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Primotech is a software development company offering products and services in four major categories: mobile app development, web design, website development, and digital marketing,

IoT Trends To Watch Out in 2017. The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items incorporated with software, electronics, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity, enabling these objects to collect and exchange data.

IoT Trends To Watch Out in 2017

The huge network built by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology over the last few years will be revolutionizing some new trends in 2017. With technology making its way into our homes and workplaces seamlessly, it’s evident now that we are living in a technologically advanced time! With the introduction of smart Wi-Fi, connected sensor devices, wireless communications and virtual reality, we can say that some amazing new trends are in store for us in 2017. IoT And Wearables Wearable gadgets are considered as one of the best applications of Internet of Things.

IoT And Fashion IoT is trending in the fashion industry too. IoT And Online Shopping IoT And Smart Music IoT might have a huge impact on smart music this year. Hire Website Development Company in Austin TX. How AI & Machine Learning Impacts Digital Marketing. The world is witnessing a digital revolution with the advent of AI.

How AI & Machine Learning Impacts Digital Marketing

From day to day tasks to intricate jobs, AI machines are helping humans and making work easier. Now, before we can begin to explore the impact of AI and Machine learning on Digital marketing, let’s discuss a bit more about AI (Artificial Intelligence). Digital Marketing Offerings. Keywords Number of Keywords to Be Optimized 30 Pre-SEO Analysis and Keyword Research Website Analysis Market Analysis Competitors Analysis 4 Comp.

Digital Marketing Offerings

Hire Seo Services in Austin. Hire WordPress Upgrade Services Austin, TX. Did you know?

Hire WordPress Upgrade Services Austin, TX

Source: #wesite #Webdesign April 20, 2017 2:51 pm Thought of the day: "There is no elevator to #success. You have to take the stairs. " April 19, 2017 8:05 am Did you know? #Instagram clocks up 3.5 billion #likes every day Source: #InstagramLikes April 18, 2017 8:32 am #Videos are being widely accepted as a powerful #communication tool for customer and employee #engagement.… April 12, 2017 7:24 am Step into the world of user centric websites with Primotech’s website development service. Contact us today! UX Design tips for Mobile Apps. There have been a constant revolution happening in the app world with UX design changing trends on a regular basis.

UX Design tips for Mobile Apps

User experience design (UX) mainly enhances the navigation structure and usability of an app. The UI of an app is also a determining factor of user experience. So, in order to provide a perfect user experience, UI should be carefully considered. Most of the mobile app development services in Austin, Tx offer intuitive and UX friendly apps. Quality Commitment. 8 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks That Improve Search Engine Rankings. Primotech Technology Blog. Web Design and Development Blog by Primotech. Austin SEO Company. Magento Design, Development, SEO and Consulting Services. Google Algorithms to Spot Offensive Content. “It wouldn’t be Google if doesn’t make an effort to better identify offensive and factually incorrect content now, would it?”

Google Algorithms to Spot Offensive Content

Google takes an excellent initiative to identify incorrect, inaccurate, and untrustworthy content from top search results by utilizing data from human “quality raters”. The idea is to teach the algorithms of Google how to spot offensive and inaccurate content that comes on top of search engine results.One of Google’s senior engineers Paul Haahr says, “We’re explicitly avoiding the term ‘fake news,’ because we think it is too vague. Demonstrably inaccurate information, however, we want to target.” Google’s has over 10,000 quality raters working on this project across the world. They are given actual search queries for research. The first one is from a white supremacist site. Web Design, Development and SEO Company Autin, USA. Local SEO Services in Austin. How New Businesses Can Improve Their Visibility on Google Maps. It is not easy for a new business to enter a highly competitive market and rule it instantly.

How New Businesses Can Improve Their Visibility on Google Maps

They have to attract consumers, generate profit and also find a foothold for themselves amongst the competition. Since traditional marketing techniques have taken a backseat for brick-and-mortar storefronts, they need Google Maps assistance to be found. 84% of customers perform a Google search to find local businesses Although, ecommerce is trending, the fact to note is that around 90% of purchases still happen via stores offline. Mobile App Development Service Austin. How Primotech Helped Wise Rx To Improve Their Web Presence. WiseRx is an US based company that offers prescription discount cards to help people save money on prescription drugs.

How Primotech Helped Wise Rx To Improve Their Web Presence

The Rx cards offered by Wise Rx Company are available for free and are acceptable at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the USA. You can use this card for all your family members as well as your pets. It has no limited use. Wise Rx required digital marketing services from Primotech to improve their online presence, boost traffic, increase conversions and their search engine rankings. Initially, the website was not SEO and User friendly. Wise Rx Requirements. Magento Upgrade Services in Austin, TX. 5 WordPress Trends To Look For In 2017. Did You Know?

5 WordPress Trends To Look For In 2017

“WordPress Powers 27% Of The Internet!” With 60% market share and over 76 million websites, WordPress is now considered as the CMS market dominator. It’s been over 13 years since the first release of WordPress and with each year, it has improved immensely. It is like a go-to CMS for all kinds of businesses, bloggers and service industries. In 2017, WordPress has a lot in store for us. Checklist for Successful Instagram Marketing. Do you know you can use Instagram to promote your business? You can use Instagram to boost consumer interaction. It is a cool way to engage with your consumers on a casual level. Do you know that approx. 500 million users are active on Instagram every month, and approx. 4.2 billion photos are liked every day? You can have marketing success by using Instagram for business, if you use it in the right way. WordPress Upgrade Services Austin, TX.

Careers at Primotech. 5 Reasons To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices. The world is getting smaller; in fact, you can fit it right in your hands!

5 Reasons To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

If you still believe that viewing websites on mobile devices is not so common, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mobile viewing is right here, right now. Primotech. Web Design, Development, Marketing Company In Austin. We create digital products and services, spanning web, mobile and emerging platforms Primotech is a software development company offering products and services in four major categories: mobile app development, web design, website development and digital marketing, with an all-encompassing approach for web, mobile, and search solutions. We strive to deliver engaging web designs, robust web development solutions, and innovative internet-driven marketing and sales strategies with an aim to make technology easy for businesses to leverage. Primotech’s client segment is not limited and spreads all across the world, transcending several industries.

The experts here are creative and adopt an organic approach to render web enabled dedicated solutions tailored to meet client’s specific needs. We are driven by the passion to make a mark in service, innovation as well as delivery for any business collaboration we undertake. 10 Free Magento-2 Themes For You By Primotech. Have you been searching for a good free Magento theme for your M2 store? Guess what! We have been searching too… We have compiled an amazing collection of Free Magento-2 Themes for you guys. Check these amazing themes below! 1) VesFasony: Contact Best Mobile, Web Development Company.

#Focus on being #productive instead of busy. #Primotech January 17, 2017 7:40 am Why you need #Facebook for your business? #FacebookBusiness January 16, 2017 7:19 am Checkout the #payperclick trends for the year 2017. #PPC #Primotech January 13, 2017 8:05 am #Gamers using the #GeForce Experience will now be able to broadcast directly to #FacebookLive. #Primotech January 12, 2017 6:54 am Did you know? Mobile App Development Austin  10 Creative Ideas to Boost Sales for your Magento or ShopifyStore. Magento salesWelcome to 2017! It is a great time to boost your business thru your Magento or Shopify store. So, let’s get down to business, shall we? Wordpress Site Updated Through At Primotech Blog.

Every time a new WordPress update comes out, we get several emails from users asking whether it’s safe to update their WordPress site. Why You Should Outsource Your Blog. It is quite evident that reliable and dedicated blogging improves traffic and can make your website a success. It is one of the main reasons why many businesses are taking notice and moving forward with comprehensive content marketing and blogging strategies. However, blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds. 10 Free Magento-2 Themes For You. Digital Marketing Austin. Web Design Services Austin. Website Development Company in USA. Mobile App Development Services for iPhone, iPad, Android. Primotech - Software Company - Austin, TX 78704. 10 Free Magento-2 Themes For You. Primotech ’s Presentations on authorSTREAM. Primotech on Vimeo.

Checklist for Successful Instagram Marketing. Google Expanded Text Ads. WordPress Upgrade Services Austin, TX. 5 REASONS TO KEEP YOUR WORDPRESS SITE UPDATED. Bing Ads Keyword Planner now accessible in UK, Canada and Australia. IT Jobs in Mohali, Chandigarh. Apple Introduces Paid Search Ads. GOOGLE’S GBOARD TO REVAMP IPHONE KEYBOARD. Ways to keep hacker’s hand off from your Ecommerce Site. Primotech Reviews. Upgrade Your Magento eCommerce Website to Magento 2.0.6. Magento released Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition 2.0.6, with important functional improvements. Primotech Google+ Primotech On Yelp. Benefits of SEO Friendly Website Design. A beautiful and functional website is not enough to meet your business requirements these days. SEO friendly website design is now a major requirement if you really want to reap benefits of your online presence. SEO is a gradual process of improving visibility of a website in various search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

SQL Injection Vulnerability Issue In Magento. Google PageRank Toolbar is Officially Dead. 30 Inspiring Quotes on Web Design. 10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes and Solutions. Impact of Apple’s Newest iPhone on Mobile Engagement. WordPress and Facebook Team Up For Creating Facebook Instant Articles. Instant Articles is a new way for publishers to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook. Now, WordPress has partnered with Facebook to launch a plug-in that supports instant articles out of the box. Facebook teamed up with numerous WordPress publishers to test this plug-in. How Apple Watch Facelifts our Wearable Technology? How to upgrade Magento 1.9.2 to 2.0. Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm- Things That Every Webmaster Needs to Know. Complete Checklist to Improve Magento Store Conversions. Primotech Picks the Best Interactive Design Apps for December 2015.

Digital Brand Marketing Company. » 7 Interesting Hidden Features of Apple’s iOS9. Contact Best Mobile, Web Development Company. 30 Inspiring Quotes on Web Design. Five Tools that can Make Your Content Marketing More Efficient. » How to Bring Resonance to Your Logos with Color Schemes? Tips to Supercharge Your E-commerce Sales during Christmas and New Year. Top Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Overlook. Six Reasons Why Online Retailers Should Focus on E-Commerce Mobile Apps. Five Tools that can Make Your Content Marketing More Efficient. » Why Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Non-responsive Websites? » Checklist to Improve Magento Store’s Conversions. Primotech- Corporate Video. Mobile App, Website Design Development Services in USA. 8 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate.

Five Simple Ways to Improve Google Places Rankings. Web, Mobile App Design and Development Company USA.