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Products – Audio Seed. Komplete : Cinematic : Thrill | Products. Review & Video: Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Media Player. How To Digital DJ Fast. Glorious Unveils Larger DJ Desk For Your Home. Akai's standalone MPCs revealed - and they could replace your laptop - CDM Create Digital Music. Welcome to the post-PC drum machine age. After years of leaving fans of standalone MPCs in the cold, Akai have unveiled machines that promise the flexibility of computer software – minus the computer. Specs and photos went live on the Sweetwater website this morning with complete specs, and now are also live on Akai’s site.

(I’m unaware of whether or not today was the date Akai intended to lift embargo, as CDM was never under one.)s The MPC Live is probably the one you want, in a compact form factor and with a not-insane US$1,199 street price. 7″ touch screen 16 pads (hopefully these are these build on the quality of those on the previous MPC Renaissance flagship) Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) Rechargeable battery (clever, that!) Even the mid-range MPC Live has a surprisingly generous complement of I/O. The Quick Start manual is also online. USB connectivity means this is a computer accessory when you want it to be. 1. Review & Video: Making Music Book By Dennis DeSantis. Post Views: 1,859 In this review we take a look at Ableton's book on production that's meant to help you get unstuck whenever you face an obstacle in the production process.

Full Making Music Book Review The latest product from the makers of Ableton Live isn't an app or a new hardware controller; it's a book. It's called Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers, and it's written by Ableton documentation head Dennis DeSantis who's an accomplished composer and sound designer himself. In this review, we go through the book and tell you what it's all about...

What is it? Even though it's a book about electronic music production made by the company that created one of the world's most popular digital audio workstations today, it's not a how-to book on creating the perfect kick drum, or how to adjust settings on a compressor, or even how to get started with Ableton Live. A look inside Conclusion So is this something you should read? Review Summary: Video talkthrough. Ableton Tutorial: Spice Up Vocals With One Word Delays. In today’s Ableton tutorial, Brian Funk aka Afro DJ Mac is going to share a cool trick that will add delay on just certain words of a vocal performance. Most listeners will be focusing on the vocals more than any other aspect of the song. Therefore, it is important to make vocals as exciting and expressive as possible.

If there is an important word, phrase, or note you wish to emphasize, a little splash of delay will cause that portion of the vocal to stand out. There are two ways to achieve this effect; one is quite simple and involves using a return track, the other offers a bit more control and will be done with a custom Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack. Whether you are performing live or working in the studio, these techniques will allow you to add delay to certain words and phrases, on the fly, and add a new dimension of excitement to your vocal tracks. Add a Ping Pong Delay or Simple Delay to a Return Track. A benefit of this approach is that you can send any track to the delay. 9 of the best Ableton Live MIDI controllers | LivKontrol. Bluffer's Guide To Traktor's Remix Decks, Part 1. Still in the dark when it comes to Traktor's Remix Decks?

Our new series of tutorials will get you up to speed on using this overlooked feature, and help you get started on incorporating it into your live DJ sets. Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, we first saw Traktor's Remix Decks in operation, with Shiftee performing on them at an NI party in LA. Yet still we get asked over and over again: "What exactly are they? ", "Should I be using them in my DJing? " or alternatively, we hear DJs saying: "I've bought the hardware, and it's gathering dust - help! " This three-part tutorial series is designed to help the non-übergeeks with understanding Remix Decks, and to show the amazing shortcut into using them offered by Remix Sets.

Native Instruments appears to be serious about this part of its software and hardware, and is supporting the concept with some high-profile artist involvement, so there's never been a better time to finally understand them and work out if they're for you... Not entirely. Making Your First Tune: A Guide For DJs Part 1. Picture this: You drop your next big tune, and the crowd goes absolutely mental. You bask in the rapturous moment, maybe even throw your hands in the air. You're unashamed of this bit of cliché; you're even quite proud. You deserve to do it, after all: That was your tune that you just played! As the basics of DJing have become more and more accessible thanks to digital technology, and as DJ software and gear have started to resemble production systems to an extent, it's no surprise that many a curious DJ wonders about getting into producing music.

In today's world, it's the DJ/producers who get the global bookings, it's the DJ/producers who grace the big festival stages, and it's the DJ/producers who make the top 100s and the rich lists. Music production is a sought-after artistic process that commands the highest reaches of respect, and it's no surprise: After all, DJing itself wouldn't be possible without producers in the first place. What this course covers About the sound pack. The Best DJ Download Pools In 2014. Imagine getting all the hottest releases complete with DJ-friendly edits and remixes, straight to your inbox. It's possible if you join a digital download pool! With so many online, though, choosing one can be a daunting task. In this article, we roundup the best ones right now to help you make an informed choice.

Pic: Do Androids Dance Before the turn of the millennium, record pools were the music resource for professional, gigging DJs who needed the freshest tunes ASAP. Today, record pools have made the transition to digital, letting members download music from their sites instead of mailing tunes in the post, cutting shipping cost and wait time, and also making it a lot more convenient for DJs. Why should I join a digital download pool? With music distribution and DJing going digital, DJs now turn to blogs as the de facto outlet for new songs, many of whic can be downloaded as soon as they’re put up on the web, but keeping tabs on all the music blogs online can be tricky. iDJ Pool. 6 Best Places For DJs To Get Acapellas Online. We list the best places to get acapellas online so you can drop them in your DJ set for a live mashup or create your own bootlegs (for personal use and production practice, of course...) Pic: talkinmusic You know how it is. You want to create your very own mashup of that great new track that just topped the charts a few days ago, just like all your DJ/producer heroes have already done in the past week.

You already know how you're going to fit it in an existing song that you have in your library, and you even have that all-important "drop" planned out. Your heart races as you imagine playing that tune in front of your friends, minds blown as they try to figure out how you could've come up with such a floorfilling dance gem. Piece of cake! You scour the net for it, only to be duped by a handful of bogus download sites, clickbait and, even worse, you're even tempted to hang around in dubious filesharing sites with their ".exe" and ".dmg" viruses. Edit, bootleg or something else?

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