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C4 éclairage de studio

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Shooting on a White Seamless. We had two break it up in three parts.

Shooting on a White Seamless

In this first installment we show you ten different light setups for lighting a model on a white seamless background. Also, in this tutorial we demonstrate how to make a white background pure white and/or gray by moving the lights. The 9' or 12' white seamless is a playground for photographers. One can create so many effects by using just one light. The white background is a classic studio backdrop for fashion, advertising and portraits. There are many ways for creating this type of clean white look.

The first method is using four large sized softboxes. Now, say if you want the floor of this white paper background to have a reflective sheen, you can add a white plexi glass blow the model. Regina Pagles Lighting Diagram. Amazing Beer Photography With Rob Grimm. A few weeks back we had the opportunity to join food, product, and beverage photographer extraordinaire Rob Grimm for two days of shooting in his St.Louis studio.

Amazing Beer Photography With Rob Grimm

With over twenty years of experience and clients such as Bacardi, Microsoft, Budweiser, and Energizer, Rob Grimm is a highly successful commercial photographer and we’re excited to be bring his knowledge and prowess to the Phamily. Make sure to view his full portfolio at! “Rob Grimm Photography is built upon the creative force that is Rob, with over twenty years in the advertising business under his belt. We take great pride in the images we create, believing that the process of crafting exceptional images is rooted in unmatched production, an open and problem-solving mind, as well as a good sense of humor.”

Lighting Schematic In the realm of commercial beverage photography, each piece of an image is shot separately and put back together in post production. Tricks of the Trade. Lighting Setups » Ben Leavitt – Backstage. High Key Clamshell High Key Group Low Key Single.

Lighting Setups » Ben Leavitt – Backstage

Understanding the Inverse-Square Law of Light. An Introduction to the Inverse Square Law. I don’t know about you, but I was never much of a math student.

An Introduction to the Inverse Square Law

I needed a tutor in high school for both geometry and physics. I chose a double major in college (Journalism/English) that required no math. I practiced law for fourteen years, where any math I needed was either pretty easy or done on a calculator. Even when I ditched my briefcase for a camera bag and embarked on a new career, I felt pretty secure in the knowledge that confusing math had no place in the world of photography. And then the Inverse Square Law reared its ugly head. It didn’t jump out and attack me right away. We all deal with light. So, what is it? Huh? Regardless of how you classify yourself as a photographer, you already know that light travels. @Glossaire de l'éclairage. Loi du carré inverse.

En termes techniques, la loi du carré inverse est définie en tant que “Loi physique postulant qu’une quantité physique (énergie, force, ou autre) est inversement proportionnelle au carré de la distance de l’origine de cette quantité physique.”

loi du carré inverse

Avec une telle définition scientifique (merci wikipedia), vous vous demandez certainement ce que cela peut avoir en commun avec la photographie. Cette loi s’applique à beaucoup de chose dans le monde, mais ici nous l’appliquerons uniquement au sujet qui nous intéresse : La lumière. Comprendre le Concept Pour ceux d’entre vous qui n’ont pas une connaissance importante en mathématiques (même les connaissances les plus simple en math vont être utilisées ici), la règle du carré inverse peut sembler terriblement complexe.

Studio Spécialités. Photoflex Canada. Lighting School. Basic Lighting A good place to start.

Lighting School

These lessons demonstrate professional lighting techniques using only basic lighting tools. Having good lighting equipment is important, but knowing how to use it well is paramount! Lessons with Video At PhotoflexLightingSchool™, we realize that people learn in different ways. Indoor Portrait Taking portrait indoors can be challenging, especially when it comes to lighting.

Outdoor Portrait As seasoned photographers well know, the sun can provide beautiful light for outdoor portraits. Product/Still Life Whether you're looking to improve your product photography, learn special effects such as stop-action photography, or simply learn how to create beautiful still life scenes, this section is full of invaluable tips and techniques that will assist in creating what you envision. Speedotron. Comparing Light Modifiers: Part I « The Lighting Academy. May12012 When assembling a lighting kit, it’s very difficult to know which modifiers are best for the type of work you want to do.

Comparing Light Modifiers: Part I « The Lighting Academy

There are umbrellas, square and rectangular softboxes, octabanks and a wide variety of accessories to shape and alter the quality of light. So how do you know what’s best for you? In many cases you don’t. If you have no experience then you don’t have any preferences formed and most of the tech talk is of no use to you and makes little sense. Rather than doing what everyone else does, I’m not going to talk about the physics of light or the design of the modifier and I’m not going to define certain characteristics as better or worse. I believe that seeing the differences and subtleties will have much more impact so I’ve chosen to show comprehensive images to help you form your own preferences and to see the distinguishing characteristics or each modifier. Which Modifiers Were Tested?

1. First things first. Lighting Equipment for Photography and Videography. How to Build a DIY LED Lighting Setup for Photographing Still Life. Professional commercial photographer Alex Koloskov has made an insightful video outlining some of the advantages of a DIY light setup.

How to Build a DIY LED Lighting Setup for Photographing Still Life

He demonstrates how you can build your own setup using LED light bulbs that are readily available in many stores for a fraction of the price of dedicated photography lights. He even gives an in-depth look at how to use the LED setup to create beautifully lit images: Koloskov proves that using a daylight balanced LED light, like the Feit Dimmable LED or the Utilitech 90-Watt bulb, and a DIY diffuser and reflector (see the original post here), it’s possible to get acceptable images to use in your portfolio.

Koloskov used two of these outdoor decorative LED bulbs for this shoot. The setup. Final image. Kolosklov made the image above using just two of the Utilitech bulbs. ProPhoto Blogs: Blog, site, and portfolio in one. The Light Shaping Company. Manfrotto - Accessoires Photo & Vidéo: Trépieds, Sacs et Éclairage. Luxmètres, Posemètres et Thermocolorimètres. Bowens USA Direct Professional photographic studio & location flash lighting.

Matériel d'éclairage photo et vidéo Paris - broncolor. Eclairage/ lighting. Elinchrom Quadra Promo Video with Adam Duckworth. ELINCHROM. 7 Photography Tips to Create The Perfect Shot. Éclairage photo. Voici une nouvelle rubrique pour le blog qui va décrire plusieurs types d’éclairages.

éclairage photo

J’ai remarqué que beaucoup de photographes professionnels se contentent de tourner autour de même type de lumière et restent souvent dans les mêmes schémas. J’ai décidé de m’intéresser à la lumière HMI. La lumière HMI est une lumière continue (contrairement au flash) et équilibrée à la température de couleur de 5000°K, celle de la lumière du jour (comme les flashs) et contrairement aux projecteurs « classiques » qui sont une température de lumière artificielle plus chaude. Elle permet de faire de la photo mais elle très utilisée en film et vidéo. Elle a un très beau rendu. Je me suis donc rendu au Studio Mac Mahon qui est l’un des studios de location les mieux fourni avec cette lumière dans Paris. Ce qui frappe tout de suite avec l’HMI, c’est le rendu. Dans cet exemple on voit tout de suite le contraste et le relief malgré la douceur alors que la lumière est de face. Créer plan d'éclairage.

Photography lighting diagrams made easy with this online tool: use the drop down menus, select objects, drag them, rotate them, change their layers then export your diagram to JPEG or save its URL. v3 beta is now public with iPad support, it includes ability to add notes.

Créer plan d'éclairage

Select an image set and objet to add: Online Lighting Diagram Creator by Your donation is greatly appreciated. Lighting Diagrams made easy by Sylights. Plans d'éclairages Photo Gallery by Maurice Mc Duff at pbase. Sphere valeur 3D. Valeurs sphere. I'm Putting up a Wall!