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GST In India – Paving the path to a better economy? Career2NextOrbit. MBA Rank of Ranks 2017: Corporate Connectedness Rankings. Every year, various print media, online media and ranking agencies rate or rank MBA programs of different B- Schools.

MBA Rank of Ranks 2017: Corporate Connectedness Rankings

Occasionally, each of these rankings differs so vastly from the others that it leaves the readers reeling in confusion. This ranking trend started in the US, way back in the 1980s with the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Businessweek coming out with exclusive lists to help management students and aspirants figure out the most suitable MBA programme and B- Schools for themselves.

This trend was quickly adopted by the Indian publication houses to help students and aspirants identify the best management courses and B- schools in India. All of these publication houses stand by the accuracy of the data used and regard their rankings list as the most accurate and authentic. Career2NextOrbit team did a thorough research to find out the root cause of this issue.

Industry Snapshot: E-Commerce. Introduction The E-commerce industry started off late in India but it has dynamically changed the business scenario in India.

Industry Snapshot: E-Commerce

With better and convenient shopping options, the e-commerce industry offers the power to provide an innovative, sustainable, consistent and seamless shopping experience. In 2016, about 69 million customers made online purchases and this number is expected to cross 100 million by the end of 2017. Career2NextOrbit.