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Photographie d'expression 2 (art photo)

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Portraits and Beauty by Damian Siqueiros - Art People Gallery. The photographs of Damián Siqueiros illustrate his recurring concerns surrounding the construction of identity.

Portraits and Beauty by Damian Siqueiros - Art People Gallery

Doing so by the represented elements, as well as the technique that he uses. Content and form are woven into a fabric of continuous reflection and open to questioning of our self-representation and the world, of what we consider to be essential and true. Each image constitutes the aestheticized shaping of a struggle that is at the same time intimate and social. The creation of his images brings him to have a multidisciplinary practice: he becomes a make-up artist, stage designer, director, photographer and digital artist. The fist stage, the pre-production, concentrates on creating the character. Elmar Dam PhotographyHome - Elmar Dam Photography. Dinalitovsky. Fine Art Photography. Women Through the Eyes of Hans Feurer.

Cityscape Photography by Eduard Gordeev. Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St.

Cityscape Photography by Eduard Gordeev

Petersburg, Russia who captured a series of artistic photos of rainy cityscape. The resulting images are atmospheric and impressive with a bit of effect of acrylic paintings. The urban streets seem drenched in rain and mystery. View the website. WILLIAM EGGLESTON. ERNEST PIGNON ERNEST – Site officiel. XLR Project. Our Time - United Visual Artists 2016. Les thématiques. Graphicriver. Everything is very straight forward.


I have tried to make the item as very easy to use. Features: These actions are designed to transform your photos into Dark Light-4 photoshop action. The action has been tested and working on Photoshop (English versions)CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC. I recommend using the action on photo’s with high resolution for the best results. Instructions 1. The photos used in the preview image are not included for download.

Contraire-Fotografie. 25 Interesting Culinary Design Photos. I have always found culinary experiments interesting.

25 Interesting Culinary Design Photos

Starting with the chemistry of taste and ending with the art of arranging the food, all require special attention and a great artistic sense. Yesterday I found the site of an artist named Fulvio Bonavia. Des arbres incandescents d'étincelles. Le photographe Vitor Schietti capture en pose longue et light painting des photographies d’arbres entourés de feu et d’étincelles qui évoquent la légende du buisson ardent.

Des arbres incandescents d'étincelles

Conceptual Photography: 26 Imaginative Photos. Steve richard photography - home. Nicholas Alan Cope Photography. Rodney Smith. Paysages et situations surréalistes par Rodney Smith. Quelques photos de paysages et situations surréalistes par le photographe New-Yorkais Rodney Smith.

Paysages et situations surréalistes par Rodney Smith

Son style très british flirt avec le surréalisme de Magritte. Une séance photo met en scène des danseurs dans de la farine ! Le résultat est exceptionnel ! Quoi de mieux que la danse pour exprimer un sentiment ou une émotion ?

Une séance photo met en scène des danseurs dans de la farine ! Le résultat est exceptionnel !

L’artiste russe Alexander Yakovlev met en scène des danseurs, sur le thème “Danseurs et farine”. Grâce aux gestes et à la souplesse de ces danseurs classiques, le photographe rend spéciale cette séance photos. Patrick The Light Painter. Ludovic FLORENT - portraitiste. 500 183 467. 500 152 414. Jeffrey vanhoutte freezes acrobatic angels in powdered milk showers. Ramona Zordini. Li Wei, photographe en apesanteur. Li Wei est un artiste qui s'est libéré une fois pour toutes des lois de la gravitation.

Li Wei, photographe en apesanteur

Ses photos qui se jouent de la pesanteur, sont un hymne à la liberté, mais au moyen de l'humour et du comique. C'est la liberté du corps, mais aussi celle de l'esprit. Ses images parlent de liberté dans un pays où la principale liberté est celle de consommer, mais pas de penser et surtout pas de s'exprimer. Elles sont un acte joyeux de rébellion dans un pays où le parti qui contrôle tout ne considère pas les performances comme de l'art.

Artist Liwei. Nourrir les canards à Cracovie - Marcin Ryczek. Eric Marrian. Collecting ideas since 2013 › Inspiration Now. 2012 - Robin EleyRobin Eley. MATTHEW BRODIE PHOTOGRAPHER. FINE ART / UNDERWATER. HOME HESTER SCHEURWATER. Tatiana Guinle. Sherolin Santos Photographer - Externas. Andrea lavezzaro. Lucio Luna Fotografia. Fotografie, Photographs and Photographers. Carlos-Quevedo's deviantART Gallery. Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures. MISS ANIELA - ARTIST - PORTFOLIO. Lee Jeffries. STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER. Jessica Morelli Photographer. Luigi bonaventura photography. Roland Fischer. The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation - Portfolio. 35 Amazing Examples of Black And White Photography. Black and white photography is a unique way to invoke one’s imagination and drive one’s interpretation of the shooting.

35 Amazing Examples of Black And White Photography

From documentary, landscape to portraits, it captures subtle texture, tones and lights, which attracts viewers to their subjects. 365 jours, 365 portraits dans les rues de Paris. Chaque jour, durant une année entière, un photographe a capturé le portrait et a adressé la parole à un inconnu différent…

365 jours, 365 portraits dans les rues de Paris

Kelly Nicolaisen. Photographer Demonstrates How Beauty Is Indeed in the Eye of the Beholder. I want to be Inspired everyday! Steve McCurry was first attracted to photographing people while on a trip to India. There, he found places and people that were beautiful in their own right, and started exploring. His passion then took him to Europe, South America, and other remote parts of the world. 30 Photos, before & after: Photoshop has a long & glorious, hot & fun pre-History. Love thyself as you are, then you can improve: ~ Before Photoshop, there was pinup art. (NSFW) ( The imagination is a fun thing. UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY. Portraits of Homeless People by Lee Jeffries - Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Close to the professional football circle, this artist starts to photograph sporting events. A chance meeting with a young homeless girl in the streets of London changes his artistic approach forever. Lee Jeffries recalls that, initially, he had stolen a photo from this young homeless girl huddled in a sleeping bag.

“The Hidden Smiles Of Vietnam” by Réhahn. For several years now, Réhahn, a French photographer, has been travelling across Vietnam. “The hidden smiles of Vietnam” is his latest photographic project. Born in 1979 in Normandy, France, Réhahn has always lived with a passion for travel and photography. For most people who travel to explore the beautiful sceneries, Réhahn travels to meet people and capture the most natural moment of those individual he has encountered. It is only through these far away places that he learns of new cultures and most importantly, learns to take photo in his very own special way. Strange Photography by Brian Day. Brian Day Strange Photography… Artist Depicts the Homeless in a New Light To Remind Us They’re Also Human. Photographer Aaron Draper wants to change perceptions about the homeless, who are regularly photographed in black and white.

Inspired by the works on Steinbeck, his latest series called “Underexposed”, has a simple premise: to take beautiful, well lit portraits of the homeless. So instead of misery enhanced by a lack of color, you get hopeful people, possessing dignity and detail, looking straight at the camera, powerful despite their social standing. It shows those inhabiting the margins of society in a beautiful light. “Steinbeck has influenced me and informed my view of the world. In Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, I was introduced to a philosophy regarding society, about economic disparity and Steinbeck’s efforts to shed light on the problems of the poor in our society,” Draper wrote on his website. New York City In Color: The Photography Of Sally Davies  Color street photography has been around New York City since the very beginning - of color photography, I mean.

Early proponents were people like Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt and Joel Meyerowitz. Sally Davies has been carrying on this tradition since the 80's here in New York City. Her work is vivid, fresh, and engaging. Almost like paintings, Sally's storefront images are little self-contained stories. Photo after photo, we read these images as if they were pages from a history book - they capture the spirit, the people, and the cityscape all at once. On photography and photographers, Page 5. Kyle Thompson - Fine Art. Lars van de Goor Photography Art.

PEP VENTOSA photographs. Andrew Lever. Marion Luttenberger. Colin Boyd Shafer Photography. Rodney Smith. Russ and Reyn. Marie-Andrée Blais. Gail Albert Halaban. Lynn Davis — Photographs. Michael Marten - Fine Art Photography. Faustine Ferhmin. Corinne Mercadier. Yusuke Sakai Photography. Kyle Thompson - Fine Art. Sascha Erni. Fine Art Photography. STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER. Alina Rudya. Isabel m. martinez. Ben Moore Photography.

Isle Moore photographe (art, photo sous-marine)

Somewhere inside my creative mind follows beauty - Art People Gallery. In deep. Nicolas Poillot. Nicolas Poillot (born 1978) lives and works as a photographer, curator and editor in Paris. Michael Kenna. Iceland by Michael Schlegel. Iceland’s landscape in black and white; when photography is not about colours but about emotions. Fierce, stark and ethereal. Lumen. Neil Craver's Underwater Photography (NSFW) SILVIA GRAV // Official website / PORTFOLIO. Olivier Chapelle. John Crawford's Aerial Nudes.