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Photographie de mode (C20)

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Image Deconstructed: Candice Swanepoel by Steven Meisel. Beautiful Examples of Fashion Photography. Fashion photography involves a great deal of preparation.

Beautiful Examples of Fashion Photography

It’s what separates basic portraits from fashion or conceptual portraiture. For a typical portrait session, you show up, meet the subject, and take pictures. There is often little discussion of location, hair, clothing, props, and lighting. There is seldom a concept behind the portrait except to make a flattering image of the subject. Christophe Gilbert, Professional Advertising Photographer, Photo Manipulation Artist. Christophe Gilbert is a Belgian Advertising Photographer that specializes in Photo Manipulation and holds an impressive client list that includes clients such as: Ikea, Levi’s, LG Electronics, Mercedes, Ogilvy, Playstation, Publicis, Saatchi, Samsonite, TBWA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Young & Rubicam among others.

Christophe Gilbert, Professional Advertising Photographer, Photo Manipulation Artist

His portfolio is large and impressive. These are my favorites. Suguru Kaibara Photography - Home. NQV. Nick Knight - Home. STEVEN KLEIN STUDIO. Marisa Papen - Home. Bob wolfenson. Jean-Baptiste Mondino : Photos. Igor Koshelev photographer. Marlene ohlsson photographers. 50 Cute and Trendy Updos for Long Hair.

Updo styles are essential for weddings, proms and other special occasions.

50 Cute and Trendy Updos for Long Hair

They can make you more confident and relaxed. David Roemer Studio. Benjamin Kanarek , Benjamin Kanarek. Barrie MacLeod Montreal Fashion Photographer-Photographe de Mode @ Wardrobe and Prop Stylist. Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Beautiful Black and White Photos of Betty Brosmer - The Girl with the Impossible Waist. Betty Brosmer was one of those models and was actually the highest paid model of the 1950s.

Beautiful Black and White Photos of Betty Brosmer - The Girl with the Impossible Waist

Before she was 20, she had already won over 50 beauty contests. Throughout the decade she would appear on over 300 magazine covers. Here's a collection of 25 beautiful black and white portraits of of Betty Brosmer. 100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes 100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes.

100 years of fashion in 5 minutes. One Hundred Years of Fashion (in 100 seconds) 100 Years of Wedding Dresses in 3 Minutes 100 YEARS / STYLE / EAST LONDON. Ben Lamberty. Benjamin Kanarek , Benjamin Kanarek. Barrie MacLeod Montreal Fashion Photographer-Photographe de Mode @ Dear Model: Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs. Dear (new’ish) Model, My name is Other Model.

Dear Model: Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs

I have spent the last couple of years finding out a few things that I wish I’d known from the start. Please don’t think I’m patronising as I mean this only in goodwill, as there is absolutely no gain for me by sharing these cheats. Not all of my points will be valid for you as posing varies in each genre. Just take what you can and ignore the rest. Create separation between your limbs from your body. Fat arm to thin arm Body width shrunk by optical illusion Have a basic understanding of light. Be aware of ‘mothing’. Promo Shoot Fashion Lighting. We had the awesome fun of shooting Stephen Knuth & Scarlett Lillian‘s promo material for their new blog site back in April, and now we wanted to take you through a few of the images and show you exactly how we did some of the more advanced off-camera lighting techniques that we used.

Promo Shoot Fashion Lighting

You ready? Here we go! Today we are going to show you exactly how we pulled this shot off in Jacksonville, Florida while shooting this promo. We shot a lot of cool shots in a local restaurant that had a really cool vibe, then headed back toward the Knuth’s place for the last set-up. On the way, we spotted this really cool metal door behind an old abandoned building, so we headed over to check it out. This area was in the shade from the hot sun, and some light was bouncing off the sky and coming back into this open shaded area. The natural light, as you can see in the above shot, was metered at F/5, ISO 50 at 1/100th of a second. Does the fab Chloe Austin look cool or what holding that umbrella? Donald J Photography Portfolio.

Danil Golovkin Photographer. Robin Alfian: photographer. Top Los Angeles Swimwear Photographer Fashion Photographer Kyle Goldie. How to Build a Realistic-Looking Beach Inside a Studio. Swedish director Roy Andersson has built some impressive sets for his films, and for his latest work A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence — which recently won top prize at the 2014 Venice Film Festival — he built a very realistic-looking beach right on a sound stage: And here's the trailer of the film with the beach shot at the end: The set is very impressive, and while they did bring in a lot of sand, the solid structures underneath help sell this effect and probably make the set easier to work on.

How to Build a Realistic-Looking Beach Inside a Studio

It may seem obvious when you see it, but the forced perspective, when done right, can convince you of just about anything. The buildings in the background are meticulously constructed and since the camera is at just the right angle (and does not move the entire shot), they feel like they are in the distance rather than being very small. The lighting is just right, though what also really helps this scene is the slight wind effect. JUCO Photo. Wataru Yoneda Photography. KRISTIAN SCHULLER photography. GALA STYLE. The next set of posts...


Topher Scott, fashion and interior photographer. Join Topher Scott, fashion and interior photographer, on a trip behind the scenes at one of his shoots.

Topher Scott, fashion and interior photographer

Watch how Capture One Pro 8 makes a difference for Topher’s workflow by letting him maximize his time and collaborate creatively with his clients. As some of you may know from following the Phase One blog and emails, I regularly serve as a digital tech for the brilliant and extremely talented campaign beauty photography Sarah Silver. After working with Phase One on a behind-the-scenes look at Silver’s digital workflow, followed by a webinar hosted by Sarah and myself, Phase One asked me to write a blog post about my own workflow as an interior photographer. LAURA STEVENS. GALLA MARTYNA - FASHION.

Jeff Berlin photographer

Alexander flemming photography. Jake Garn Studio Beauty. Christian Grüner beauty, fashion photography... Melissa Rodwell - Fashion Photographer. Fotograf Stockholm Tobias Björkgren. FASHION — TOPHER SCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY. Li Edelkoort: «L’industrie de la mode a creusé sa tombe» Li Edelkoort, l’un des plus influents oracles de tendance, prédit la mort de la mode et de son système Il faut un certain courage pour faire la nécrologie critique de ce qu’on aime, et plus encore, de ce qui nous fait vivre.

Li Edelkoort: «L’industrie de la mode a creusé sa tombe»

Li Edelkoort, Néerlandaise de 65 ans et Parisienne d’adoption, a fait de la mode sa vie, au point d’être aujourd’hui l’un des oracles de tendance les plus influents au monde. Lidewij Edelkoort : « La mode est morte. Vive le vêtement ». Evénementiel. Agences de mode. Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting. Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting. YASUNARI KIKUMA PHOTOGRAPHY.

Adam Angelides photographe

Fashion Photography. Troy Word mode et portrait. Fashion and Beauty Photographer Toronto - Vibrant Shot Photography. Frank Doorhof mode, portrait et autres. Shadow Fashion Shoots: Photography by Solve Sundsbo. In the competitive world of commercial photography, one photographer who stands out is Sølve Sundsbø. His innovative photographic techniques include the skillful use of shadows on fashion models as shown here. Sarah Silver photographe. David LaChapelle. Fashion photo and lighting setup with Strobe, Softbox and Strip Softbox by Nelly Hernandez (1/250, f/8.0, ISO: 200) Report Nelly Hernandez | View Profile Submitted on September 09, 2012 No comments yet | Favored by 7 | Views 1283 Comments: No comments yet. Home Page. Fashiontography. DIOR COSMÉTIQUES : Pol baril. Pol baril. Prix de la jeune photographie de mode. Textures matières.

Photo de mode. C'est fou comme le "corps parfait" a changé en 100 ans. Fendi Official Website. JOHNNYLOPERA. Patrick Demarchelier. Gwyneth Paltrow shot by Me for Harpers Bazaar… out. Prix de la jeune photographie de mode. Most Notorious Banned Fashion Ads. CK Jeans Most Notorious Banned Fashion Ads Over the years, fashion ads have been banned in various parts of the world. Usually it's heightened sexuality that sends self-righteous prudes into an outraged tizzy. Other times it's the glamorization of violence or drugs, or the objectification of minors that rightfully sees a ban. FASHION AND BEAUTY BLOG. collective fashion consciousness. Uriel Santana FOTOGRAFIA. Nima Benati Photographer. Ali Mahdavi Photography - FASHION.

RANKIN. Glamour Lighting Setups.