GNU Radio Blog. Csete/gqrx. Software radio. Gr-osmosdr - Gnuradio block to work with OsmoSDR and rtl-sdr. RealTek RTL2832U. Free software downloads. GNSS-SDR: gnss-sdr-developers. RDS reception using SDR. - Live flight tracker!

How to Make a $19 Police Scanner. Search - #gnuradio. Rtl-sdr – OsmoSDR. RTL2832U _淘寶搜索. The ultimate software for your SDR station. Untitled Document. Software Defined Radio Resources. Research - Products. Balint256/gr-rds. RTL2832U - SpenchWiki. Gr-baz - SpenchWiki. Raspberry Pi as Remote Server for RTL2832u SDR. GNU Radio working - finally. GNU Radio - WikiStart - Pinkavaj/rtl-sdr. RTL-SDR monitors ADS-B with ADSB# and adsbScope.