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18 Hottest Ombre Makeup Looks for 2014. A right eye makeup can lift uplift your charm to its most.

18 Hottest Ombre Makeup Looks for 2014

All girls want to have sexy eyes for their makeup look. The ombre eyes are the mostly used technique by all makeup artists around the world. You can wear them for a party or an evening. They will be able to give you a perfect look in any occasion, especially for those deep brown eyes girls. Today, follow us with 18 hottest ombre makeup looks for 2014!

You may feel surprised when two contrast colors made a perfect combination in the magic ombre effect. Cool Eyeliner Styles to Make Your Look Edgier. When it comes to makeup, I’m sure that one of the things you spend the most time on is your eyes.

Cool Eyeliner Styles to Make Your Look Edgier

You try to make sure that the eye shadow colors are all blended evenly and that your eye liner is symmetrical on both eyes. Using eye liner is a great way to frame and define your eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger and more lively and awake, too. My Week Wearing Crazy Lip Trends You’re Too Afraid to Try IRL. You’ve seen the numerous gorgeous images floating all over Pinterest showcasing the most elaborate lipstick styles EVER.

My Week Wearing Crazy Lip Trends You’re Too Afraid to Try IRL

I’m talking about ombre lips, two-toned lips, glitter-covered lips, shades showcasing the perfect pout and Instagram-candy, celeb-approved puckers galore. You may have even Pinned them onto your own inspiration board — but of course, you never actually try them, because A) figuring out how to recreate the look is an insane, headache-inducing challenge and B) In what world/public setting can one wear what most can only consider “lip art”?!?! Well, we were wondering the same thing and decided to do something about it. Yours truly, Brit + Co’s Beauty Ambassador, spent an entire work week rocking the most Pinned dramatic lipstick “trends” from 9 to 5 and beyond. And even though I’m a pro beauty maven, I’m *not* actually a lipstick girl.

Beauty Blog - Gary Cockerill. Fall Couture Week Makeup Trends. Our beauty philosophy can pretty much be summed up with two words: Do you.

Fall Couture Week Makeup Trends

And the beauty of that is it means something different to everyone. It can be a classic red lip, a bright-orange eyeliner, or nothing at all — the makeup world is your oyster, and it's meant to be played with. Makeup artist (and we're stressing the word artist here) Michael Anthony is always down to play, so we called him in to review the best and boldest makeup trends coming out of Couture Week 2015. From the watercolor faces at Schiaparelli to the bold, angular brows at Chanel, there was inspiration everywhere. Perfect Finish! How To Make Your Lips Look Absolutely Gorgeous With Bold, Ombre Lip Colors. Bold lipstick is one of this year’s biggest beauty trends and is wearable on women of all ages.

Perfect Finish! How To Make Your Lips Look Absolutely Gorgeous With Bold, Ombre Lip Colors

These days, it’s all about bold and beautiful colors on the lips, and the ombre lip. Fall Couture Week Makeup Trends. BOYS STILL SUCK. Pics from snobfashionblog, dazzledwithdreams, vivazara, chanelbagsandcigarettedrags, fashiion-gone-rouge, parisiansecrets.


How to Choose the Best Lipstick Colour and Shade For Your Skin Tone - Kamdora. When choosing lipsticks that will flatter your looks, ensure you test the color before buying it.

How to Choose the Best Lipstick Colour and Shade For Your Skin Tone - Kamdora

Ensure it will compliment your skin tone, hair colour well as well as match well with the costume or attires you will be wearing. You should also decide on the looks you want to get such as drama, bold, subtle and the occasion you will be wearing the lipstick. Some of these best lipsticks for black women are the same as the ones for dark skinned people since most of the black women are dark skinned.

Beauty Rules Eye Makeup Tutorial. You know that feeling you get wandering through an art museum?

Beauty Rules Eye Makeup Tutorial

Or a park, or a mall, or your neighborhood (hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Whatever the source, you've come upon some form of stimulating masterpiece that inspired your own creative genius. As beauty editors, we get that feeling watching great makeup artists. It is truly remarkable to see how they play up the transformative effects of makeup on a variety of faces. The 9 Best Tried-And-True Crazy Lipstick Colors. Lipstick colors aren’t limited to just red, pink and nude anymore.

The 9 Best Tried-And-True Crazy Lipstick Colors

We’ve embracing every color of the rainbow from vibrant orange to royal blue to shocking purple, plus every other shade in between. If you imagine a bold lipstick color, chances are they have it. With so many more bold lipstick colors to choose from, it can be even more confusing finding the right shade. Remixed Egyptian Queen Portraits : Oriana Layendecker.

Entitled 'Color Blocked' this striking set of portraits by photographer Oriana Layendecker is a contemporary take on an Egyptian inspiration.

Remixed Egyptian Queen Portraits : Oriana Layendecker

Channeling a modern Cleopatra, a model sits in studio while sporting a series of over-the-top cosmetic looks and geometry-infused hair art applications. These gorgeous portraits pay homage to ancient Egyptian styling and makeup techniques that are merged with modern raver beauty looks. Burundi-Born British Model Karen Bengo In ‘Black Ice’ Editorial For Afrizion Magazine - The editorial features one of the new faces to watch out for in the African and international fashion scene, the Burundi-born British model and dancer Karen Bengo. Afrizion magazine owned by photographer, Ada Emihe of Avaloni Studios.features the 22-year-old Karen Bengo in a “Black Ice” editorial. Standing in the snow wearing fashionable coats perfect for the weather, Karen looks flawless in bright lip colours and a nude face created my makeup artist Dele Alakija.

We especially love the bright yellow wool coat.