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C5 Prise de vue en studio

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Continuous Lighting Setup w/ 2 Hot Lights: A Video Lighting Tutorial. Still Life Photography - 50 Stunning Examples. Still Photography is a matter of lighting and arrange a group of objects in creative way.

Still Life Photography - 50 Stunning Examples

The still life photographer makes pictures rather than takes them. Still life photographer should have more creative skills in Composition, Lighting, mood and post processing techniques. You may be interested in the following related posts: Below we present 50 stunning examples of Still Life Photography. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Best of 2015: Top 10 Still Life Photos. It’s that time of year again!

Best of 2015: Top 10 Still Life Photos

As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome in 2016 with open arms, we’re taking a fond look back at the most popular images shared on 500px this past year. There are only two rules: 1. The photos must have been uploaded to 500px (not necessarily taken) in 2015.

Still Life / nature morte

Exercice Partie d'un objet travaux étudiants. Splash photographie. Colorful Liquid Splashes Captured at 1/3500th of a Second Look Like Floating Sculptures. Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of Floto+Warner Studio recently produced this beautiful series of photos titled Clourant that seemingly turns large splashes of colorful liquid into glistening sculptures that hover in midair.

Colorful Liquid Splashes Captured at 1/3500th of a Second Look Like Floating Sculptures

The photos were shot at a speed of 1/3,500th of a second, taking special care to disguise the origin of each burst making images appear almost digital in nature (the duo assures no Photoshop was used). They share about the project: Colourant is a series of events that pass you by as an imperceptible flash. A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space. Creating shapes of nature not experienced by the human eye, these short-lived anomalies are frozen for us to view at 3500th of a second. You can see several additional shots from the series on their website and prints are available through Vaughan Hannigan. Light Painting technique in Product Photography. Using Light Painting (Lighting Brush) Technique in Product Photography.

Light Painting technique in Product Photography

Painting with light. You probably have seen the images composed with the light from a pocket flashlight before, and here I’ll be talking of how we used this technique in product and advertisement photography. The idea behind the technique is simple: steady camera, long exposure (10-30 seconds or longer), flashlight in your hand and imagination in your head:-) L'art de la lumière en studio : Nature Morte.

Matériel mis en œuvre Acheter du matériel d’occasion est une activité qui, en plus d’être plaisante, est économiquement intéressante.

L'art de la lumière en studio : Nature Morte

À défaut du mythique boulevard Beaumarchais où il devient impossible de se garer, on peut, confortablement installé, chiner sur Internet vingt-quatre heures sur vingt-quatre et découvrir à des prix souvent surprenants (en neuf comme en occasion) tout ce dont un photographe peut rêver. Il est également possible et intéressant de vendre ou d’échanger par ce biais un matériel dont on a perdu ou l’usage, ou le goût.

Il convient alors de le photographier pour illustrer l’annonce et le montrer ainsi à ceux qui sont susceptibles de l’acheter. Il est bien évidemment possible d’utiliser un cliché réalisé avec un téléphone portable ou une webcam mais, comme notre passion est la photographie, pourquoi alors ne pas prendre le peu de temps que nécessite la réalisation d’une image un peu plus élaborée ? Prise des vues. Strobox. View Photo Gallery and Lighting Diagrams on Strobox - Create, Share, Learn.

Message from the Strobox team In 2009 we created a unique iPhone app to document your photography lighting setups. Our bigger vision was to one day create a community where photographers could share their knowledge, experience, and learn from those on the front lines. That dream came true in 2010 when we launched our Strobox website. Today, we have more than 38,000 unique monthly visitors - from all corners of the globe - we never expected Strobox to grow so quickly and are now facing the need to seek additional support. Until now everything has been run by our amazing community of volunteers, who not only donated their time but also chipped in financially to help cover hard costs like hosting fees, development support, legal fees, etc. We believe in our community, the talent pool we have, and how we can become better when we share information.

Techniques D'éclairage photo par Thomas Muselet. Techniques D'éclairage photo par Thomas Muselet Apprendre la photo / Techniques D'éclairage photo Né en 1978, son premier métier, était musicien, batteur intermittent du spectacle, il parcourait les différentes scènes du nord de la France, ainsi que quelques grands festivals renommés.

Techniques D'éclairage photo par Thomas Muselet

Ensuite ,militaire dans un corps d’élite de l’armée française dans le renseignement militaire, il y apprendra les bases de la photographie. De retour dans la vie civile, après quelques années autodidactes, en s’inspirant auprès de grand photographe, tel que Zackary belamy, il se spécialise dans le portrait et le montage artistique. How to Photograph Liquor Bottles Using Dark Field Lighting. Article by: Many Ayromlou Dark field lighting is one of the best methods to light glassware, especially liquor bottles, let us take a look at some of the setups that produce excellent results yet does not require many lights and expensive modifiers.

How to Photograph Liquor Bottles Using Dark Field Lighting

Here's a bottle of Courvoisier shot using dark-field lighting. And here's the lighting setup i used for the shot. SB26 @ 1/2 behind black background card pointing at larger white background card. White cards on both sides as reflectors. Lighting setup for the beer can shots. 2xSB-26's, first one behind black card (background) @ 1/2 power, pointing at the larger white background.