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Cheated Buyers | Developernews. After clicking "Accept" Button, you are agree with our terms and conditions, and also agree with our privacy and policies. Terms & Conditions This is the official site ("Site") of RIS Advisors Private Limited ("Company"), a company duly incorporated under the laws of India. In order to use this Site, you must agree to these terms and conditions ("Terms"), which are legally binding terms to govern your use of this Site. Please read these Terms carefully as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

This Site is an online portal that brings together companies/ individuals who are seeking valuable inputs on specific products/ brands/topics on one hand and bloggers/individuals who are willing to provide such inputs on the other hand. We only make available the Content (as defined hereinafter) on various products/brands/topics on an ‘as is’ basis, as provided by bloggers/individuals. These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement. Users may have only one active account. How Real Estate Developers Make Money ? Are You Frustrated After Investing Life Time Saving in REAL ESTATE? Security Check Required. Why online Review of Developer or Projects? – Cheated Buyers. Shelf life of Twitter/Facebook feed is not more than 2-5 minutes whereas whats App reviews/discussions remain within a closed group and fails to reach larger audience.

Online reviews, categorized properly, have larger audience, larger shelf life and quite important all the stake holders Your reviews can reshape entire real estate industry. We are keen to get your feedback on real estate developers and project at . One of your reviews or other promotional contribution will also get a chance to win a brand new Iphone 6 (32GB) (Please see terms) on 2nd October 2017. So hurry up. contribute in cleaning the real estate industry !!

What you can post? Check How other Buyers are writing their Reviews about Builders: (1) Aliens Group (2) Amrapali Group 125000 users connected now with Check out how users are using Best Wishes ! Practical approach by home buyers to deal with real estate developer’s insolvency – Cheated Buyers. Jaypee Infratech it is the first real estate company that has entered insolvency proceedings though there are a lot which are facing liquidation/ARC proceedings like Kohinoor Group, Orbit Corporation, Mumbai .

This is one of first case in NCLT and the insolvency proceeding can remove lot of ambiguities in law like :1) Claim preference when a so called Real Estate Developer raise money from bankers and customers in the pretext of constructing a building, than diverting money and later claim insolvency.2) Can secured creditor (who are just part owner of property) use their powers arbitrary and without consent of customers? 3) Are customers are also secured creditors to the extent of their ownership in the under construction unit? ( RERA recognises this and require 70% consent of all customers in case of lenders step-in). If yes, than why only interest of secured creditors be taken into account while disposing property of a borrower / Developer.

M with home buyers in India. Has Your Builder Delayed Possession of the House? Check the Possible Remedies! – Cheated Buyers. Real estate is the fastest flourishing sector in India. In the last two decades, the real estate sector has seen tremendous growth and a lot of builders are investing a large sum of money in their dream projects. Though there in an increase in demand, as well as the supply but most of the developers, fail to fulfill the promises that they have made during the first meeting.

Delayed possession of the house has become a common phenomenon in the Indian real estate market. There are few remedies which can help you if your builder is taking too long in providing the possession of the house. Though the Legal Action against Builders is somewhat time-consuming but the overall benefits of the process make it worth. The legal options First of all, if there is a delay in the possession and the builder has denied providing the exact date for the possession, you can file a complaint in the consumer court.

Notable judgments by different courts. Looking To buy Your Dream Home? Know How To Negotiate Property Purchase – Cheated Buyers. Buying a real estate property is a pretty expensive transaction and thus it is important to make the right decision. Several factors determine the price of the property like the demand it has in the location and the nature of the defect it has. The price of the property is increasing steadily and thus it is important to determine the present value of the piece. To lock down the best deal, you can follow certain tips and negotiate over the price better. Before making any purchase, you need to know about the builder from the reviews and the feed backs. Those who are looking for price negotiation, they ha ve now more chance of getting a fair price.

Determine the fair price or market value of the property Before starting to negotiate over the price, you need to determine the fair price. Do not go too low Every buyer wants to procure the property at the least possible pricing, but moving too low is not good. Avoid being emotional and overstretching the property Be as appealing as possible. What Documents To Check To Avoid Fraud When buying house/property? – Cheated Buyers. Buying a dream home is an investment for the lifetime. But, the experience can become nightmarish when you are not careful. Buyers wish to buy a property which is easy to move in and ready to use. No one wants to wait for years when the home is already completed.

Paperwork is extremely important when it comes to buying a home. Hiring a good lawyer prior to buying the home If you do not have much idea about the paperwork, it is recommended that you get in touch with a lawyer. Sale Deed: the core document A sale deed acts as the proof of property sale and the transfer of ownership. Mother deed: must to consider It is also called the parent document which traces antecedent ownership or the origin of the property right from the start. The building approval plan It is mainly BDA which sanctions building approval plan. Commencement Certificate This is again an important document which the buyer needs to look. Checking the encumbrance certificate Power of Attorney or POA Completion Certificate.

How Real Estate Developers have duped customers in Past? – Cheated Buyers. The entire real estate market of India seems to be notorious due to the lack of transparency.Buyers, most of the times, find themselves locked in the property that has several defects or end up paying charges which they should not be liable to pay.

It is even worse when the buyer is just forced to shell out money to fund fines that are actually levied on the builders. Buying a property is thus risky despite the government setting up regulation. Then, a buyer can get stuck up in a property which is not constructed fully. It is important to know the tricks that real estate developers use to deceive the buyers. By doing so, you will avoid being cheated by builder. If you find yourself trapped by a builder, you can file Complaint Against Builder . Violate development rules and plans Most of the times, in order to sell the property, real estate developers make a false claim that their construction adheres to the norms of the National Building Code. Builders earning profits from value additions.

Tips for Selling your House Fast and at the Best Possible Price – Cheated Buyers. For the past few years, the real estate market has taken a back seat and seems to be sluggish. Prices seem to fall and sales have taken a plunge. Thus, selling a home is not that easy. If you wish to close the deal fast, it will be more challenging. Price is the chief attraction for buyers and thus you need to price the property correctly. Incorrect pricing will bring losses. If the property is overpriced, there will be no buyer and if under priced, your home will sell at a cheaper price rate.

Get in touch with a professional for the correct valuation. Feedback about Builders in Ahmadabad When selling your selling fast, view everything from a buyer’s point of view. Getting the price data from property sites As already stated, correct valuation of the property is must. Carry out the necessary repairs It is said that first impression is always the last impression. The need for home remodeling Select a reliable broker Keep your paperwork handy.

Is Your Property Broker Cheating You? – Cheated Buyers. The main job of the property broker is to let his clients buy and sell homes. Hiring the perfect property broker can help a lot. Whether you are buying a home or selling a property, it will be difficult to find an honest broker. In fact, nearly 50% of the property brokers are cheats and wish to milk out commission from the people. A good agent will have the right skills, the ability to listen to your needs and help you to enter a profitable deal. But, if the broker is a cheat, things might be very difficult. Property Broker Both buyers and sellers have to approach a broker for making the transaction. A good propert y broker can make the entire thing smooth while a cheating broker can complicate the process. Shady broker sells your home at a cheaper rate In the real estate industry, there are plenty of good real estate brokers, but as every industry has its share of cheat practitioners, the real estate agency is not spared either.

The realtor reduces the selling price Hooking up the buyer. 15 Things You Should Know Before Buying A House – Cheated Buyers. If you want to buy a home, you will feel stressed out and anxious. Well, the entire real estate market seems to be in trouble and so you have to be more careful. To get the maximum value for your money, you need to know 15 important tips to buying a new home. Before that, get in touch with a reliable builder so that you need not file a Cheating case against Builder in the later stage. Weigh your pros and cons before buying a home Buying a home is not the matter of few cents or dollars, but it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. You need to first decide whether you want to rent the home or bu y a home. Getting pre-approved for the home loan When it comes to getting a pre-approval for the loan, it is far more different from getting pre-qualified for the loan. Get your property surveyed to avoid the border dispute It is absolutely essential for anyone to get his/her property surveyed prior to buying.

Avoid anticipating the market Bigger home is not better Get your home inspected. 10 Tips For First-Time Home Buyers in India – Cheated Buyers. Easy availability of cash money, economic growth coupled with healthy disposable income makes the young Indians to consider real estate investment. P Chidambaram, at the budget of 2013, raised tax deductions up to 1 lakh for the new buyers. This has greatly promoted the housing sector. As per the recent survey conducted by the real estate industry, the average age of first time home buyers in India has reduced from 39 to 30. So, if you are a first time homebuyer, you need to consider important tips. However, it is great to know that a buyer is free to file a Complaint about Builder in India, if the project is not completed timely.

Financial planning is the foremost Before you make any investment decision, you need to plan out your finances. Assessing the future needs and objectives When you plan to invest in a home, you need to assess present needs along with the future needs. Know about the interest rates Improve your credit score Shop around for loan Getting a pre-loan Payment option. 5 Key Property Investment Do’s and Don’ts in India – Cheated Buyers. The Indian housing market seems to be atan all time low and so there cannot be a better time for the buyer to make a purchase. The reducing price rate of commercial and residential properties in India makes the home buyers consider purchasing rather than renting a property.

Those who want to amass more property and add to their portfolio, they are getting more attracted towards real estate investments. Seasoned investors are very well aware that investing on a property will bring forth maximum returns. If you are a new investor, you need to consider various key points and adhere to the investment tips. Some Do’s That Investors Must Consider Get all your personal finances in order prior to getting in touch with the builder. Inspect the property minutely to ensure that no repair is needed.Get in touch with a reliable and reputed builder to make sure that you do not need to file a Complaint against builder in India. Some Don’ts That Investors Must Consider Do not rush to make purchases. Real Estate Buyers from Jaypee are on Road Today ! Essential Remedies against Unfair Practice by Real Estate Developer. Investing in the real estate property is the most risky investment, but also a beneficial deal for the future. Properties are the most profitable possessions people own, but at the same time they must be cautious in dealing with the developer. There have been many cases where the investor has lost money due to a suspension of the property, denied possession or delivery of possession delayed for years. You can spend time and money by following with the developer to get the possession, who may vanish with all your invested money. Eventually, you end up filing a case against the developer at the consumer court. Going for the Consumer Court Case Real Estate is considered as the best step one can take against the developer.

However, being cautious is the primary thing to consider. Research the Market Trends: Real estate market keeps fluctuating regularly. Conclusion: List of precautions you should take before purchasing property – Cheated Buyers. List of precautions you should take before purchasing property Buying a dream home is an enjoyable experience when you are a bit careful. It is both stressful and exciting. To help through the home buying process, it is important to take the services of a realtor and eminent lawyer. So, when you buy an immovable property, you need to proceed with care and take necessary precautions. Self-help is the best way of making the process smooth. So, when you proceed to buy a property, you must take several precautions. It is also important to ensure that the builder you choose is reliable and honest. Investigate the title of the property Prior to purchasing a property, you need be careful about the title of the property.

The need for inspecting sanctioned plan It is important to inspect the commencement certificate and sanctioned plans from the concerned authority. Scrutinize the Power of Attorney or POA Consider the tenure of land No-due or no-objection letter from the society. Practical approach by Home buyers to Deal with Real Estate Developer's Insolvency. Jaypee Infratech it is the first real estate company that has entered insolvency proceedings though there are a lot like Kohinoor Group,Mumbai are facing liquidation proceedings. The insolvency proceeding will give answer a lot of questions like : 1) what is claim preference when a so called Real Estate Developer raise money from bankers and customers in the pretext of constructing a building, divert money and than claim insolvency. 2) can secured creditor (who are just part owner of property) can do whatever it like ?

Without consent of customers? 3) Are customers are also secured creditors to the extent of their ownership in the under construction unit? Bankruptcy law has made it simpler to go bankrupt without realising fate of customers. Don't give easy turf to Bank or Developers Buyers can give tough fight to all stake holders to protect their interest. C) Raise your claim in The National Company Law Tribunal ( NCLT) 15 Things You Should Know Before Buying A House. 10-Tips-For-First-Time-Home-Buyers-in-India Real Estate Buyers joining Together Against Builder. Looking To buy Your Dream Home? Know How To Negotiate Property Purchase. How Real Estate Developers have Duped Customers in Past? What Documents To Check To Avoid Fraud When buying house/property? Tips for Selling your House Fast and at the Best Possible Price. 7 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Own Home.