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Hispanic Immigration and the Demographic Decline of America – The Alternative Hypothesis. Facts about Hispanic immigration to America are often obscured by statics about “immigrants”. Such numbers are misleading, as not all American immigrants are Hispanic. To remedy this problem, the current post will look at various aspects of the Hispanic American population which are cause for concern. As will be seen, Hispanic Americans are, in many measurable respect, more problematic than White non-Hispanic Americans. Because of this, increasing the proportion of our population which is Hispanic via immigration will damage America in many predictable ways. Moreover, contrary to common mythology, a multitude of studies have shown that Hispanics do not assimilate to American culture by the 3rd generation. A nation’s government should only allow in immigrants if doing so is in the best interest of said nation’s citizens.

The only serious benefit ever offered by immigration enthusiasts is that immigration helps the economy. 1. Hispanics use welfare more than Whites do. Camarota (2015) 2. 3. Us Crime in Black & White. A Comparative Measurement of Black & White Crime in the United States Everyone's talking about race, profiling and crime this week. While many may see this as awful, it's really a great opportunity to have a national conversation about these things. There is no doubt that racial profiling does occur and that it has been made illegal in order to protect innocent individuals. The question is, why does it occur? It bears reminding that, regardless of race, people should be looked upon as individuals and not be unfairly blamed for the actions of others. So, let's dig in. 2+ Races Asian Black Hispanic/Latino Polynesian White It should be noted that the actual white-only population is 63%, whereas whites including Hispanics is 77.9%.

Now, let's consider the overall crime rate. Drunkenness Actual Population Murder Forcible Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Buglary Weapons (carrying, etc) Prostitution Domestic Liquor Laws What if the situation were reversed? What if it were normalized? We don't know, exactly.