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Our heavy punching bags are much better than any other brand in the industry due to the absence of small sandbags. PRO heavy bags do not have sand in the filling whatsoever, you can actually kick/punch the PRO heavy bags barehanded with ease of mind that you won’t break your hand, shin, or foot from the absence of hard spots formed with sand. PRO Punching bag heavy bags are also known as MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and boxing punching bags. Order online, by phone, or visit us at either of our 2 locations: Pasadena or Los Angeles. <p><a href=" target="_blank">Boxing Rings For Sale</a></p>

PRO HEAVY BAG 120 LBS LIFETIME WARRANTY MADE IN USA-PHB120. Best Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bags & Accessories. Professional Boxing Headgear -PBH1. Pro Boxing Foul Protector Professional Design American Made Products. Full Pro MMA Protective Gear. PRO Curve Focus Mitts Black/Yellow. PRO Curve Focus Mitts Black/Red-PCFMBR. Boxing Coaching Equipment.

PRO Boxing Equipment Ring (20'X20') Made In USA. PRO BOXING RING (10' X 10') COMPLETE WOOD INCLUDED -PBR10. Boxing Rings for Sale & Boxing Ring Accessories. PRO Boxing Protek Training Gloves. Pro Boxing Gloves Silver Velcro Training Gloves. Professional Boxing Gloves. PRO Boxing MMA Ring Made in USA. Professional Boxing Gloves. Boxing - Fightnews. Boxing Rings for Sale & Boxing Ring Accessories.