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Princes of Pilbarra: Guarding the Gardens is a beautifully illustrated 48-page picture book full of quirky characters, hilarious settings, and kid-friendly science. Aligned to National Science Education Standards (NSES), Guarding the Gardens takes children on a fun-filled journey that teaches them the basics of outdoor gardening.

Pilbarra - There’s nothing better than spending your lazy... Pilbarra: Myths about Organic Gardening Debunked. There’s nothing better than spending your lazy Sunday harvesting different plants and herbs from your own backyard (and then using your freshly harvested produce to make delicious meals in the kitchen).

Pilbarra: Myths about Organic Gardening Debunked

Yes, the joys of organic gardening are endless however, with its immense popularity, there are many myths circulating around the internet that you shouldn’t pay heed to. Here are some important myths that we have debunked: No pesticides? That means more pests, right? Pilbarra: How to Make Organic Gardening with Kids Easier and More Fun. Pilbarra - Gardening itself is time consuming but... Pilbarra: Getting Started On Organic Gardening with Your Kid.

Most children are crazy about playing outdoors.

Pilbarra: Getting Started On Organic Gardening with Your Kid

They love experimenting, playing in the dirt, creating delicious treats and climbing tress. Children are naturally curious, and when it comes to cultivating their own plants and watching them grow, there is nothing more joyful. Getting started on an organic garden with kids will be fairly easy. Keep reading to find out how. Health Benefits of Children-Focused Gardening. Children-focused gardening is becoming an integral part of extra-curricular activities at schools.

Health Benefits of Children-Focused Gardening

However, this activity usually doesn’t elicit the interest of most students. For instance, my little one exclaimed, “Daddy, I don’t like getting my hands dirty. Teacher asked me to put my hands in the soil. It was icky”. While I was willing to entertain the reservations my princess had about gardening, I wanted her to be a part of it. Blackboard Learn. Money Learn and Organize.

Pilbarra - Do you know about a secret of kids??? Kids like... Pilbarra: How to Teach Math through Organic Gardening. Math in itself is a rather difficult discipline, and on top of that can be very boring.

Pilbarra: How to Teach Math through Organic Gardening

However, with gardening, parents and teachers can make the topic of discussion more engaging and provide children with unique options to demonstrate the mathematical concepts. It teaches various aspects like measurements, problem solving, data gathering, geometry, simple counting, percentages, and countless other facets. Teaching math with the help of gardening gives children a more hands-on interaction with the concepts they are learning, making the experience highly enjoyable and memorable.

Pilbarra: Health Benefits of Children-Focused Gardening. Pearl Tree. The tree. Pilbarra - Teach the kids to harvest the seeds from the... Pilbarra: The Top 5 Crops Kids' Love. It was a couple of months ago that I had to pull my little ones away from our organic garden.

Pilbarra: The Top 5 Crops Kids' Love

I was yelling, “Don’t eat the tomatoes. Your mom needs them for the sauce she’s making”. Pilbarra: The Sensory Benefits of Gardening with Kids. With a sea of persuasive advertising for fast foods and unhealthy snacks being focused on children, it is rather difficult to steer them in the healthy direction.

Pilbarra: The Sensory Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Gardening however, is one effective way of teaching children to grow their own produce and then consume it. Not only that, but gardening is quite plentiful in benefits pertaining to not only physical health, but it also develops emotional and cognitive abilities. Not to mention it can be quite fun, refreshing, educational and full of sensory benefits. Whether your child is a little slow with sensory processing or not, they can still gain greatly from sensory play in the form of gardening. Build Family Trees. Other Trees. Pilbarra: 5 Reasons Why Kids Love Elephants. Elephants, being one of the largest and most energetic mammals, are not only loved by adults but kids as well.

Pilbarra: 5 Reasons Why Kids Love Elephants

They are fascinating creatures with a fun and loving personality, good manners and high intelligence. Let’s look at some reasons specifically explaining why children love elephants: 1. Pilbarra: 10 Things Your Kids Should Know about Elephants. Found in both Asia and Africa, elephants are vital to upholding the rich biodiversity of the ecosystem they share with other species.

Pilbarra: 10 Things Your Kids Should Know about Elephants

They are fascinating, magnificent animals. Here are 10 things your kids may not know about elephants that will amaze and heighten their love for the animal even more: 1. Elephants Hug Each Other For Consolation. House and Garden. Pilbarra: What's Holding Girls Back from Attempting STEM Subjects?

By now, most of us are aware of the lack of involvement of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.

Pilbarra: What's Holding Girls Back from Attempting STEM Subjects?

Since the 1990s, the percentage of women in computer science has actually declined. Discussed below are some of the factors why young girls are held back from attempting STEM subjects: Pilbarra: Why We Should Encourage Girls to Study STEM Subjects? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), known as STEM education, are vital for our future and the future of the world.

Pilbarra: Why We Should Encourage Girls to Study STEM Subjects?

Women, being the primary teachers and lifelong role models for their children are especially deserving of STEM education, to positively shape lives of the generations to come. However, among people who play a key role in advancing technology, curing diseases, planning cities, and much more, women only make up a small percentage. U.S. STEM Programs. Pilbarra: Why We Should Encourage Girls to Study STEM Subjects? Pilbarra: Why Early Age STEM Education Is Important. Recalling a conversation I had with my kid when she was just entering middle school, I remembered stressing on the importance of finding your way so that you are prepared to navigate high school and then college with ease.

However, one thing which I failed to emphasize was the importance of STEM education. While allowing my little princess to choose her own path is fine by me, I still feel little girls and boys should develop an interest in STEM education, which is only possible with early exposure. Let’s talk about the importance of early STEM education in building your child’s cognitive and career building, right here, right now. Elephant And Castle (A302&A201) Pilbarra: Put Your Kids on the Right Career Path with Early Introduction to STEM Education. As per the findings of a 2010 survey conducted by a non-profit organization, Change the Equation, approximately one-third of American citizens would rather scrub toilets than solve a math problem.

Of course, this isn’t true for kids, case in point my little one. In today’s globally competitive world, you do not want your child to be part of the 33.3%. This is why an early introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is critical to direct your child towards the right career path. In a nutshell, STEM is our children’s future.

Pilbarra: How to Teach Your Kids More about Elephants. Elephants are highly lovable creatures. Both adults and children can agree to that. If your child happens to be a big elephant fan, it is only fair you teach your little one as much as you can about nature’s wonderful creation. Pilbarra: The Top 5 Popular Characters Based on Elephants (And Why Children Love Them) One would really have to go to great lengths to find a kid who doesn’t love elephants! An animal that is a depiction of strength, playfulness, kindness, and not to mention the big tusks and trunk is a one highly loved by children and meant to be a pop culture icon. Let’s take a look at 5 popular elephant based characters and the reasons why kids love them immensely. Pilbarra: Why Parents Need to Actively Encourage Students to Pursue STEM Education.

Every parent dreams of their child’s success, both personally and career-wise. Several even wonder about the choice of right academic path in order to take the right career direction. We live in an age that is highly dependent on science and technology. Garden. Pilbarra: Are Falling Science and Math Rankings a Wakeup Call for Australian Students?

Pilbarra: Garden Based Learning – The Importance of Children’s Interaction with Nature. Plants in my Garden. PLaNt. Pilbarra - gardening itself is a time consuming hobby but... Pilbarra - gardening isn’t going to get your heart pumping... Tree houses. Trees and Weather. GLOVE. Pilbarra - Do you know Elephants love to have fun and play... Garden, Food Preservation, Sustainability, Home. Pilbarra - Gardening involves a lot of manual work hence... Nuclear power plant. PLANTS AND GARDENS. Pilbarra - Gardening is one effective way of teaching... Pilbarra - Getting children involved in gardening has... Nutrition and aging , good and bad.

Health and Fitness. Pilbarra - While gardening isn’t going to get your heart... Pilbarra - Let make a trick with little ones into eating... Pilbarra - You can use math in the garden as a curriculum... Pilbarra - Children aged three and above are naturally... Comics/Cartoons. Cartoon musea. Farming Technology. Kindergarten Science curriculum. STEM Education. Pilbarra - STEM education is rapidly gaining popularity,... Pilbarra - School gardens and garden based learning not... Home Education. Science Education. School & Education. EDUCATIONS. Meet the amazing Ethan and Yarra to know further things to do this month in your new organic garden. #organic #gardening #powerofscience. Vegetables (Sides) Recipes. Pilbarra - Your kids might not want to eat beans once they... Parenting and Mindfulness.

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