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Male infertility is diagnosed when, after testing both partners, reproductive problems have been found in the male. Read non obstructive azoospermia causes, symptoms and causes of male fertility.

Azoospermia. Prolistem® is the culmination of extensive research into male fertility, incorporating studies that focus on testicular cell behavior and scientific animal testing.


Prolistem® presents a viable first option for treating non-obstructive azoospermia without engaging in risky medical procedures. Men who experience azoospermia, as a result of the primary testicular failure, are frequently told there is no cure, or provided with ineffective treatments based on limited knowledge of the condition. Prolistem® is based on a deep understanding of spermatogenesis (sperm production) and is specifically designed to tackle the root cause of low sperm count, reducing the need for intrusive surgical procedures. We recommend our six-month course of Prolistem® for azoospermic men. Prolistem® can raise your sperm count, altogether avoiding the need for an investigative biopsy and its associated risks. Your Mental Health Is Essential While Trying To Conceive – Site Title. How is sperm DNA fragmentation important in male fertility?

Your Mental Health Is Essential While Trying To Conceive – Site Title

The simplest answer to question above is yes. Sperm DNA fragmentation plays a vital role in male fertility and the various testing methods. Although the semen analysis remain the best method to evaluate the male fertility potential, the test has certain limitations as well. Some Activities To Avoid While You Are Trying To Conceive. A child is a gift, a blessing in our lives.

Some Activities To Avoid While You Are Trying To Conceive

Unfortunately, many couples find it very hard to conceive their child. However, modern technologies have advanced and you can easily have your baby in your laps if you follow the right steps. People face problems like no sperm, infertility, PCOS and many more, but there are ways to deal with them as well. Trying to conceive is a process that you should pay full focus towards. Miracles happen, but they take time. Before you start, try to book an appointment with your doctor and see what are the dos and don’ts when you try to conceive. 1. You can be active, but do not exert yourself more.

Understanding Non-Obstructive Azoospermia. Non-obstructive azoospermia is a condition of where there is a nonexistence of sperm in the semen.

Understanding Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

The causes of non-obstructive azoospermia can be many. It can be hormonal, genetic or due to testicular anomalies. Whatever be the causes, the condition will lead to male infertility. Male fertility test. Male fertility doctor. High Level of FSH. Children have early stages of undifferentiated cells and low testosterone levels [17].

High Level of FSH

Children’s testis can produce only undifferentiated cells and zero sperm. We call this process “stem cells divide mode.” In adults, the testosterone levels increase and the undifferentiated cells start to differentiate and transform their morphology to sperm. Azoospermia. Some Facts Associated With Male Fertility – Site Title. This article concerns itself with some interesting facts about male fertility.

Some Facts Associated With Male Fertility – Site Title

These are as follows: Kallmann Syndrome can affect male fertility:Kallmann Syndrome is a rare syndrome which causes men to either have poor sense of smell or a complete lack of smell. This also effects fertility of men. It can even cause a delay in puberty in men. There is a lack of sex hormones. Antibodies against sperms:antibodies are your body’s natural immune or defence response which are released when you go though some kind of illness, injury or surgery, in order to protect and heal your body. Like this: Like Loading... Some Myths And Facts Related To High-Level Of FSH.

The process of trying to become pregnant has a list of certain considerations which are basically hormonal factors which are to be taken seriously.

Some Myths And Facts Related To High-Level Of FSH

These factors can play a decisive role in the process. a very important hormone which acts as an instrument in the baby-making process is the FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). A common concern with FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is that how high levels of the same can directly affect fertility in women. There is so much of information out there that frankly it can be confusing and often misleading. As a matter of fact, many of them are actually myths. Taking that into account, this article has only one key concern and that is to separate the myths from the facts associated with FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone).

FSH is vitally required for getting pregnant. If the ovarian reserve is less, the body has to work harder to mature and egg for the purpose of ovulation. A List Of Some Surprising Facts About Male Fertility. In this article we shall talk about some interesting facts about male fertility.

A List Of Some Surprising Facts About Male Fertility

These facts are seldom available to common knowledge and understanding these facts will enable you remove clouds of confusion and dusts of myths pertaining to male fertility. If you are looking for an excellent male fertility doctor, consider Prolistem. Men also have a biological clock: It is a commonplace knowledge that women have a biological clock.

Male fertility supplements. Infertility treatments for males. Infertility treatments. Herbs zero sperm treatment. Reasons For Zero Sperm In Men – Site Title. The problem of zero sperm in men is called azoospermia.

Reasons For Zero Sperm In Men – Site Title

This problem only occurs in one percent of men and there are many factors that cause this problem. No symptom is noticed while suffering from this problem and the only way to notice the problem is pregnancy. It will only occur if the men have a high amount of sperm generation and the men who have zero sperm the pregnancy cannot take place. What Is Azoospermia Its Causes And Treatments? The ductal problem means there is an issue with the ejaculation due to which the problem of azoospermia occurs.

What Is Azoospermia Its Causes And Treatments?

The reason behind the cause of azoospermia is many like ligation of ducts in a vasectomy, blockage due to certain infection or dis-functioning of the ejaculation, infertility which may be caused due to neurological damage from surgery, diabetes, or spinal cord injury. The problem can be cured as there are many solutions to treat the problems. The treatments are the best and correct way to improve the natural pregnancy possible without assisted reproductive technology. Through the treatment of vasectomy, the couples can conceive naturally. Some Natural Ways To Treat The Problem Of Azoospermia. Infertility is a kind of problem where the couple feels unable to achieve the pregnancy even if they continuously have repeated intercourse. Not all of the couples get affected only one percent of couples suffer from herbs zero sperm.

The reason behind this problem is most people wait too long to marry or have a child. Generally, people keep on spending most of their age on career, money, and job and due to that their marriage gets late. The reason for infertility can occur both in men and women due to problems in sperm or ovulation in the fallopian tubes for almost one-third of the infertility cases. This problem can also be caused by some problems of mucus in the cervix due to unidentified factors.

Infertility treatments for males. Infertility treatments. Herbs zero sperm treatment. What Can Cause A Man To Have Zero Sperm Count? – Site Title. In this article we shall specifically talk about the fertility condition in which the man has zero sperm count. When men have zero sperm count, it leads to a condition called azoospermia. About 1 percent of all men and about 15 percent of infertile men suffers from this condition. Frankly speaking, there isn’t any apparent symptom or indication which can tell an individual that he is having the issue of azoospermia. Usually, one finds out while trying to conceive. If you have been trying to get your partner pregnant and there hasn’t been any success, there is a possibility that this can be the reason. What is the general cause? One should not think that there will be no semen during ejaculation. A List Of Ways To Help You Boost Your Sperm Count. In this article we shall talk about some of the ways in which you can boost your sperm count and enhance your fertility.

Exercising regularly: just like any other function of the body, sperm production also depends on how healthy your body is. If you maintain a good healthy body, you will have a good sperm count because your body is capable enough to produce good number of sperms naturally. Testosterone is the male hormone which plays a crucial role in the production of sperms. All That You Need To Know About Oligospermia And Azoospermia. What exactly does it mean when you say or mention Low sperm count? Low sperm count basically means that the fluid (which is basically semen), that which carries the sperm cells, and that which you ejaculate you orgasm has only fewer sperm than normal.

It means that the number of sperm cells in the semen is below the normal count and this has a direct negative impact on fertility. Male fertility supplements. Infertility treatments. Herbs zero sperm treatment. What Causes Men To Have Nil Sperm? What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Obstructive Azoospermia? How To Cure Azoospermia Naturally? Male fertility test. Non obstructive azoospermia causes. Infertility treatments.

Zero sperm count causes.