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Twitter 2017 - web pages. Twitter 2016 - web pages. Infrastructure Solution Specialist. Audiomack. Pridesys IT Ltd by pridesys. Iphone Upload. Pridesys com. Erp Security Issues. Erp Implementation Steps. Pridesys. Pridesys IT Ltd. is always following the industry trends.


Just to provide you the better product, service and support you need or might need in future. We have leveraged our experience and have kept abreast with the recent technology to provide our customer actual flexibility and mobility. And we are offering the most updated, customizable ERP system and implementation services. Pridesys IT Ltd. is a Bangladesh based company, but promised to provide product, service and support with international standard, to their current and future clients (local & foreign).

We offer solutions from on-premises, to SaaS, to cloud and more. With our “InfoGraphic” BI (Business intelligence) technology you’ll be able view and analyze the present and past scenario of your business. Real time graphical view allows you to analyze your company transaction and data with various InfoGraphics. Garments Software Bangladesh by pridesys. Pridesys IT Ltd by Pridesys IT Ltd. Erp software price in bangladesh pridesys it ltd by Pridesys IT Ltd. Garments software bangladesh pridesys it ltd by Pridesys IT Ltd. Best Outsourcing Company in Bangladesh.

Outsourcing Bangladesh’s young minds are making their mark at the world stage while sitting in their own backyard, thanks to the country’s growing outsourcing industry which now has a global market share worth around US$ 250 million while for business process outsourcing worldwide is estimated to be around US$ 500 billion and the government, nevertheless, is aiming to generate US$ 1 billion from the sector by the year 2021.

Best Outsourcing Company in Bangladesh

According to the latest edition of ‘Global Services Location Index’ which ranks countries as outsourcing destinations, Bangladesh has been rated as the world’s most cost-competitive destination for outsourcing. Inventory Module in ERP. With the growth of the organization, the items of inventory also grow and come in a state where it becomes very hard to maintain the items of inventory and their movements.

Inventory Module in ERP

Our Inventory management software helps create invoices, requisitions, requisition approval, stock movement and perform stock level validation. Pridesys's Inventory Management system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue for your company. The Inventory Management will control operating costs and provide information of the stock status.

Pridesys Inventory Management System will enable the user to maintain the total inventory efficiently. Career in Pridesys IT. ERP Software Companies In Bangladesh. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data.

ERP Software Companies In Bangladesh

It delivers a perfect solution for your business. For the first time in Bangladesh Pridesys IT created its very own ERP, called Pridesys ERP. Garments Erp Software In Bangladesh. Pridesys Garments ERP is one of the leading ERP solution provider, especially for Garments industries which is integrated with different modules that cover all the aspects of your Garments Business.

Garments Erp Software In Bangladesh

This solution supports multi-currency and multi-location based operations. It aims at keeping track of all the activities including receiving an order from buyer, costing of order, resource planning, procurement of raw materials, production management, inventory management, import-export process, order reconciliation process etc. It’s also integrated with other modules of Pridesys ERP including finance, accounts, HR, supply-chain etc.

Human Resources Management Software. Inventory Module in ERP. General Ledger Software. Team Pridesys for ERP. Pridesys It Ltd. YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER. Pridesys IT Ltd. App Store for ERP. Have Someone Contact Me. Contact Us for ERP Software. All Resources for ERP. Pridesys IT Ltd. Pridesys IT Ltd. Pridesys IT Ltd. Pridesys IT Limited is one of the leading IT companies of Bangladesh which provides Secure, Scalable, On-Demand Application System and Data Access Solutions with the slogan of "Innovate, Integrate and Differentiate" to help its clients worldwide to improve their business performance.

Pridesys IT Ltd

It is also an IT Enabled Service (ITES) provider in the domain of Call Center as well as e-Commerce Portal. We're committed to doing all we can to serve our corporate and public sector clients of all sizes, from collaborating in strategic planning to supporting implementation and management of technology solutions. We bring to every collaboration deep industry expertise and professional integrity based on our longstanding core business values. Our Valuable Clients. Executive Management Board. Career in Pridesys IT. Global Talk Services. Company Profile Pridesys. Erp Support Services. Knowledgeable help and support services when you need it: One of our Pridesys’s key feature is we are committed to provide you reliable support and services when you need it.

Erp Support Services

We offer various kind of support to make you the maximum profit from your pridesys ERP’s investment. You can select the services according to the products or the module you are searching for. You can reach us through mail, phone, skype, remote connection or we’ll be available at your site when you need us. Most of the services is free from us to our client and we also provide services or support on the basis of (SLA) agreement. Helpdesk Support Our helpdesk is assigned with highly qualified professionals, you can connect with them via phone, e-mail and fax. On-site Training On-site training is applicable for the existing user. Management Information System Software. A management information system is a computerized system and database of financial data or information, which organized, structured and programmed in such way, that it can produce report in every level of management in a company.

Management Information System Software

MIS actually shows the comparison between the targeted result and real scenario of the organization. And also focus the variables, related to the performance. Pridesys IT develops MIS system which can be used to refer the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems and Executive information systems.

Management Information Functions: Web Portal Development Company. If you’re looking for an innovative bunch of people who can deliver exceptional web design as well as professional advice and online marketing solutions, Pridesys IT introduces web portal development, web page design and development, which brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way.

Web Portal Development Company

Pridesys IT ltd. develop and offers you innovative, interesting, intriguing, inventive, ingenious, interactive and imaginative web portal for your business which will take part to improve your revenues. Real state Portal.Job Portal.Hotel Portal.Travel Portal.B2B Portal.B2C Portal.Enterprise Portal.Hospital Portal. Business Process Automation Software. Business Process Automation is a strategy for business to manage information, data and processes to reduce cost, resources and investment.

Business Process Automation Software

The ultimate target of BPA is to increase productivity by automating (through computing) key business processes. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often perceived as a BPA implementation outcome. Professional Services Responsibilities. Project Planning Process Steps. To minimize the stress associated with migrating to, or implementing a new system you’ll be needing strong project management with careful planning to steer the change management process. Pridesys project management team will work closely with you to generate a project plan for your business according to your requirements. This plan will help you to track you the progress of the total project of it is going as it was expected.

The plan contains: Scope statementManagement PlantImportant MilepostsEscalation planReporting StructureProject schedule and budget On your acceptance Pridesys will prepare a time and action calendar for the project, set the target and plan to complete the project according to the calendar. System design & coding: The system design includes the total technical specification and the scope of how the business process to be configured and set, which is adoptable for the solution. Proving the Solution. Apps Development Services. Pridesys IT has started its journey to android apps development with its proficient expertise. Applications are usually developed in the Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit, but other development tools are also available. Pridesys is developing apps not only in android platform, but also in apple.

Pridesys is developing apps that can be useful for business clients such sales tracking, salespeople’s location tracking. Mobile App Development Smartphone App Development HTML5 Mobile Development Windows App development Mobile App Design Tab App Development iOS App Development. Benefits of ERP System Implementation. ERP System Implementation Service: In a business there are countless factors need to consider on a daily basis. There is no enough time to follow-up each and every data or transection of the business. Data management can be a nightmare to you if you want to ensure proper attention to the every details. Education And Training Skills.

If you want to enjoy the full flavor of the business automation, then you need proper empowerment of information and knowledge about it. Pridesys IT is committed to provide you and your user the proper information and knowledge. We will ensure your training process real and as accessible as possible. All of our knowledge sharing process are listed below and all of them is free to our Pridesys community.

Pridesys education plays a vital role in optimizing your experience with Pridesys ERP. ERP Software Companies In Bangladesh. Infrastructure Solution Specialist. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTION is a set of various IT components and a set of related tasks. And combination of these are targeted for serving specific requirements. Pridesys IT Ltd as an infrastructure consultant is comprehensibly versed in the support of complex, multidisciplinary, often multi-platform technology environments. We have years of experience in IT transformation.

ERP Services Provider. ERP Implementation in Automobile Industry. ERP Software for Telecom Industry. Telecom companies now-a-days deal with significant challenges in driving profitability. Because the market is highly unstable and too much competitive. All the competitor provides and offers almost same kind of products and services. Customer demand high quality services in low price. Entrench of a new company in the industry increase the pressure. To face these challenges and to focus on the target market need fast, reliable and efficient process execution to help the company to take advantages. Pridesys IT, for the first time in Bangladesh, developed an ERP for Telecom Company, which have the ability to adopt our local culture of business. Benefits of ERP In Healthcare. Enterprise Resource Planning is becoming the ultimate solutions to many sectors and health care services or health care related sector is no exception.

This sector requires more transparent, faster, accurate and timely information for the better service. Finance Module In ERP. Financial Organization (Bank, Investment Company, Co-operative Society) is representing a complicated form of business where massive administrative and paper work done every day at numerous departments. As a result, huge amount of data get generated in financial organizations.

The most important thing, each data is important to the customer and the company. Financial Organizations perform monetary transactions, which means money is essential and mandatory factor. Information related with market, company and customer is the money making factor. ERP For Insurance Company. Consumer Durables ERP Company. Production Management Module ERP. ERP for Washing Plant. ERP Software For The Food And Beverage Industry. ERP For Apparel Industry. Apparel industries is one of the oldest industries, which fulfil one of the basic requirement of mankind.

This industry is labor intensive, capital intensive, product intensive, inventory intensive and there is only one exception that is the profit margin is not intensive. Most of the developed country passed this business to the developing country or third world country and now out sources from them. Bangladesh is one those country which has already doing well in this sector and one of the best country to fulfil the world need.

ERP Software For Footwear Industry. ERP Software For Chemical Industry. ERP Trading Business. Garments Erp Software In Bangladesh. Industry Overviews-Pridesys IT Ltd. ERP Business Process Management. Erp Implementation Plan. External Business Integration. Customization of ERP Software. Mobile Cloud Computing Solution. ERP Technology Solution. Pos Software Company In Bangladesh. Management Reporting And Analysis. Inventory Management Software Bangladesh. ERP Project Governance Model. Finance Module In ERP. ERP Distribution Management. Manufacturing Production Planning Software.

Business Intelligence and Analytics. What Is Erp Software Stand For. Erp Security Issues. Erp Software Price In Bangladesh. Resource Planning Software. Garments Software Bangladesh. Best ERP Software in Bangladesh.