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Historical Literacy for Diverse Social Studies Classrooms 2016

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C3 Framework for Social Studies. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. Wfp275057. Sustainable development goals - United Nations. Is internet access a human right? A recent United Nations Human Rights Council report examined the important question of whether internet access is a human right.

Is internet access a human right?

While the Special Rapporteur's conclusions are nuanced in respect of blocking sites or providing limited access, he is clear that restricting access completely will always be a breach of article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the right to freedom of expression. But not everyone agrees with the UN's conclusion. Guides - Primary Source. Browse select resource guides here.

Guides - Primary Source

For access to over 60 additional guides, sign-up for our Individual Membership. Global Education Resources for teaching about global issues and 21st century skills. Learn More. World Digital Library Home. The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center. Gapminder World. Google Public Data Explorer. Newspaper Map. Historical Literacy Skills for Diverse Classrooms In-District Survey (Masconomet) Courses. DeLaPaz Felton. Ncss what makes a good history essay for posting.