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The Climate Cookbook. Geoff's homepage -> Creating planets -> Climates Last updated: 17 November 2008 With grateful thanks to krinnen, aka Gonzalo, who drew the pictures.

The Climate Cookbook

Contents Introduction This page is part of my essay about creating an Earthlike planet; it is intended to guide the creator of such a planet, after he or she has drawn a Map, through the process of working out the climates which characterise a particular area. Please note that predicting climates is notoriously complicated and full of approximations, which is why there are no equations on this page and very little quantification. If you find this page useful, please let me know! Basic principles Virtually everything important about climates can be deduced from the following physical principles, which are referred to in [square brackets]: Ingredients You will need the following items before you can proceed any further. The following assumptions have been made: Your planet rotates from west to east, like the Earth.

Pressure-cooking The default Winds. World-climate-map.jpg (617×363) World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA. World Dream Bank home - add a dream - newest - art gallery - sampler - dreams by title, subject, author, date, places, names by Chris Wayan, 2002-2010 Planetocopia is a group of model worlds supporting intelligent life.

World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA

They fall into four series: Tilt! (Earth with different poles), Futures (set 1000 years from now), the Biosphere Variations (diverse experiments in planetology), and Caprices (whimsically altered Earths). Behind-the-scenes pages include the new Planetocopia interview, Carpentry Tips for World-Builders (how I make 'em), The Heart Hath Its Reasons (why I make 'em), Tech Corner (a chart comparing 'em), World-Builders (influences: others who make 'em). Set 1: TILT! Alternate Earths that evolved with our geography, only tilted. Set 2: Futures Three worlds on the same day 1000 years from now--all of them profoundly transformed: Set 3: The Biosphere Variations Worlds so unEarthlike that most exobiologists would write them off... prematurely.

Biosphere Variations under construction: Fictional Ecosystems for Fantasy World Building. Once you have recognized and listed the major Ecosystems of your fictional world, you may want to explore them further.

Fictional Ecosystems for Fantasy World Building

This useful template can be used for exploring Ecosystems in a geofiction or for background research fictional book, here is a useful template to help you get started: Service:What service or services does the ecosystem provide? Does the ecosystem interact with any other ecosystems? The FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. Climate_map.gif (500×473) PCK: Climate maps. The Planet Construction Kit is printed in black and white, which makes the climate maps a little hard to grasp.

PCK: Climate maps

So here they are in color. Earth Almea The Classification This is of course the Köppen climate classification scheme, though with some of the piddly subclassifications merged. For simplicity's sake I combined the cold and hot deserts on the map (the cold deserts are in the temperate zone) and the rain forest and monsoon areas (the latter depend more on wind direction and continental placement anyway). For location, Earth's Hadley cell is presently 0 to 30 degrees, the Ferrel cell 30 to 60, the polar cell 60 to 90.