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10 Reasons You Should Still Invest In a Desktop Computer. The modern era belongs predominantly to smartphones and laptops. While it may be true that compact devices provide certain advantages, they certainly do not outdo traditional gadgets in all facets. I know what you are thinking: ‘Why should I opt for a conventional desktop computer if I can get a handy laptop?’ Well, there are logical reasons to do so. Although every gadget has certain pros and cons, you cannot discard them even today. Hence, to facilitate your next major purchase choice, here are 10 logical reasons why desktop computers can still be preferred over laptops or tablets: If you delve deeper into the technical details, things become clearer.

Hence, the overall capabilities of a desktop computer exceed that of a laptop or tablet. Photographers often edit photos on the go. Compared to a laptop, the powerful components coupled with a large screen monitor facilitate ease in photo editing and processing. Besides, gaming laptops are heavy. Every device has a set audience base. Why Men Prefer Online Shopping more than Women? The most influential factor about shopping may it be of virtual terms or physical terms is gender. Men and women have different decision-making behavior. Both men and women have different motives, objectives, perspectives, rationales, and choices. After a decade of scientific research, it is observed that not every man like shopping. As on the ratio count of women equally. No matter how much they like suiting up and looking dapper on an occasion. Or being mindful of their outfit on an average day.

Buying clothes is hardly at the top of the list of activities. Why Online Shopping? Therefore, online shopping comes as a boon for the men who hate spending hours together at stores and taking out their valuable time for shopping. Convenience – Online Shopping is the most convenient medium of hopping for men as it is a means of virtual terms. A wide range of products – There is a wide range of products with the most trending products and brands. Conclusion. Top 5 Best Rated 5G Compatible Smartphones in India. The wait might soon be over! 5G is no longer a distant possibility in India. Ever since the major announcement by a leading Indian network provider, it is expected that others will soon jump in the 5G race. As 5G is the new trend, You can also find ample of 5G Smartphones online. Nevertheless, as a customer, all you need to do is get ready. So, the best possible way to gear up is a sensible investment.

This blog contains all the 5G compatible phones that you can definitely consider to buy. Our list starts with the prominent OnePlus brand. All in all, many customers will favour this one of the best 5G smartphones due to a clean UI, high-end processor chipset and brand value. Vivo is known to provide excellent front camera sensors. You can grab this 5G compatible phone at a price less than ₹ 30K. Moto G 5G is, at this time, the most affordable 5G phone for Indian users.

You can buy this phenomenal near-stock Android phone at a price tag of around ₹ 20K. The wait might soon be over! Top 5 Best Card Games You Can Buy Online. If you want to buy the best card games, search no more. At this time, there are several options in card games for your family. Card games have been an integral part since the old days. Hence, irrespective of digital games and apps, many customers value the entertainment factor of traditional indoor games.

Let us take a look at the 5 best card games which you can buy online. Recommended age: 7 + Recommended players: 2 – 10 UNO is a well-known card game amongst many families. A minimum of 2 players can play UNO. There are certain rules and regulations to play this game fairly. Recommended age: 6 + Recommended players: 2 – 6 Some customers want to buy card games online for their children. The objective of this educational card game is to guess the city, place or object based on questions. The range of ‘Guess in 10’ card games include cities around the world, animal planet, famous celebrities, inspiring professions, sports, etc. Recommended players: 2 – 4 (Subjective) Recommended age: 8 + Fashion Accessories for Women You Can Buy From Amazon : Top 5. From fashion bags to sunglasses, face masks to trendy fashion jewellery, there is a wide variety of fashion accessories available for women.

The online shopping platforms like Amazon have neatly segregated sections for the best search. But, many people do not have a dedicated time slot to read and compare the best accessories available. We want a simple, convenient list which explains the best products in no time. For all the women out there, this blog can serve as a useful guide in purchasing your next appropriate and fashionable product online. This ornament set is a special product for all jewellery lovers. Following are the key features of this beautiful jewellery combo: The overall look is traditional and sleek.The jewellery can be purchased as per your favourite and preferred shape. You can get it on Amazon for a whopping discount of around 80%.For a gold-plated best-selling fashion jewellery, any woman can find this product suitable for her next online purchase. iOS 14: Release Date, Features & More. The iOS 14 will most probably release later this year.

This will be the latest OS for Apple phones. Updated OS bring fresh features and necessary enhancements to the UI. Hence, it is paramount that companies keep on releasing regular updates of their operating systems. In this aspect, Apple has always been on the forefront. They release a pre-eminent update to their devices once a year. Let us take a look at the release months of some previous iOS updates: Therefore, it is a high possibility that Apple will release the latest iOS update to the public in September 2020. This question might be lurking in many iPhone owners’ minds. Here’s the list of main iOS 14 compatible devices: iPhone SE 2016 & 2020, 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus,8, 8 plus,X,XR,XS,11 and 12 Hence, all the devices which currently run on iOS 13 can upgrade to iOS 14.

Many useful and fresh features will make their way in the latest iOS update. Android users are familiar with this feature. Apple Inc. has always prioritized privacy. Online grocery shopping 2021: All you need to know. Let’s admit it. Life after the covid pandemic has changed. In fact, our buying preferences and shopping habits have changed. Likewise, changing consumer behaviours have led to a change in shopping styles. Now, most people prefer ordering stuff online. Be it medicines, grocery or electronic items, online shopping is a desirable and safe option. The intent of this article is to inculcate the best information and tips concerned with online grocery shopping.

Handy tips for lucrative online grocery shopping 2021Amazon PantryAmazon FreshConclusion 1. Basically, online grocery shopping is available on platforms like Amazon. So, when you log in to your Amazon account, don’t just search for a grocery product. The benefits of opening this dedicated landing page are: Instant information on best grocery offers.Quick display of available discounts.Systematic segregation of grocery products according to discounts as well as categories. 2. 3. There are times when your favourite brand is out of stock. 4.

Bluehost Hosting: The Best Choice for Your Ecommerce Website. If you own an e-commerce website or want to commence a new one, a good online hosting platform is very essential. Now, what exactly is Bluehost? There are many Bluehost reviews which inform readers about the pros and cons of this advantageous web host. This blog is an attempt to simplify the important parameters related to Bluehost hosting. Firstly, you will get to know what exactly Bluehost is. Bluehost is an online web-hosting company. If you want to initiate your own website or webpage, a professional hosting service can indeed be very utile. Services offered by Bluehost hosting platform: WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting. Most of the users know about e-commerce. A web host is absolutely essential to make an e-commerce website for your business. Depending on your level and requirement of services, you can choose any one amongst the variety of hosting services provided by Bluehost.

Let us take a look at the practical limitations of Bluehost services. MacOS Vs Windows: The Clash of OS. Operating systems are, indeed, interesting. They provide different experiences in the same machine. Actually, user satisfaction has a lot to do with operating systems. You might be a regular Windows user or Mac user. Irrespective of your preferences, it is absolutely amusing to know the other side of a story. This blog explains the key differences between MacOS and Windows. Let us take a look at some technical aspects and key distinctions of the two operating systems: What is MacOS? The macOS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. What is Windows OS? Windows is the number 1 operating system in terms of active users. MacOS VS Windows Despite the difference between numbers of active users, both OS have their pros and cons. MacOS PROS AND CONS: Windows OS PROS AND CONS: Key Difference Between MacOS And Windows MacOS: Due to fewer users than Windows, this operating system has low chances of cyber attacks.

MacOS: Apple is well-known for providing a high level of privacy to its users. Best Rated Smartwatch You Can Buy Online - Top 5 Best Sellers. What is a good smartwatch? Is it the device which has numerous features? Or is it the device which has excellent battery backup? At this time, there are various brands competing head to head in the smartwatch market. Hence, as a customer, it becomes vital to know some parameters before buying smartwatches. A best smartwatch has specific culminating features. Hence, before venturing out for tech shopping, it is, indeed, momentous to cognize the basics.

Therefore, before moving on to the list of best rated smartwatch at this time on Amazon. Smartwatch is a digital device in the form of a wristwatch. WatchOS- Apple Inc.Tizen- SamsungWear OS- Google Inc.AsteroidOS- Florent Revest Your budget.Compatibility with your smartphone.Method of alerts.Battery support after 1 charge cycle. Now, let us take a look at the 5 best rated smartwatches which you can buy on Amazon India at this time: Useful features of Watch 3, which is one of the best rated smartwatch are: Apple iPhone 12 : Price, Specs, Release date in India - Apple Inc. has launched the latest iPhone smartphone series.

The Apple iPhone 12 launch brings four variants to choose from. This blog contains all the relevant information regarding the iPhone 12 series. So, without further ado, let us take a brief look at the vital details concerned with iPhone 12: The iPhone 12 series was revealed on Tuesday, 13th October 2020. The four models in this latest series are as follows: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini Hence, it is clear that you can choose your preferred screen size amongst the 4 devices. Interestingly, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have similar screen sizes. Furthermore, the Apple iPhone 12 series have an IP68 rating. At this time, the minimum starting budget for this iPhone range is around ₹ 70,000/-. 1. 2. 3. 4. It is important to realize that the iPhone 12 Mini variants are affordable amongst the four. However, specifications play a huge part in the costing.

I know what you’re thinking. For instance, Samsung Announces New Entry-level Smartphones A12 & A20S. In the previous few years, Samsung has been aggressive in terms of smartphone launches. Importantly, the South Korean giant is regaining the worldwide market at a steady pace. Modern Samsung smartphones attract customers from different budget pockets. By all means, the ‘M’ series Samsung smartphones was major news in the Indian market. Equally interesting series was the ‘A’ series. You might quickly recall the Galaxy A10, A20, A51 and A71. In addition to these famous smartphones, Samsung has announced new ‘A’ series phones. The A12 and A02s are the new Galaxy smartphones which can attract specific customers. First and foremost, it is evident that the A12 will be launched in the year 2021.

The South Korean giant, at this time, announced the launch of these smartphones for the European market. The following highlights are predominant in the Samsung Galaxy A12 information: The Galaxy A12 will boast a 6.5 inches display. All in all, this Samsung smartphone will cost approximately around: The Future Of VR Technology: Good or Bad? Virtual reality is awe-inspiring. On one hand, I can roam in a zombie apocalyptic world, while on the other; I can go with my friends in space. Interestingly, I can do all these tasks in my living room! All I need are some handy tools and off I go! Undoubtedly, what we saw in the movies is becoming a reality. In fact, ‘virtual’ is the futuristic ‘real’. Mankind has travelled leaps and bounds in terms of virtual reality. This technology is revolutionary, but its future is more astonishing. This blog sheds light on the future of virtual reality.

At this time, the majority of people will be familiar with those driving class simulations. Did you notice the 3 screens in this case? Virtual reality is a technology which creates a simulated environment. But, virtual reality isn’t just limited to games. Like I said, driving simulators are a perfect example of physical VR. AR is short for augmented reality. Hence, augmented reality can show you stuff with compact equipments like ‘smart glasses’. Most Anticipated Upcoming Smartphones 2021. Just when we feel saturation in the smartphone market, companies intrigue with innovative options. A couple of years ago, many tech enthusiasts were curious about the next step in smartphone technology. So, this curiosity was answered with the notch display. Furthermore, foldable upcoming smartphones came into existence. Then, it was the turn of a gigantic battery capacity handset.

The list of such innovations can go on and on. Hence, one can always expect something new from smartphone makers. In the same way, the year 2021 will witness the launch of newer smartphone technologies. So, all you need to do is scroll down and note these upcoming smartphones next year: The Pixel series has been a delight for many tech lovers. The Pixel 5 will be equipped with a Snapdragon processor, dual camera setup and smart AI for post-image processing. Nevertheless, as per multiple sources, this smartphone might be unavailable in the Indian market. Asus smartphones provide good value-for-money. Top 10 Emerging Technologies To Look Out For in the Next Decade. Technological advancement is a necessary step in the enhancement of our lives. A recent proof of the impact of modern technologies in our lives is the Coronavirus vaccine.

Due to efficient tools, scientists, doctors and researchers around the globe have been in the forefront of developing a vaccine. The real-life performance of these vaccines is still unexplored. Yet, there is no doubt about the excellent pace of research. So, it is no doubt that upcoming technologies can minimize similar efforts. Accordingly, this blog contains the recent and upcoming technologies. If you are aware of basic chemistry knowledge, this upcoming technology can blow your mind. Basically, this technology uses solar energy.

The crux of this technology is to convert carbon dioxide into useful chemicals. At this time, many people are anticipating revolutionary networking technology. So far, researchers have been successful in creating augmented environment. These needles can minimize the pain during injection. Smartwatch vs Smartband : Which one is must buy for you? Top 20 Must-buy Women's Jewellery in 2021 on Amazon. Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: An Absolute Powerhouse. Best Apple IPAD models To Buy Online. Top 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras For Filmmakers You Can Buy Online. Fire TV Stick: Tips and Tricks. Top 5 Best Entry Level DSLR Under Rs 50,000 You Can Buy Online. Amazon Prime Day 2020: Dates, Best Deals, Exclusive Offers & More. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: A Supreme Modern Android Device? Top 10 benefits of Shopping on Amazon. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale : Dates, Discounts and More.

Best selling products on Amazon during COVID-19 Crisis : List of Top 5. 5 Top Rated Movies Adapted from Books. Top 8 Indian Made Products You Can Buy On Amazon. TOP 10 Best Selling Earrings on Amazon India. Top 5 Smart TV You Can Buy Online. NOKIA 5.3 Review: A Splendid Budget Option. Apple iPhone 12 : Price, Specs, Release date in India - Best Selling Cricket Equipment You Can Buy on Amazon India. - Best Apple IPAD models To Buy Online. Samsung Galaxy S21Review 2021: Should you buy this smartphone? Qualcomm Snapdragon: All You Need To Know About The Processor. Best selling books in India : List of Top 5 Best Sellers on Amazon. Top 5 OTT Platforms in India. Home Decor Online Products Available on Amazon - Top 10. Top 30 Tech Appliances: Insanely Cool Gadgets on Amazon. Motorola One Fusion : First Look, Features, Price & Launch Details. Best Selling basketball shoes on Amazon : Top 5 List. Bluehost Hosting: The Best Choice for Your Ecommerce Website.

10 Reasons You Should Still Invest In a Desktop Computer. 10 Digital Strategies For Ecommerce Websites. Smartphone Camera Modes : Get the best out of your camera. Home Decor Online Products Available on Amazon - Top 10. NOKIA 5.3 Review: A Splendid Budget Option - Productsmera. 10 Tips To Shop Clothes Online : Online Shopping Made Easy - Tips to Save Money When Buying Jewellery Online - Productsmera. Budget friendly Smartphones under Rs 100000 : Non Chinese Phones. iOS 14: Release Date, Features, & Other Details - Productsmera. Top 5 Best Card Games You Can Buy Online - Productsmera. MacOS Vs Windows: The Clash of OS - Productsmera. Top 45 Best Rated Must Buy Products on Amazon - Productsmera. Samsung Galaxy M31 Review: A Valuable Budget Option - Productsmera. How to Speed up Android Phone? | Best Tips and Tricks | Productsmera. Top 5 Best Quality Earphones You Can Buy from Amazon - Productsmera. Top 5 Best Alexa Devices You Can Buy on Amazon - Productsmera.

Best Selling Xbox One games Available on Amazon - Productsmera. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: A Supreme Modern Android Device? Top 5 Best Home Gym Equipment You Can Buy Online - Productsmera. Amazon Prime Day 2020: Dates, Best Deals, Exclusive Offers & More. 20 Top Selling Products On Amazon India Of All Time - Productsmera. Top 5 Best Entry Level Dslr Under Rs 50,000 You Can Buy Online. Top 5 Work From Home Essentials - Productsmera. 10 Digital Strategies For Ecommerce Websites - Productsmera. Top 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping : Productsmera. Top 5 Best Selling PS4 Games You Can Buy Online. Best selling products on Amazon during COVID-19 Crisis : List of Top 5. Top 5 Must Buy Made In India Smartphones. Best selling books in India : List of Top 5 Best Sellers on Amazon. Bluehost Hosting: The Best Choice for Your Ecommerce Website.

Top 5 Best Selling PS4 Games.