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"Gold Coin" by High Places on "High Places. Surface 10. Holy Fuck. Autechre. CST084 COLIN STETSON: Those Who Didn’t Run. Reviews "Extraordinary, powerful, and hypnotic...

CST084 COLIN STETSON: Those Who Didn’t Run

An excursion to the outer limits of instrumentality. " SUN ARAW. E X T R E M E L Y N E W T A P E S, FOUR IN ALL; Proper Styles SSVR EPISODE 2, "WHO RAY" is now streaming SSVR EPISODE 3, "MY SMOKE IS FILLED WITH LUNGS" is now streaming Quite pleased to announce a new AUDIO/VISUAL endeavor on DUBLAB.COM, A monthly stakeout involving a complex filtration system including but not limited to tunes, talks, texts, and video.


EPISODE 1: "LINEN CLOTHES" viewable HERE! Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos. Livi(d)o.