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Product Personalization: Benefits, Examples, and More. Product personalization, as the name suggests, is the customization of a product as per customers’ requirements.

Product Personalization: Benefits, Examples, and More

In this smart age when everyone looks for personalized products and services, all businesses - whether online or offline - are adopting customization rapidly. Thanks to advanced digital technology, businesses can now provide customization services to customers more easily than ever before. If you have ever wondered how product personalization can benefit a business, read on to know the major benefits of product customization. Product Customization Is the Future of E-Commerce According to Statista, e-commerce sales worldwide is projected to reach $6.54tn in 2022.

By looking at these stats, one can easily conclude that product personalization is going to stay in-trend in the e-commerce industry right from now till forever. So, if you have a business, no time can be more suitable than this to take it online and tap into the benefits of product customization. High Levels of Engagement. A Step-by-Step Guide on Selling Invitations Online.

If you love decorative paper, selling invitations online can be a promising business idea for you.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Selling Invitations Online

Among several invitations, wedding invitations come on top in terms of demand. So, you can start by selling wedding invitations online to attract a huge customer base. Later on, you can expand your invitation retailing to various other types of invitations too. There are some figures that can help you understand how the wedding industry is a booming industry. - Approximately 2,077,000 weddings take place in the US alone per year. Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Online Product Designer. How Readymade Templates in Your Web-to-Print Store Can Help. 5 Benefits of a Product Personalization Tool.

In this online era, eCommerce sites recommend products based on customers’ previous orders.

5 Benefits of a Product Personalization Tool

Netflix adds the shows based on the ones you decide to watch, providing a personalized customer experience would be an added advantage for your business. 7 Web to Print Software Industry Trends to Look for in 2020 - WhatTheyThink. 2020 has been the most unpredictable year.

7 Web to Print Software Industry Trends to Look for in 2020 - WhatTheyThink

While many industries are dealing with downfall, a few industries, such as printing, are growing rapidly. The reason, the technology, and the latest trends in the web to print solutions that help to diversify the products, increase their volume, and expand markets. Here’s what the printing industry is looking forward to in 2020. AutomationWith the increasing demand of customers, it becomes necessary for businesses to equip their web to print software with the latest technology. And thus, in 2020, we are all set to integrate our web to print solutions with AI and IoT that would automate the entire workflow.

With AI, printers would automatically know if they run out of ink, paper, or spare parts. Ask these Questions before Investing in a Magento Product Designer Tool. The printing industry will experience a 225% growth by 2024.

Ask these Questions before Investing in a Magento Product Designer Tool

These numbers confirm that the industry has high potential and will be an apex industry in the coming years. On the other side, the demand for Magento, an eCommerce platform, is growing owing to Magento 2, its latest version with extraordinary features. Have you thought about what will happen if you blend these? It will result in a win-win solution, i.e., Magento product designer tool. Kickstart Your T-Shirt Printing Business in 2020 - WhatTheyThink. If we observe, we will find that 5 out of 10 have customized t-shirts with different designs and themes.

Kickstart Your T-Shirt Printing Business in 2020 - WhatTheyThink

No doubt, the t-shirt printing business is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2025. Looking at these stats and the craze all around, if you think of getting in the business, it’s the right decision. It would be best if you went for a t-shirt printing business with a t-shirt design tool. Are you confused about where to start? Follow the steps below (one at a time). Create a Business PlanTo start a thriving t-shirt printing business, create a business plan considering all the elements such as niche, target audience, platform, budget, and others. Why Selling Custom Hoodies Is a Good Business Idea. The winter season has already set in!

Why Selling Custom Hoodies Is a Good Business Idea

People have already started buying comfy jackets, woven pullovers, windcheaters, and whatnot! As per Statistica, the worldwide retail sales of the sweater market is forecast to reach $104.8 bn by the end of the year 2021. This clearly implies that the sales of winter apparel are sure to go through the roof in the two months ahead. What if customers get to flaunt their fashion besides keeping themselves warm this winter season by wearing ‘custom’ hoodies or pullovers? Wouldn’t it be great? How to Start Custom Luggage and Purse Business. The number of customers in the bags and accessories segment is expected to reach up to 1,871.4mn by 2024.

How to Start Custom Luggage and Purse Business

The figure itself proves the promising business prospects of the luggage and purse industry. If you too are a fashion enthusiast who loves funky bags, backpacks, and purses; you can turn your enthusiasm into a profit-making business. Even better, you can make that business all the way more profitable through custom products. So, let’s begin with the right steps to kickstart your custom luggage and purse business and make sales go through the roof. How to Prepare Your Print Shop for Holiday 2020. Future of the Web-to-Print Industry. How to Transform Your Printing Business. Why Small Business Marketers Embrace Print Media.

Offering Customers the Freedom to Customize the Photo Calendar - WhatTheyThink. It might sound a bit funny to buy a paper calendar in today’s digital age as your smartphone has got everything - a calendar, scheduler, and more.

Offering Customers the Freedom to Customize the Photo Calendar - WhatTheyThink

However, as per a study, 62 percent of consumers own a promotional photo calendar. This implies that a promotional photo calendar still is valuable for an organization. How eCommerce is Taking a Leap with Product Customization. How to Design a Poster That Creates a Buzz Around. Every poster has a story to tell.

How to Design a Poster That Creates a Buzz Around

And if delivered with a little twist, it can turn the tables around. WordPress Security Tips 2020-2021: All You Need to Know. While WordPress is a popular CMS with more and more websites using it, it has a dark side too! As the WordPress site owners are continuously growing, chances of security violations and hacks are also on the rise. Therefore, if you too own a WordPress site, checking and ensuring that your site is safe and secured is a must. So, read on to know the security tips and tricks that you can follow to secure your WordPress site. Select the Hosting Provider Wisely Always ensure that the hosting provider you invest in incorporates adequate security features.

Top Personalized Products to Offer in 2020-21. Holiday Season Preparation: A Checklist for Print Stores. Top Custom T-Shirt Trends during COVID-19. Top Personalized Products to Offer in 2020-21 - WhatTheyThink. People today are going crazy after personalization. Of late, online print stores and fashion stores have also tapped into the trend of personalization to engage the audience. If you, too, are an online print store owner and want to offer personalization, read on to know top-trending personalized products for 2020-2021.

Custom Photo AlbumRather than scrolling through your entire phone gallery, you might have felt it would be better to turn leaflets of a photo album and cherish the old memories along with your parents and grandparents. This is a major reason that despite being quite old-school, photo albums are in demand in today’s digital age. Features to Look for in Your Business Card Design Software - WhatTheyThink. Printing industry - an ever-evolving industry with customers’ preferences and demands changing frequently. If you print business cards, banners, and other advertising materials; it can help you engage companies looking to print ad material. Custom T-Shirts: To Boost Your Customers’ Marketing Campaigns. T-shirts are cool and comfy and everyone loves wearing them as casual wear. What if you turn a t-shirt into a statement or a ‘sentiment’?

Yes – you can do that with custom t-shirts. With the ever-advancing tech world today, there is hardly anything that people can’t print on t-shirts. How to Start an Online Trophy Business Under $3,000? Starting a trophy shop gives you the same sense of achievement as winning one in a competition. Probably even more. However, establishing a business can be challenging especially if you have a shoestring budget. We know this and therefore we are here with a formula to help you kick start a trophy selling business in less than $3000.

Let’s begin! Trophy Selling a 99% Achievable Startup Opportunity (Keep reading the article. There might be some friend who would have created suspicion in your head by saying ‘I do not see trophies around’. Tips to Choose the Right Magento Product Designer Extension. How to Achieve an Efficient Print Flow - WhatTheyThink. Starting a Phone Case Business: An 8 Step Guide with 8 Expert Tips. It’s surely not going to be a ‘OMG What!’ Moment if I tell you that more than 44% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Also, did you know that in 2017, there were more mobile phones than people on earth? Starting a Packaging Business: A Complete Guide. Look around your house for a second. You will find tiny boxes and paper bags lying around everywhere--chocolates in the fridge, a book delivered by Amazon, a specs case on the table, and so on.

What does this imply? That packaging is everywhere. Top 10 DTG Printers for Your Printing Business. How to Start an Online Headphone Business. ‘Music can change the world’ - said Ludwig van Beethoven, a legendary German composer and pianist. Heinrich Heine, a German poet and writer said, “Where words leave off, music begins.” Holiday Marketing Strategies for Print Companies During COVID-19. It was just January, and within the blink of an eye, we are just months away from the holiday season. The year 2020 is like a bad episode we all wish didn’t exist, but guess what, people have already started planning for the holidays though.

Earlier this year, the eCommerce giant Amazon announced its expansion of the central network in India. It is instituting quantity limits for product shipments from third-party sellers that use its U.S. warehouses. It will ensure sellers have enough space to store their goods during the holiday buying season. How to Start Selling Picture Frames - A Complete Guide. Your Guide to Start a Profitable Stationery Business. No matter how digital the world goes, stationery items would never be fully irreplaceable. From ancient times when people would write on leaves, rocks till present times when they use copy and pen instead, people have never left writing entirely. Odoo Product Customizer: Enable Product Customization on Your Odoo Store. As per the stats, 53% of shoppers are more likely to return on a website that offers product personalization.

They think they are more customer-oriented, supportive, and provide better services. Why People Would Buy Personalized Products Online. Future of the Print Industry Amind the Covid-19 Era. Product Customization: Improving Customer Experience by Design Tools. If you are running a Magento 2 website for years now and still do not have a solid customer base then you probably need to sit down and contemplate. Top 5 Wholesale Blank T-Shirt Suppliers in USA - WhatTheyThink. Licenses and Permits Required to Start a Clothing Line Business in the USA.

How to Navigate Competition in Online Retail Industry with Customization. How to Start a Mug Printing Business. How to Start a Flex Printing Business. Covid-19 and the Printing Industry: Curb the Slowdown and be Future Ready. How to Start a Custom Pillow Printing Business. 4 Solid Strategies for Print Businesses to Attract and Retain New Customers. 6 Print Products You Should Offer During COVID-19. 11 Best Automatic Screen Printing Machines of 2020 [Specifications & Tips] 6 Ways to Modernize Your Photo Album Printing Business. How to Create a Web-to-Print Store like VistaPrint. Top 6 Screen Printing Processes. Tips to Sell Custom Face Masks on Your Store. 10 Best Color Separation Software for Screen Printers of all Time. How to Sell Custom Face Masks on Your Store. Why the Future of Print Industry Lies in Automation? A Guide on Starting an Online T-Shirt Printing Business in 2020. Help Your Customers Cheer Up their Employees amid COVID-19.

Short-Term Revenue Strategies to Boost Online Sales During COVID -19. Calculating Your Printing Business ROI. 5 Tips to Achieve an Efficient Print Flow. COVID -19 and Printing: Here’s How Industry is Dealing at Moment. Printing Industry Trends amid COVID-19 Crisis. A Guide for Online Business Owners to Navigating COVID -19. How to Sustain in Printing Business amid the COVID-19 Crisis. Printing Industry Trends to Embrace in 2020. Attention Print Store Owners: Time to Fight COVID-19 Crisis. How to Start a Print-On-Demand Business.