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Prolis Professional LIS

PROLIS is one of the leading clinical laboratory information system designed to enhance the performance of hospitals and reference labs of all sizes. -

Go paperless with the right billing software. Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles. The corporate domain's growth and expansion to a significant amount is because of the several software's, which helps in streaming the day-to-day business operations effortlessly.

Go paperless with the right billing software. Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles

Among all the software's in the LIMS- laboratory information management system is software mainly designed for the health clinics or medical labs that process vast quantities of samples for manufacturing products and clinical research. This software makes the process more efficient and effective. Every kind of lab can benefit from a laboratory management system, but mostly the primary purpose is in manufacturing and quality assurance. The pharma companies' sole responsibility is to ensure compliance, increase output and line up things thoroughly as per the standard processes. Digitalization of procedures with a robust LIMS system adds significance to the lab in numerous ways. Increase Operational Efficiency Well-organized Sample and Inventory Boost data integrity Reduce Downtime Issues. Helpful Tips on Conducting Successful Laboratory Training. Many reasons can convince you to make laboratory staff familiar with the work environment you have.

Helpful Tips on Conducting Successful Laboratory Training

It is crucial for those who work in junior positions. Therefore, laboratory training is a great idea to go with it. It ensures improvement, addresses the changing needs of industry, touches the need to fulfill business goals, and better executions. If you are setting up a laboratory, then training can assist your people with smooth laboratory functions.

In this blog-post, we have delved into some easy and proven methods to help you create a training program. A Short Overview of LIMS Customization and LIMS Configuration – Professional Laboratory Information System. Every laboratory is different, and therefore, a LIMS solution should be flexible to suit particular needs.

A Short Overview of LIMS Customization and LIMS Configuration – Professional Laboratory Information System

There is a multitude of ways in which workflows of laboratories can be differentiated, from sample testing to results to invoicing. Therefore, laboratory management software should be flexible enough to support these needs and working practices. A LIMS solution from a reputable provider can meet individual needs.

How Does a LIMS Improve Business Efficiency? Clinical Laboratory Information Management System – Prolisphere. If you are looking to simplify your lab’s functions, we are here to help you!

Clinical Laboratory Information Management System – Prolisphere

Prolis is an innovative laboratory information system designed to meet the clinical and operational needs of your laboratory. Our customizable and configurable laboratory information management system can make your lab work smoothly. Our software comes with a set of highly advanced features that save your time, money, and efforts to a great extent. The system gives you full control of your laboratory and allows your team to be more productive at work. Tips for Choosing the Best Medical Billing Software. Maintaining cash flow is an important decision when it comes to managing the financial condition of a healthcare facility of any size.

Tips for Choosing the Best Medical Billing Software

Billing is the heart of the revenue cycle. If it is going well, the results show in your bottom line. Therefore, it becomes significantly important to select the right medical billing software for your practice. The selection can be quite challenging when hundreds of options are available on the market and you have to select the best. If you are trying to find the right-fit software for your practice, here are some helpful tips you should consider. Consider Your Budget: A Short Overview of LIMS Customization and LIMS Configuration – Professional Laboratory Information System. Advantages of AI to Optimize The Laboratory Revenue Payment – Professional Laboratory Information System. Bringing intelligent automation to the billing and payment lifecycle can help a laboratory in maximizing revenue.

Advantages of AI to Optimize The Laboratory Revenue Payment – Professional Laboratory Information System

It can dramatically improve laboratory functions through streamlined processes, reduced denials, increased reimbursement, flawless payment methods, and more. With many problems of functions, machine learning and artificial intelligence have come up to positively impact the bottom line of clinical laboratories and hospital labs. Thanks to ever-developing technology that has made it possible to stay connected with new technological advances and improve the overall revenue structure of the payment life cycle. The lifecycle can be defined as patient access that includes insurance verification and authorization, and revenue cycle management (coding, billing, and AR management). Below is a brief explanation of how automation can help: Ways a LIMS Can Help a Laboratory to Grow.

How LIMS Solution Can Improve the Roles of Laboratories? Article. In this atmosphere of contagion, improved efficiency and quality work have become quite significant to provide quality patient care.

How LIMS Solution Can Improve the Roles of Laboratories? Article

One of the best techniques to eliminate complexities is to automate and streamline all critical works of the laboratory. It can help healthcare organizations to save a considerable amount of time while taking out the risks of errors and additional costs both. These laboratories require a highly advanced and connected laboratory information management system. The system is helpful when you have difficulty collecting necessary data from a computer and accessing it quickly.

Why Is Instrument Interfacing In Your LIMS Important? With every passing year, laboratories are witnessing growth in the number of samples being processed.

Why Is Instrument Interfacing In Your LIMS Important?

As a result, it builds additional stress for maintaining efficiency, handling laboratory data, accessing reporting requirements, and sustaining low costs. This is where the role of LIMS comes in light. The software can satisfy the diverse needs of various organizations where laboratories are part of their functions. Numerous laboratories have adopted the power of automation, advancement, innovation, and ease provided by LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System.

The tool is highly efficient in automating your repetitive tasks, maintaining accuracy, and increasing productivity. Improves Data Integrity: PROLIS Soon To Launch Its Software for Veterinary Laboratories. Pool Testing COVID-19 to Expand Testing and Safety of People – Professional Laboratory Information System. Pool testing can contribute to the efficiency of public health screening and population-level surveillance of diseases.

Pool Testing COVID-19 to Expand Testing and Safety of People – Professional Laboratory Information System

It has been used for screening donated blood and regional human immunodeficiency virus HIV surveillance for a very long time. What Testing Sites Are Available to Detect the Presence of COVID-19? Article. There are some countries that started the screening tests when the pandemic first hit them.

What Testing Sites Are Available to Detect the Presence of COVID-19? Article

As a result, they have drastically lower death rates rather than countries that did not respond promptly to the concern of testing. Today, the availability of Covid-19 testing has increased significantly with a concern to safeguard the lives of millions of citizens. With the help of different testing sites, every state has taken initiative to test the maximum number of people every day. These test sites are different and produce results in a different span of time. New Jersey Is Increasing COVID-19 Testing Capacity Rapidly. In the wake of the coronavirus crisis and global shutdown, New Jersey has reopened its shops, businesses, restaurants, and more. Gov. Phil Murphy expects that the state will enter stage three of its reopening within weeks; however, the daily cases has dropped by 78 percent since the day of reopening. It was officially under ‘stage two’ when indoor retail and outdoor dining restarted. Regardless of the reasons, the government has decided to take important steps to have control over the number of COVID-19 positive cases and secure the health of its people.

However, the risks are still very high. Strategies: How Can Labs Increase Their Profitability? Today, laboratories experience various challenges like uninsured care, increasing competition, recession, poor technological advancement. Despite these challenges, there are some techniques labs and facilities alike can consider to improve profitability and overall economic condition. What are the Criteria for Choosing the Best Laboratory Information System? LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System, is a solution that addresses data management, sample management, automation, billing, reporting, and various other challenges at a laboratory. It helps hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare services to efficiently manage laboratory samples and maintain workflows, sample tracking, reporting procedures, tests, and other growing needs of laboratories. From sample registration to test configuration to validation of results, the system can do everything impeccably. If you are looking to buy the best laboratory information system to match your laboratory needs, consider the below-mentioned criteria to make the best choice.

Understand the Functionalities: A Short Overview of Coronavirus Testing Processes. An unparalleled amount of worldwide research has been focused solely on understanding the novel coronavirus.Despite the huge success of medical science, scientists are unable to prepare any medicine or vaccine for this virus. However, testing is the only way to diagnose and take certain preventative measurements to reduce the malefic effects of the virus on the body. It is the only way to help reduce the spread and also the impact of the virus. There is no other way of understanding the pandemic.

Let’s take a look at different tests, how they work, and their prevalence and uses. Tests allow the experts to identify people who may have the infection. Testing methods can be really helpful for a health service to plan for the extra demand for care. NAAT Tests: Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) detects the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the disease. Serological Tests: How Can a LIMS System Be Helpful To Deal With the Coronavirus Pandemic? Laboratory & Medical Billing Software – Prolisphere.

Every healthcare facility deals with payer billing and reimbursement and so do medical laboratories. From understanding payer contract limits to processing claims, the individuals at the laboratories need to improve their workflow, strategies, productivity, and efficiency to maintain profits and outcomes. Quite a large number of laboratories find it difficult to maintain the workflow, and that’s why, we are here to help them. If you are one of those, you are in the right place; our solution is perfect for you! Clinical Laboratory Information Management System – Prolisphere. Foods Enriched With Electrolytes. You might have electrolytes level checked by blood test, but you don’t know what they are? Then you are at right place because here you will come to know about electrolytes, foods containing them and role they play in our body.

Two Most Common Types of Genetic Testing. Clinical Laboratory Information Management System – Prolis. Most Common Laboratory Tests Methods & Techniques – Medical & Clinical Laboratory Software. There are many different laboratory tests that are conducted throughout labs whether it is for research or clinical purposes. As scientific advances continue to grow, more and more tests are being created. However, some of the traditional laboratory tests include PCR, Western blot, protein extraction, get electrophoresis, FISH and growing bacteria.

These experiments have a diverse way of how they are conducted, analyzed and what their purpose is for clinical testing. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) PCR is a fast and inexpensive technique used to “amplify” small segments of DNA. Western Blot Western blot is an immunoassay test method that detects specific proteins in the blood or tissue. FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) FISH is a molecular testing method that uses fluorescent probes to evaluate genes and/or DNA sequences on chromosomes. Gel Electrophoresis. Genetic Testing 101. Genetics is the study of genes, the DNA that differentiates humans from other species as well as the individual differences we see in each other, and how they are passed from generation to generation. Genes are the reason for our obvious physical traits in addition to more detrimental characteristics like a propensity towards heart disease.

Although scientists have been studying genes and their relation to disease for decades, it wasn’t until enhancements in technology, especially the ability to map an entire human genome (Human Genome Project (HGP)), facilitated the growth of genetic testing. This voluntary testing identifies individual changes within a patient’s DNA compared to tons of other DNA sequences stored in databases. Procedural Coding Changes for 2019 – Medical & Clinical Laboratory Software. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) to promote national correct coding methodologies and to control improper coding that leads to inappropriate payment of Part B claims. How to utilize PROLIS for Auditing. How laboratory billing in your LIS helps your laboratory. Optimize Your Laboratory with Integrated Billing. Quality Management Using LIS - Prolis Professional LIS.

Celebrating Medical Laboratory Professional’s Week 2019 with our Hidden Heroes. PATHOLOGY TESTING WITH AUTOMATED PATHOLOGY REPORTING - Prolis Professional LIS. PROLIS – why it is a better LIS Article. Pre-authorization for Laboratory Testing. Revolutionizing Clinical Testing by Automating Your Laboratory. Automating Microbiology Testing. Enhance the Efficiency and Automate Your Toxicology Lab.

Using Billing Information In The Clinical Laboratory To Make More Profit. How Workflow Automation Can Benefit Your Laboratory. Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management: A Guide – Medical & Clinical Laboratory Software. How Laboratory Billing Software Can Increase Your Revenue. Clinical Laboratory Information Management System – Prolis. Why LIMS is Important for Your Laboratory. Medical & Clinical Laboratory Software – Prolis.