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Group Overview. Operating Model. Channel Mix. Burberry sells its products through retail (online and offline) and wholesale channels.

Channel Mix

For 2014/15, retail accounted for 71% of revenue and wholesale 26%. Regional Mix. Burberry operates in three regions.

Regional Mix

For 2014/15, Asia Pacific represented 38% of retail/wholesale revenue, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) 35% and Americas 27%. Retail/wholesale revenue by destination Growth is presented underlying and is calculated at constant exchange rates Americas. Product Mix. Burberry has a diversified product offering across apparel, accessories and beauty.

Product Mix

For 2014/15, accessories represented 36% of retail/wholesale revenue, womens 30%, mens 23%, childrens 3% and Beauty 8%. Retail/wholesale revenue by product Growth is presented underlying and is calculated at constant exchange rates Accessories. Build Our Culture. Employee engagement Cultural initiatives evolved to build stronger connections between global teams, drive closer engagement with the brand, and to support the general well-being of employees.

Build Our Culture

Connecting teams. Pursue Operational Excellence. Drive greater efficiency and productivity throughout the business.

Pursue Operational Excellence

Burberry’s productivity agenda includes opportunities in retail, products and processes. This will be the subject of intense focus for the next phase of Burberry’s growth, as the Company leverages the investments made in recent years. Optimise Channels. Optimise all routes to market, both online and offline, owned and third-party, with a clear emphasis on enhancing retail productivity and service.

Optimise Channels

Burberry has been successful in shifting its operating model towards the retail channel. As a result the Company has broadened its focus on improving and optimising all routes to market. During the year this included the elevation of wholesale and third-party digital relationships as well as initiatives to enhance retail productivity. Retail sales grew by 14% underlying during the year, to reach 71% of Group revenue (up from 70% in 2013/14). Our strategy. Realise Product Potential. Reinforce the Company’s outerwear leadership while continuing torealise the brand’s potential across all apparel and accessory categories.

Realise Product Potential

Burberry’s focused attention on accessories in recent years has contributed to the growth of this product category, which will remain an important future growth driver. The Company will also focus on underdeveloped product categories, maximising opportunities in all mens product categories and the further development of Beauty. During the year, Burberry continued to lead in outerwear with strong customer demand for Heritage trench coats and scarves following the Heritage relaunch. Inspire with the Brand. Speak to consumers with one equally authentic and inspiring brand voice, wherever they encounter the brand.

Inspire with the Brand

As a ‘young, old’ company Burberry has always looked to the past while embracing innovation, celebrating anew the timeless and authentic products that embody the brand. This way of thinking underpins how Burberry connects with its customers globally, whether through its runway shows, marketing innovations, campaign talent or music, using digital and customer insight to enhance customer experiences. During the year, this spirit was embodied by the Heritage campaign which continued to elevate Burberry’s Britishmade iconic products, the Heritage trench coat and cashmere scarf. Key focus areas during 2014/15: Runway shows The runway shows take place four times a year in London and are streamed live globally, connecting audiences ever closer to the brand.

Flagship markets. Unlock Market Opportunity. Fully realise Burberry’s opportunities among key consumer groupsand geographic markets – developed, young and newly opened.

Unlock Market Opportunity

Burberry aims to further evolve its footprint and positioning in both developed and younger markets. Future opportunities for the brand in China and Japan are an important part of this, along with other areas of geographic focus including the travel strategy and continued elevation of the business in the USA. Key focus areas during 2014/15: Engaging the Chinese luxury consumer Burberry continued to focus on improving engagement with, and enhancing the service offering to, the Chinese luxury consumer both while shopping in China and abroad.

Directors and Management. Burberry uses cookies to elevate user experience and the quality of this site.

Directors and Management

For more information on the use of cookies please click here.x. Company History. September – My Burberry fragrance launches and the brand's iconic history is celebrated through The Heritage Trench Coat. May – Christopher Bailey is appointed Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer. December – The Burberry Beauty Box opens in London. June – The Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show returns to London from Milan, showing as part of London Collections: Men. Annual Report 2014/15. ^Disclaimer The Annual Review does not constitute a strategic report for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006. A copy of the full Burberry Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15 is available for download above. The Annual Review contains certain statements that are forward-looking statements. They appear in a number of places throughout this document and include statements regarding our intentions, beliefs or current expectations and those of our officers, directors and employees concerning, amongst other things, our results of operations, financial condition, liquidity, prospects, growth, strategies and the business we operate.

By their nature, these statements involve uncertainty since future events and circumstances can cause results and developments to differ materially from those anticipated. Investor Relations. Burberry uses cookies to elevate user experience and the quality of this site. For more information on the use of cookies please click here.x. Previous Annual Reports. Financial History. Corporate Responsibility. Burberry uses cookies to elevate user experience and the quality of this site. For more information on the use of cookies please click here.x Burberry Build Our Culture UK Living Wage Employer Sustainable farming in Peru 1 million kWh generated by solar panels.

Contact us. Media Centre. The digitally enhanced new Burberry flagship store, London. The digital conveniences of online shopping means we have little need to trudge around the bustling streets of the West End, but there are exceptions to the rule that beckon - Burberry’s new digitally enhanced flagship store on Regent Street. The recent opening was a timely prelude to the brand's S/S 2013 womenswear collection debut at London fashion week yesterday.

Taking over two years to complete, the behemoth 44,000 sq ft space is an enterprising blend that blurs the line between the physical and digital, effectively creating an virtually-enhanced experience in store. Angela Ahrendts: The secrets behind Burberry’s growth. © Time Inc. All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Why Is Burberry's Digital Strategy So Good? - Blog - Parallax. Burberry may have been established over 150 years ago, but there’s no doubt that their use of digital marketing has been exciting to watch in recent times. Burberry’s CEO on Turning an Aging British Icon into a Global Luxury Brand. Photography: Getty Images The Idea: Before Angela Ahrendts became Burberry’s CEO, licensing threatened to destroy the brand’s unique strengths. Burberry, the Icon of Fashion Brands. If you haven’t heard of Burberry, or you don’t know how to recognize its logo, you surely know it’s a famous plaid print. 150 years worth of old tradition and print design has made this brand one of the most popular in the fashion world today.

It all started with Thomas Burberry in 1985 when he opened his first shop in Basingstoke, England. In 1880 to create a male coat, he began using the previously unpopular gabardine material. Heritage. Burberry Ltd. - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Burberry Ltd. Burberry Group - Latest news and analysis. Burberrys Market Position And Its Competitors Marketing Essay. Burberry Case Study. Brand Managemnet Of Burberry Marketing Essay. Business lessons from Burberry: how the brand smashed its competitors. How Burberry Use Social Media. Burberry's Rise to Digital Content Marketing Darling. Burberry launches Snapchat campaign with Mario Testino. From Instagram To Snapchat: The Best Uses Of Social Media This Fashion Week Season.

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