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How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age. As you age, you may start to notice some changes in your ability to remember things, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or doctor’s appointments.

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

Granted that these age-related changes can be frustrating and hinders you from learning new things quickly. As a team of home care professional in Michigan, we want to help you preserve your mental abilities. Here are three simple strategies you might try: Keep learning Get into the habit of being mentally active. This way you can activate your brain processes and stimulate communication among your brain cells. The Age-Related Changes in the Heart and Blood Vessels. The heart and blood vessels change as people age.

The Age-Related Changes in the Heart and Blood Vessels

Aging is an independent risk factor for some cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease, heart attack, and vascular diseases. Here are some of the age-related changes in the cardiovascular system: Heart As people get older, the heart increases in size, resulting in larger chambers and thicker walls. During rest, the older heart can beat almost the same way as you were younger; however, you may have a slightly lower heart rate.

Also, during exercise, older people’s heart rate does not increase as much as in younger people. The Key Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors. If you want your senior loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life, you need to focus on helping them improve their day-to-day life skills.

The Key Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

You can hire an occupational therapist with a specialty in geriatrics who is qualified to design specialized exercises to meet your loved ones’ needs. Here are some of the benefits that seniors may reap from sessions with an occupational therapist: Support with daily tasks Occupational therapists assist the elderly with their everyday tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing. They do this by teaching patients range-of-motion exercises to sharpen their motor skills.Improved memory Seniors with dementia or other forms of cognitive decline can benefit from having an occupational therapist.

Fall Prevention: How to Prevent Falls at Home. One of the most common places where fall injuries occur is inside the home.

Fall Prevention: How to Prevent Falls at Home

That is why you need to hire a home care professional in Michigan to keep you safe and sound in the comforts of your home. How to Take Charge of Your Heart Health. The risk factors of cardiovascular disease are split into two categories: modifiable and non-modifiable.

How to Take Charge of Your Heart Health

The non-modifiable risk factors are associated with a person’s age, genetics, and ethnicity. On the other hand, the modifiable risk factors are those that can be controlled through altered behavior. These factors include smoking, having a sedentary lifestyle, eating unhealthy food, and drinking too much alcohol. At Professional Rehab Solutions, we believe that it’s never too late to properly maintain your heart health. Being Safe and Sound in the Comfort of Your Home! Because of age-related conditions, seniors face a lot of limitations when it comes to performing certain tasks.

Being Safe and Sound in the Comfort of Your Home!

This causes them to be more prone to accidents such as falls and slips, especially at home. Turning to Home Care for Help and Assistance. Most seniors live independently or are left alone at home when their family members are busy with other responsibilities.

Turning to Home Care for Help and Assistance

This is why a lot of elders are under the care and supervision of a home care professional in Michigan. Do you have a senior loved one who is having a similar experience? Here are the advantages of why you should consider getting home care for them: Cost-efficient There will be fewer expenses since most home care companies offer a lot of affordable packages that cater to you and your senior’s needs. Different Types of Arthritis and How to Treat Them. Arthritis disease has various forms but they are all common when it comes to inflammation and joint pain.

Different Types of Arthritis and How to Treat Them

A medical staffing provider might hear that not all clients complain about inflammation but all feel discomfort. The popular three occurring arthritic conditions you might always hear include: Rheumatoid Arthritis The inflammation in this autoimmune disease is caused by the attack of someone’s own immune system. It often swells and provokes severe pain, which is why they are hiring a home care professional in Michigan for assistance.Osteoarthritis In this condition, a person can feel a bony structure in his or her joint due to the cartilaginous tissue causing the joint to move with restriction. Hence, the person will feel grinding pain.Gout An inactive lifestyle and decreased or no physical activity is one cause for the occurrence of gout disease.

Common symptoms include stiffness, tenderness, pain, grating sensation, loss of flexibility, swelling, and bone spurs. Learn About Physical Therapy Before Starting a Session. While physical therapy sounds simple and easy to understand, you still need to make sure your physician or medical staffing provider has recommended the service.

Learn About Physical Therapy Before Starting a Session

It is essential to be knowledgeable about the assistance you are going to receive. Mobility Service This service is focused on enhancing and treating your mobility issues. For your safety, you have to get a person who is licensed or certified to do therapeutic operations. A skilled and trained specialist can give professional treatment plans to ensure the best possible result.Service Features You have to know what is included in the therapy sessions.