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Our business started in 2013 as a partnership. The name was changed to Progressive Urgent Care in 2018.

What to Remember When Filing Your Work Comp First Report of Injury. ER vs. Urgent Care: Where to Go for Kid Injuries. Not all injuries will require you to rush your child to the emergency room.

ER vs. Urgent Care: Where to Go for Kid Injuries

In some cases, going to an urgent care center in California should be enough. Generally, you go for urgent care for minor, non-life-threatening injuries while you visit the ER if the child needs major medical attention. Here are some of the common examples for that: Bumps A minor bump is usually nothing to worry about. Distribution of the New COVID-19 Vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has announced its preliminary plan for COVID-19 vaccine distribution that prioritizes healthcare workers, residents of assisted living facilities, essential workers, older adults, and immunocompromised people.

Distribution of the New COVID-19 Vaccine

The decision was made by CDC officials during their emergency meeting on December 1, 2020. The first round of vaccinations began on December 14, 2020, and will continue until April, May, or June, after which the general population will be given access to the vaccine. “The FDA’s authorization for emergency use of the first COVID-19 vaccine is a significant milestone in battling this devastating pandemic that has affected so many families in the United States and around the world,” FDA head, Stephen Hahn, said.

What to Know About Getting the Flu Shot During COVID. Influenza and COVID-19 are occurring at the same time this year.

What to Know About Getting the Flu Shot During COVID

Hence, any reputable urgent care center in California would stress that it is even more crucial to get your flu shot now than it has been in other years. Now, getting the flu vaccine will not stop you from catching COVID. After all, not the same virus causes the two conditions. A flu shot may, however, reduce your risk of contracting COVID. Before you get your shot this year, our medical clinic in Castro Valley, California would like to share some of the things you should know: Influenza and COVID-19 Are Double the Trouble COVID and the flu are respiratory illnesses.

Every Type of Allergy You Should Beware Of. Everything is going well with your day.

Every Type of Allergy You Should Beware Of

You are feeling confident as you’ve got every little thing all planned out. Suddenly, you are having an allergy attack that ruins it. The next thing you know is you are already searching for an urgent care center in California. Isn’t this the last thing that you would want to happen? Reasons to Get Your Yearly Influenza Vaccine Early. Every year, a lot of people require urgent medical treatment because of flu complications.

Reasons to Get Your Yearly Influenza Vaccine Early

However, every year, many still hesitate to get a flu vaccination due to some unfounded misconceptions that it’s dangerous. But the thing is, it’s more dangerous not to get flu shots, especially since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. While flu shots don’t protect us from the coronavirus, it does protect us from influenza, thus helping save healthcare resources for COVID-19 patients. Here are other benefits of getting your flu shots regularly. Getting flu shots reduces your risk of serious flu complications and can save your life.Flu shots prevent hospitalizations of high-risk individuals, such as children and seniors.Flu shots do not give influenza, and it has mild side effects, such as sore throat or headache.Getting vaccinated protects the people around you, including those with chronic illnesses. Contact our urgent care center in California today! Is It the Coronavirus or Seasonal Allergies? Nowadays, every little sneeze and cough can be taken as a sign of coronavirus infection.

Is It the Coronavirus or Seasonal Allergies?

For people who are allergic to ragweed and molds, this season may cause them to feel extra anxious. Is that itch on the back of your throat your allergy acting up or is it the coronavirus? Perhaps it’s something else. How to Relieve Sinus-Caused Ear Congestion. Ear congestion happens when your Eustachian tube – the small canal that runs between your nose and middle ear, which helps equalize the pressure in your ears – becomes obstructed or is malfunctioning.

How to Relieve Sinus-Caused Ear Congestion

The moment the Eustachian tube becomes clogged, you may feel fullness or a painful pressure in your ear. You might also experience muffled hearing. To start treatment for ear congestion, you must first identify what is causing the pressure. – Castro Valley, a provider of reliable urgent medical treatment has made this list of causes and treatments for clients to better understand their symptoms. Sinus-Related Issues. Skin Testing for Allergies: When You Shouldn't Take It. Skin testing can help you identify your allergens.

Skin Testing for Allergies: When You Shouldn't Take It

How to Prevent Your Flu from Becoming a Serious Illness. The flu may be a common ailment.

How to Prevent Your Flu from Becoming a Serious Illness

However, there are times when it becomes too severe that the patient will have to seek emergency treatment from the nearest urgent care center in Castro Valley, California. If you don’t want to suffer from severe flu, then it is a given that you should focus on prevention. Just like what the old adage states, prevention is better than cure. Here are some of the tips for flu prevention: Get a flu shot before the flu season. Best Diet for Nasal Allergies. An allergen, or a substance that can trigger an allergic reaction in us, comes in different forms.

Best Diet for Nasal Allergies

One of which is food. Understanding an Allergic Reaction. So, what happens during an allergic reaction? All allergy is a reaction your body does when your immune system is triggered by something that’s usually harmless. When Is It Urgent? Assessing the Seriousness of Allergies. A lot of individuals often take allergies for granted, thinking that it can only cause discomfort and nothing more. Although for some, allergies may not have any serious effects, this does not mean that there is no such thing as a life-threatening allergic reaction. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies can trigger a life-threatening reaction commonly known as an anaphylactic shock. Should You Rush to the ER if You Have Flu? Many people catch flu each year, but when should you get rushed to the emergency room?

Most of the time, those with flu can recover by themselves without medical care. However, as providers of urgent care services would tell you, a flu can sometimes be life-threatening for some. Therefore, it’s best to know the warning signs that your flu necessitates emergency care. Our urgent care center in Castro Valley, California has listed them down below: Chest pain or abdominal painSwelling in the throat or mouthShortness of breath or difficulty breathingSudden dizzinessPersistent or severe vomitingConfusionFlu-like symptoms that seem to be improving, but then come back with a worse cough or fever.

Habits Kids Need to Learn to Keep Diseases at Bay. Attaining long-term health is a matter of building the right habits. Aside from availing of the right preventive and urgent care center in Castro Valley, California, it’s also a must to practice healthy habits daily. For kids to avoid illnesses, maintain the following habits: Hand wash Skin contact is one way for germs to spread. So teach your kids to wash their hands thoroughly. They might have touched dirty objects while they’re in school or at home.

Help your kids develop these habits early in life to avoid illnesses and maintain their vibrant health well into adulthood. Prioritize Your Kids’ Health: Focus on These Factors. Infection, common cold, and pinkeye are common diseases in children. Be Prepared for Allergy Season. Seasonal allergies have a way of surprising us when we least expect them. A Few Ways to Help You Cope With the Flu at Home. The flu, also known as influenza, is a seasonal virus that infects a person’s nose, throat, and sometimes their lungs. Symptoms can leave a person feeling temporarily incapacitated for up to two weeks. Kids’ Health Insights: Health Care for Better Health.

Stomach Flu: What Are the Signs and How to Recover? Also known as gastroenteritis, stomach flu refers to a variety of gastrointestinal inflammatory problems. Although some stomach flu cases last only for a couple of hours, there are also more severe cases that need urgent medical treatment in California. Symptoms of Stomach Flu Stomach flu signs depend on the nature and cause of the illness.

Intestinal and Stomach Problems Common Among Children. Perhaps there are times when your kids say they have stomach problems just to avoid household tasks. But at one point, you also have to face the fact that their stomach problems could be true and are causing them a great inconvenience. First aid would come in handy during these situations. DTap/TDap Vaccinations: What Is It and Why You Should Avail of It?

Raising kids isn’t easy. At one point or another, health problems will occur and their upbeat mood will become grumpy. Availing of vaccinations from a leading urgent care center in Castro Valley, California is one of the keys to help them maintain their health. Specifically, two of the most important vaccines you should give are the DTap and TDap. What is the difference between DTap and TDap vaccines? Why Insect and Animal Bites Call for Urgent Care and Attention. Almost everyone has had an experience on being bitten by an insect or animal. All About Allergies: A List of the Common Ones.

Suffering from allergies can be mildly annoying to seriously dangerous. This isn’t to exaggerate.