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Pós-Graduação PGTIAE

Facebook Twitter MATERIAIS INTERESSANTES EM IAE. Pedagogia de Projetos. A Rede Social Educacional. EscolasRio. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0. Microsoft Mathematics provides a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving, and useful tools to help students with math and science studies.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

Note: There are multiple files available for this download. Once you click on the “Download” button, you will be prompted to select the files you need. Dodecaedro. Curso De Leitura Dinamica.pdf. Computadores na Sociedade do Conhecimento. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011) How to Use iPads in the Classroom.

Tuckman's stages of group development. The Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing model of group development was first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, who maintained that these phases are all necessary and inevitable in order for the team to grow, to face up to challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, to plan work, and to deliver results.

Tuckman's stages of group development

This model has become the basis for subsequent models. Teaming model[edit] Forming[edit] The team meets and learns about the opportunities and challenges, and then agrees on goals and begins to tackle the tasks.