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Rahul Vyas

Project Manager at Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS), an India based software, web and mobile apps programming Services Company offer customized solutions to businesses.

Should you use single-page, Animation Rich Parallax Website? Surfing the internet in the past year so, you would have certainly noticed a trend with websites avoiding that multi-page approach and instead putting up the content, across the site, on a single page.

Should you use single-page, Animation Rich Parallax Website?

At times you would have also seen interesting animations and movement effects as you scroll down the page. These are known as a Parallax websites, and as popular as this trend might get, there are aspects, good – not so good and bad, in using this approach. The Good. 5 Reasons to Believe that iPhone Application Development Makes Your Business More Lucrative. In the eternal tug-of-war between Android and Apple, the technological giant, Apple gained an extra point!

5 Reasons to Believe that iPhone Application Development Makes Your Business More Lucrative

With recent release of its most sophisticated range of devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8; creating a buzz among Apple fans across the globe. Also, it has given a new lease of life to iPhone web Application Development. Full with a set of numerous new and exciting features, along with a larger display, Apple sold a whopping number of 39 million iPhone 6 in the very first week of its launch, in fact, the demand is still mounting. Many analysts and market gurus are viewing this surging demand for iPhone's new series as a the right time for the business owners to reach to the millions of new iPhone users, to discover unexplored business horizons using iPhone software development.

4 Best Frameworks for HTML5 – iPhone and 3D Mobile Game Development. There resides a small child in all of us!

4 Best Frameworks for HTML5 – iPhone and 3D Mobile Game Development

– And this is so evident from the pace with which the digital gaming industry is flourishing! The advent of smartphones took this entire gaming industry to a whole new level! In the recent years, 3D game development has surpassed all records and has achieved great heights. The rise of simple, manageable and scalable gaming frameworks has given mobile game development a completely new dimension to this industry. Unlike, the native mobile applications, these frameworks use the web technologies, thus making the games compatible on a wide array of platforms. This post is an attempt to shed some light on the some of the amazing frameworks available in the market, which results into creation of extraordinary Mobile applications.

Considered as one of the most potential HTML 5 mobile game development frameworks; Ionic is created using the SASS. It provides numerous UI elements for developing extremely rich and interactive apps. 4 Best PHP Frameworks that Saw Big Time Success in 2014. The past few years saw a dramatic rise of PHP.

4 Best PHP Frameworks that Saw Big Time Success in 2014

It is considered as one of the incredibly powerful platform for various web and software applications development. This write-up aims at clearing this dilemma – This post compiles a list stating the most popular PHP frameworks for 2014. As matter of fact, you will find almost 50% of the web applications powered by PHP! With solidly configured PHP frameworks the PHP developers have been able to create simple, manageable, yet extremely interactive applications. Since, there are numerous PHP frameworks in the market; and this creates a situation where making a choice becomes extremely difficult. The post here will showcase the extensive advantages and the uses of each framework and why they have able to carve a niche for themselves in the competitive market.

An Application that Enables To See Everything that Your Partner Does on their Phone. Feeling anxious about the whereabouts of your partner?

An Application that Enables To See Everything that Your Partner Does on their Phone

Want to know everything about them through their smartphone…!!! There are mobile applications ideal for you. These mobile applications help partners to track each other’s text messages, contacts, call history, GPS locations and Facebook messages in real time. It can be utilized by downloading it on both the phones and it is likely to effectively demonstrate everything that a user does. These applications make it possible to validate the GPS co-ordinates of the phone, permitting you to see exactly where your partner is at all times. Top 5 web design trends in 2014. 3 Mobile App development mistakes you should always avoid!!!

A brilliant business idea – And you want to take it to a new level with a mobile application.

3 Mobile App development mistakes you should always avoid!!!

Well, certainly a clever move! Seeing the level of popularity these apps are enjoying in the market; they are paving a strong path for all kinds of exciting business ideas. However, the problem lies especially for many small and medium sized businesses, is to figure out the proper approach. Here, we have complied some of the mobile apps development mistakes which one needs to avoid to get an application that is completely in-sync with your business. Inadequate Platform Considerations. iOS, Android or Windows – Which platform is the best for me?

This question is often confronted by the app developers; however, often they fail to systematically scrutinize each option at their disposal. Some developers go for the stereotypical choice. One should keep in mind that iOS may be highly popular in the U.S., Android holds supremacy over a much larger global scale. Web Design Trends in 2015 All Set To Rock the Coming Year…! Which is the Ideal One for your Business? - Native, Web or Hybrid App Development. This write-up is an attempt to take a look at the pros and cons of different mobile app development platform to understand it better.

Which is the Ideal One for your Business? - Native, Web or Hybrid App Development

With a smart evolution sweeping the technological realm; a whole new range of sophisticated and supremely advanced devices have successfully captured the market Since, smart phones and other hand-held devices have achieved a sort of cult popularity; mobile application development has achieved a whole new dimension. In fact, it has come a long way! - Right from native app to enterprise mobile app development - There are number of options that are available due to an inadvertent surge in the rise of various platforms, interfaces, and SDKs. As a matter of fact, many businesses wishing to build an application to further their business goals get confused while choosing a particular platform ideal to build an application. PHP Frameworks – The Real Heroes behind an Intuitive Application……!!

In our technology-driven world, creating agile web and software application is one of the greatest parameters to ensure a niche position in the intensely competitive market.

PHP Frameworks – The Real Heroes behind an Intuitive Application……!!

Designing superior quality applications becomes a cumbersome task, however, with a set of robust PHP frameworks for application development; this task can be accomplished with much more efficiency and ease. The PHP frameworks performance makes it the ultimate tool for agile and efficient web and software development. In this article, we shall list down some of the wonderful benefits that you can get from using PHP frameworks.

4 Best Frameworks for HTML5 – iPhone and 3D Mobile Game Developmen. 4 Best PHP Frameworks that Saw Big Time Success in 2014. Take Your Mobile Application Development to Great Heights with Do’s and Don’ts. 5 Reasons Why Offshore Web Development is a Better Option. Online marketing has gained an incredible pace in the recent years.

5 Reasons Why Offshore Web Development is a Better Option

With this changing scenario, possessing an effective website has become vital for the success of any business. A technically sound, comprehensive, informative and eye-catching website not only makes your brand more visible in the market, but also helps you to raise the profit margins manifold by attracting potential clients. With a lot of ready-to-use templates available on the internet, many businesses attempt to build website on their own. Outsource ASP Programming Services in India - Hire ASP Programmers. Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) is an India based web programming outsourcing company where you can find consistent, professional web programming services from highly qualified ASP programmers.

Outsource ASP Programming Services in India - Hire ASP Programmers

Hire ASP Programmer - ASP. Net Programming Services at Low Cost. Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) is a fast growing web programming company in India. An OPS is well-known name in web programming industries. We offer web programming, custom web application development and offshore software development and programming services in asp .net programming services. We are specialized in providing hire asp programmers, asp .net programming services for all kind of businesses at very low cost in US, UK, CANADA and across the world.

Save up to 40% to 60% of cost on your asp .net programming projects. Hire our dedicated asp .net programmers give you complete solutions for your asp .net programming projects at a very competitive rate. Hire Software Developer - ASP Software Developer - Software Development. Outsourcing Programming Services is fast growing software development company in India. As a hire dedicated software developer and ASP software developer provider, we deliver superior quality and cost effective software development work to our clients by following customized processes to deliver on-time and quality outputs. The Wait is Finally Over! – The much talked iPhone 6; likely to be launched on Sept 9, 2014….!!!!

» Articles » The Wait is Finally Over! – The Much Talked iPhone 6; Likely To Be Launched On Sept 9, 2014….!!!! Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: September 5th, 2014 This cryptic invite from Apple has set the rumor mills abuzz with the possible launch of much-anticipated iPhone 6 and the uncovering of iWatch – its highly ambitious project on wearable technology! It is expected that Apple will launch two mobile handsets – One with a 4.7 inches screen; supposed to be called iPhone 6 and another with a 5.5 inches screen; which could be called iPhone 6L. 5.5 inches version is believed to be the largest phone handset ever launched. Since long, industry experts are pondering over its supposed innovative features & now as iPhone 6 and iWatch are all set to enter the market; here is a list of the much talked-about “what’s new” feature.

With the entire world looking forward for some world-class, innovative and sophisticated gadgets; September is truly going to be one of the most eventful months. Hire Website Designers India - Professional Website Design Services. Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) is a leading website design company in India offering hire website designer, hire PHP web designer and professional website design services as per your requirements.

We are specialized in providing hire website designers, website design services for all kind of businesses at very cost effective rates in US, UK, CANADA and across the world. You can save up to 60% of website design cost by outsourcing your all website design services to us. Hire website designer India from OPS and make your website gain that magnetism and charisma to attract the attention of your targeted audience. We are proving a wide range of professional website design services ranging from professional corporate websites, e-commerce website, flash websites, and social networking portals. iPhone Apps Developer India... Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- Aug 28, 2014 / ( -- Get Custom iPhone App Development Services for all kind of business.

Hire our expert iPhone Apps Developer as per your requirement. Contact us now and save up to 60% on iPhone app development services. Common Mistakes that have Huge Impact on Software Development Consulting Projects. Pioneering and novice software solutions can go a long way in enhancing value and propagating an exclusive offer to the customers. But the most important thing is the fact that organizations take the process of software development consulting very lightly.

This is where the problem starts. Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation on AX, NAV, GP, SL; Partner with Outsourcing Programming Services. Hire PHP Programmers from India for All PHP Framework Programming. Hire Programmer of India for Web Programming Services. Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: December 3rd, 2012. Hire PHP Developer - PHP Programmer - Complete PHP Development Company India. Expert SharePoint Development Services. Microsoft ASP.Net – Safe & Secure Platform for Web Application Development by Rahul Vyas. Articles. Outsource Services of Magento Customization Company to Customize Magento Themes, Templates, Shopping Cart. Advantages of Implementing & Integrating .Net Software Development. The Indestructible Apple iPhone 6 Endures A Barrage of Abuses - Emerges Intact. Apple is known for its great designs and the name has become synonymous to innovation. Apple is set to add another feather in the hat, with ‘The Indestructible Glass’.

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