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Prismetric Technologies is one of the fastest growing mobile application development service provider based in Gujarat, India.

StumbleUpon. How a Mobile App can help an Insurance Agency serve its Customers better. Whether your customers want to check for a newly introduced policy, report for property damage or accident, share details of belongings and proofs to your insurance company, search for a nearest auto repair shop, trace the claim status or chat with your company’s customer support executive, a mobile insurance app can allow your valued customers to do these all and a lot more by making a few taps on their Smartphones.

How a Mobile App can help an Insurance Agency serve its Customers better

If you are an insurance company, the importance of higher customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction and more contact channels with customers is beyond question. Today, about half of the world’s total population owns a Smartphone or a tablet. And, the penetration of Smartphones will further increase dramatically in the coming three years, says the digital experts. How to implement efficient App Marketing Strategies by tracking its performance. You have rolled out a mobile app for your business and investing a good amount on app advertising as well as marketing every month.

How to implement efficient App Marketing Strategies by tracking its performance

But, are you tracking the performance of your mobile app? If not, how could you measure the actual return of your app marketing investment? Besides, if you don’t know which of your specific app marketing channels are yielding good results, you will have no scope of improvising your app marketing strategy. Now, when it comes to tracking your mobile app’s performance, knowing the number of downloads in the app store and revenue generated from the app business isn’t enough. You need some more detailed statistics, such as, what kind of users are downloading your app, what mobile device platform your existing app users have, what are the demographics of your users, what are high traffic time slot of your app, etc. The Dawn of Next-Generation Mobile Banking – What You Need to Know. Tremendous increase in Smartphone adaption amongst worldwide users from 2013 to 2015 has contributed big in the dawn of next-generation mobile banking.

The Dawn of Next-Generation Mobile Banking – What You Need to Know

With advanced banking apps, today you can easily manage all financial transactions anywhere, anytime – all you need is just a Smartphone with internet connectivity. Whether you want to transfer money, do recharge, pay bills, or trace transactions, you can do all such money transactions and probably a lot more by simply tapping on the mobile app of your bank.

The remarkable advancement in the retail banking technology has made your bank available at your fingertips for round-the-clock access! Mobile Technology leads the way to a password-less world. Password security is a major concern now in the space of technology.

Mobile Technology leads the way to a password-less world

That 2-step password authentication process doesn’t seem to succeed in keeping your personal accounts hack-proof always. Over the years, there have been thousands of cases of hacked emails and passwords worldwide. In order to prevent identity theft and data breaching, the leading tech-giants including Google, Microsoft and Apple are reportedly experimenting with ways to provide users with password-free access in more secure and more convenient manner. In this post, we will see the new tech-trends that will soon replace the conventional authentication method. Let’s read on. The Untold Story: Transformation of an Idea to a Successful App – Part 2. In my last blog, the first part of Transformation of an Idea to a Successful App, I had discussed the importance of brainstorming a creative idea and then testing its marketability before you make a leap to build an amazing mobile application.

The Untold Story: Transformation of an Idea to a Successful App – Part 2

Simply having an awesome idea isn’t enough. It is crucial that you test and validate your customers’ response and acceptability for the same. The Untold Story: Transformation of an Idea to a Successful App – Part 1. Did you know mobile apps account for more than half (52%) of all time spent on digital media today?

The Untold Story: Transformation of an Idea to a Successful App – Part 1

Smartphone revolution and cutting-edge mobile apps have completely changed the way of living, and doing business. All You Need to Know About Planning a Strategy for Mobile First. Does the term “mobile first” prompt you to imagine visual design, i.e. how a website appears on a Smartphone versus a desktop?

All You Need to Know About Planning a Strategy for Mobile First

Of late, there are several companies that have launched mobile-optimized versions of desktop websites to cope with the exponential growth of consumers who prefer to access the web via their mobile devices rather a desktop computer. However, some companies have taken the “mobile first” concept to a deeper level, focusing on it from the very beginning as a business strategy to achieve success. Understanding the Importance of Deep Linking for Improved Mobile App Analytics.

Mobile web and apps are constantly competing to offer a better experience to the ever-increasing population of mobile users.

Understanding the Importance of Deep Linking for Improved Mobile App Analytics

While users spend more time on mobile apps than the web, the latter allows better connectivity through an unending series of connected links. Apps are more like the ‘walled’ space, keeping users confined to limited activities. Enters the concept of deep linking and the things take a dramatic turn! Mobile App Development in 2016 – Does the Year Belong to Wearable Apps? Technology giants are investing big currencies in wearable devices.

Mobile App Development in 2016 – Does the Year Belong to Wearable Apps?

Google Glass, Pebble Smartwatch and Apple Watch are already owned in millions worldwide and Fitbit activity trackers have hogged tremendous limelight. If reports are to be believed, the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG will soon introduce to the market a variety of wearable health kits and monitoring devices. With all such developments around, don’t you expect buzz in the world of mobile apps.

A recently published report on Wearable Apps by App Futura based on the interview from some of the leading app developing companies emphasizes on its importance. While wearable technology witnessed its dawn in 2014 and many specimens made way to the market in 2015, nothing much has been done to capture their potential using a variety of possible apps. Top In-App User Retention Strategies that Actually Work.

Consumer switching has always existed, but it is more evident in the mobile age.

Top In-App User Retention Strategies that Actually Work

Why? There are millions of Android and Apple apps available that mobile users don’t mind going on long expeditions before settling on those matching their preferences. When you decide to develop a mobile application, either to make money or for in-app marketing, the top challenges are: Now, get your mobile app soaring with Prismetric's cutting-edge app marketing services. Can you even deny the fact that the world cannot survive without mobiles? With apps ruling smart phones, it is mandatory that your business has one. But to have a successful app, marketing it in the right manner is a necessity. Whether your intent is to develop a mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry, without a perfect marketing strategy, you are facing a blank wall. Prismetric to launch a recipe website for the foodie and chef in you.

Prismetric, a website and mobile app development company is about to launch a recipe website for a completely different experience with cooking and serving. Prismetric Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a premier web and mobile app development company in India, today announced its plan to launch a cutting-edge recipe website soon. Like the famous chef Thomas Keller says “A recipe has no soul.

You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” The website will brings a unique social cooking environment where people can connect with foodies and cooking enthusiasts globally, post recipes and share pictures. In an era where modern consumers want everything right onto their palm, the smartphones have revolutionized the way people live today. The staggering smartphone revolution is not leaving any sphere of life untouched; not even the kitchen. To make everyday cooking fun and enriching, Prismetric plans to present a unique experience for people who love to cook, serve and eat. Hire Prismetric mobile app and game development service to add a new dimension to your business. A peek into Prismetric Technologies, one of the leading mobile app and game development company in India with a wide range of experience and expertise to help the businesses achieve the results in this is Mobile Technology enabled world. Prismetric is a leading mobile app and game development company with the development headquarter in India and business footprint all across the world.

The company has vast experience and expertise into the mobile space to help you, businesses, vying users’ attention and improving your Bottomline. With so many market rivals competing to grab users’ attention and engage them, if you don’t want to fall flat, maintain your business visibility or even grow it bigger in the target niche then a professional mobile app and game development company can help. This new year unlock the real power of mobile technology with Prismetric. Mobile platform is turning out to be the next big thing with the mobility and the convenience it provides, but along with impeccable expertise and nonpareil mobile technology, Prismetric caters more potential to your endeavors. Prismetric Technologies, an offshore technology firm providing customised IT solutions, lets its clients harness unfathomed potentials of mobile technology today. The India-based IT company leverages the power of continuously evolving mobile platform to build highly robust and intuitive mobile apps and games for global clients.

Today, mobile technology is playing an integral role in shaping the future of business. Now Google Search Engine Can Index Facebook User Profiles Too On Android Phones. Google Mobile Search Debuts to Facebook Indexing The Search Engine Giant – Google – has strategically taken its next big move to ensure the Google search results remain equally effective in the mobile apps’ era as they have been so far. The company has made an official agreement with Facebook, which allows Google crawlers to access Facebook app content including public profile information, as reported by a recent WSJ post.

According to this agreement, Google search results will now be displaying Facebook app content, which can be user profile information, pages, groups, events, etc., as ‘deep links’. Another post on the Verge adds to the news that this new Facebook app content search will reflect on Android Smartphones only. How App-able is your Product or Venture – 3 Questions to help you decide. Trends are set in the technology world every now and then. Some of these stay to revolutionize the way people perform certain things, while others fade away due to their incapability to sustain customer requirements.

What you need to know about Mobile UX and its Importance? Prismetric: the super chef for a perfectly baked mobile application. 5 ways Mobile Technology is molding the Tourism market - Web & Mobile Application Development Company - Prismetric. All you want to know about building an app for your online magazine - Web & Mobile Application Development Company - Prismetric. Learning Mobile Application Development Made Simple & Fast at Prismetric Training Center. Given an array of tools and the latest technologies available today, getting into the field of mobile app development isn’t really difficult.

5 ways Mobile Technology is molding the Tourism market - Web & Mobile Application Development Company - Prismetric. Yahoo Updated its Mobile Search Algorithm for Improved User Experience. Before we waved goodbye to 2015, Yahoo had bestowed the mobile users with improved mobile web search experience. Only a few days ago, the company had announced some major changes they have made to Yahoo search for mobile web; the changes are currently applied and activated for U.S based users only. The news was first revealed to SEO fraternity by Matt Southern in his recent post on SEJ. Android Apps Development Services India. The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t a new concept in the tech-world. Many tech enthusiasts have dreamed of this digital space since the early days of the World Wide Web.

Reportedly, the term was actually coined by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999. Mobile Apps & Games Development India. You should probably know that every app developer, or iPhone app development company, out there is making sincere consideration to update their apps, if any existing, for new iPhones and iOS9. Social Networking Apps. With about 1.31 billion monthly active users, as revealed by the second quarter 2015 report by Statista, Facebook mobile app tops the list of most famous social networking apps worldwide. But the latest Q3 2015 report by Sensor Tower, a leading app analytics firm, reveals that Facebook’s messenger app has dominated the app stores in the final quarter of 2015 followed by Facebook. It’s not surprising to learn that Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram are ruling the app stores.

However, there is a bunch of other social networking apps who are growing in popularity and no. of downloads at a fast pace. Google answers Facebook's Instant Articles with AMP. Both Google Play Store and Google Plus Got a Facelift – What You Need to Know. When Larry Page was appointed as CEO of Google in the year 2011, he started executing a concept of re-engineering all Google products like Google Plus, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube for a cohesive and more user-friendly design. “Larry mandated all of us to build better-looking products”, says Jon Wiley, lead designer on Google Search. 7 reasons for Online Retailers to focus more on E-Commerce Mobile Apps. Now Google test feature enables you for Password-Free Logins. Google puts up a challenge with a Messaging App that works on Artificial Intelligence. 7 Top Mobile App KPIs that worked in 2015. Mobile App Development Report: Developing wearable apps – AppFutura Blog. Mobile App Development Interview Series: Prismetric – Follow up – AppFutura Blog.

Mobile Technology will be the future of Healthcare. Next Generation Living. Mobile Application Development and the year 2015 in a Nutshell. 5 App monetization strategies you won't want to be missing out on - Web & Mobile Application Development Company - Prismetric. Web and Mobile Application Development Company.