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Crazy for...ELT and ICT! Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff. Empower Every Voice.

Condivisione schermo e altri strumenti di collaborazione a distanza (extra Drive)

Cultural and civilization topics. Mysimpleshow - create your own explainer video in minutes. Realtime Collaborative Text Editing. Learningapps. Vizia. StoryMapJS.

Polls. Realtà virtuale. Learn Words in Any Language. Cloze test creator. CLIL @ VERDI. Teacher training sites. Ambasciatori dell'Arte. BYOD. PDF. WIKI. Google. Functions. EDMODO. Logo creators. TEDed et alia. Multiple worksheet, certificate, and template generators! Nativi digitali. Graphic organizers.


Icebreakers. Motivating students. Code. Apps. Learn English Using Online Resources. NYPL ArchivesFind online activities to learn and practice English.

Learn English Using Online Resources

Download a printable version [PDF] of this resource list. Free ESOL Websites These general ESOL websites offer many types of activities (grammar, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, etc.) for language learners of all levels. Activities for ESL Students Thousands of quizzes, exercises and puzzles for English language learners of all levels. Provided by the Internet TESL Journal. Find quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, vocabulary study, pronunciation practice, listening practice and many other activities for learners of all levels. Dave’s ESL Café - Stuff for Students Lessons and quizzes to practice grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, and slang. BBC Learning English Activities using videos, music, news vocabulary and more.

EngVid Free English video lessons on many topics, including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, business English, and more. Reading.

Corso Zanichelli

For my kids. Literature. Creaza. Le risorse di patrizia. Photo and collage. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. Test and test builder. Webquests. Digital citizenship. Programmare. RUBRICS AND RUBRIC MAKERS. DSA BES Disabilita'

Links shortener. Courses to be. Tassonomie (e ICT) Surveys. ESP. Literature and ICT. BLOG. Festivals and special days. Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans. Encciclopedie. Dictionaries and reference tools. Francesca. Dictionaries and Reference Tools. Portfolio. English for primary school.

Corsi online

E-journals. Animation tools. Scuola infanzia. eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips - Ourboox. Adil Tugyan eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips This ebook is created for 10th Year of eTwinning and eTwinning LE 2015 '' Integrating eTwinning Work with School Curriculum '' This ebook contains 10 activities created using Web 2.0 Tools and each of the eTwinning activity is related to one of the school subjects in the curriculum.

eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips - Ourboox

Create your own book on Ourboox for free. Start here Create your own book now! eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips by Adil Tugyan Artwork: Adil TUGYAN Copyright © 2015.

Scuola primaria

Dida_2.0: Obiettivi e struttura del corso. Obiettivi e struttura del corso Finalità Il corso si configura quale opportunità formativa per aiutare i docenti, partendo dalla propria didattica, a individuare quando e come la rete, i dispositivi mobili e gli strumenti web 2.0 possono facilitare e migliorare l'apprendimento.

Dida_2.0: Obiettivi e struttura del corso

Piattaforme e collaboration tools. Powerpoints. Vocabulary. Critical thinking. Speaking. Reading. CLIL. Online single tools. Listening. Film, video & video makers. Games. News. Writing. Timelines and tools.

Mind mapping

Downloadable software. Online resources collection. E-books. Online lesson plans. Songs. Grammar explanation. Fonetica e pronuncia. Worksheets. ITC e didattica. Cambridge exams. Grammar exercises. Reverse Instruction Tools And Techniques (Part 2) – Screencasting.