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Black Entertainment and Sports, African American News, Culture, and Community - AOL Black Voices Black Entertainment and Sports, African American News, Culture, and Community - AOL Black Voices I asked males in the audience how they defined manhood. A lot of the usual terms came up like "provider" and "strong" and "responsibility." I responded those words could also apply to my single mother and most women I know. Kevin Powell Public speaker and activist; author, 'Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and the Ghost of Dr.
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Media Policy News Media Policy News As you may have heard, an encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug was recently discovered. This bug has affected many popular websites and services. Fortunately, this flaw did not impact Free Press. We have tested our online donation, sign-up and petition forms and have confirmed that they are not vulnerable to this bug.
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Science News Technology and Health Science News Technology and Health The motor vehicles that operate in the world today account for a significant percentage of carbon emissions released by man. Of course, the U.S. accounts for half of all global warming linked to cars worldwide. In 2004 carbon dioxide emissions from personal vehicles in the United States equaled 314 million metric tons. That’s a significant number. The U.S. is responsible for half of all the emissions and pollution from cars in the world!
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These Playing Cards School U.S. Soldiers in Archaeology By Elise Craig Thursday, December 12 0 Comments When Laurie Rush, an army archaeologist and anthropologist, heard that the military had built a helipad directly on top of ancient Babylon, she realized she needed to do more to educate US soldiers about historic places. New Stealth Spy Drone Already Flying Over Area 51 By Jason Paur Friday, December 6 1 Comment The latest top secret unmanned spy plane to be uncovered isn’t just a design idea, it’s already flying at the Air Force’s famed Area 51. Danger Room Danger Room
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China ship detects 'pulse signal' By ASSOCIATED PRESS | 4/5/14 9:56 AM EDT The search for flight 370 enters its fifth week. Full coverage: Flight 370 Alexander challenger: 'We're friends' By MANU RAJU | 4/4/14 6:26 PM EDT Medicaid, CHIP enrollment up by 3M By JENNIFER HABERKORN | 4/4/14 2:30 PM EDT Both numbers could rise further once all states finish reporting their data, officials say. McKeon: No immigration in NDAA By SEUNG MIN KIM | 4/4/14 6:11 PM EDT The defense bill won't offer legal status to young undocumented immigrants in the military. Obama outpaces Bush on judges By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE | 4/4/14 10:06 PM EDT The president has gotten 237 confirmed, compared to 234 at the same time in Bush's presidency. Playbook: Spotted at opening day By MIKE ALLEN | 4/5/14 11:16 AM EDT Many big names show up at the Nationals' home opener on Friday. Politics, Political News Politics, Political News
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State prosecutor: S. Korean ferry's third officer, not captain, was at the helm when the vessel encountered trouble. April 17, 2014 -- Updated 2345 GMT (0745 HKT) Editor's Choice Detroit: Motown to grow-town? U.S. News - Headlines, Stories and Video U.S. News - Headlines, Stories and Video