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Because im addicted. Head-scarfs…I can’t get enough of them!

because im addicted

Such a great look all summer long, especially if you’re growing out bangs (which I am). If you want to learn how to tie one multiple ways I made a little video about it: How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways. Hair Tapestries Are the Most Insanely Awesome Hair Trend of the Summer. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the battle of trends.

Hair Tapestries Are the Most Insanely Awesome Hair Trend of the Summer

In one corner we have rainbow hair (sand art-inspired, colombré, color blocked, you name it). In the other corner we have woven art. Women Are Weaving A Ton Of Thread Into Their Hair To Make #HairTapestries. The Chic Site. Ok, here’s the thing about head scarves.

The Chic Site

I think they look great on everyone. Absolutely everyone. Not to mention they are incredibly versatile. Whether you call them hair scarves, head wraps or turbans, they are the perfect accessory for the beach, a summer outdoor event and depending on the fabric and style-can work for day or night. Thin, knotted, tied up or tied down, this is a new summer staple. LIBERTYLONDON. Hair Tapestry- Is This A Hot New Hairstyle Trend? Photo: oakeandashe on Instagram For anyone who embraced the look of woven, embroidered strands during the 1990s, this once-popular hair trend may be making its return to the beauty world.

Hair Tapestry- Is This A Hot New Hairstyle Trend?

Hair tapestries, which feature colourful threads woven around the tresses as needlepoint art, are quickly making a splash on social media. However, the infamous 1990s trend has thankfully been updated, with intricate patterned designs, bold sections and funky colour-blocking marking the revamped hair tapestry for Summer 2015. The boho chic hairdo involves coloured thread, a needle and a tapestry loom in order to craft the look. Best News Ever: Old School Hair Wraps Are Back.

Back in the 90s/00s, any girl who went on holiday over the summer signified that she had done so by getting a hair wrap, without fail.

Best News Ever: Old School Hair Wraps Are Back

No really, it always happened. Unless your parents weren't cool with it, obviously (thanks mum and dad *eye roll*). Be bold, beautiful and powerful: Fanm Djanm. Images by Alejandro Cerdena Photography Lifestyle blogger Paola Mathe just launched this cool line of headwraps called Fanm Djanm – which means strong woman in Haiti, where Paola is originally from.

Be bold, beautiful and powerful: Fanm Djanm

Empowerment is what she aspires her label to be all about: “There are strong women everywhere. Some know their strength, and others haven’t yet figured theirs out. This brand is to empower women from all walks of life to be bold, beautiful, and powerful.” For now the site only offers headwraps, but Paola wants to add more to her line eventually: “I started with the headwraps because they’re my wardrobe staple, and I always get questions about them.” Weaving Class: Creating Shapes and Getting Fancy. I'm back with the second of three installments of Weaving Class to teach you how to make simple shapes and customize your wall hanging with a little paint and fun tassels.

Weaving Class: Creating Shapes and Getting Fancy

In the first class we covered the general tools you need to get started and set the foundation with a few basic things you need to know to create your first wall hanging. If you find yourself getting stuck on something, head back to the first tutorial for a quick review. My first wall hanging was pretty simple in theory.