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Homemade 'Vicks Vapor Rub' The sickies.

Homemade 'Vicks Vapor Rub'

We all get them. Maybe we don’t all call them the sickies. Maybe you have a more ‘grown up’ name to call it. The point is, we all feel like total poop from time to time. And sometimes we don’t even feel that bad, but have to deal with the snotties, the stuffies, or the coughies. Especially in the winter. Yep. My kids like it better than the store bought version too! Bring in the homemade vapor rub – and ta-da… Look how much better she’s feeling!! Yep. All you need to make it is olive oil, beeswax, & a few essential oils.

Combine the olive oil & beeswax in a saucepan on medium heat & stir with a wooden spoon until the beeswax has melted. Seal the jars, and allow them to cool. And a quick tip – while this is the perfect amount of essential oils for me, if it’s not quite enough for you… you can always remelt it & add more essential oils til it’s as strong as your liking. Garden-Based Learning » Activities. Dig Art!

Garden-Based Learning » Activities

Home | Benefits | Eco Arts | Activities | Resources | Gallery | Toolkit Adapt these activities to the age, interest, and skill levels of your group. All activities are in printable PDF format. Click on the topic heading for background information and connections to NYS Learning Standards. “Garden arts, theater, music, and dance are not merely interesting spectacles for entertaining community. Dehydrating Okra (with an Okra Snack Recipe) Are you exploring the world of dehydrated vegetables?

Dehydrating Okra (with an Okra Snack Recipe)

Many gardeners are these days, including me. This is fairly new territory, but one that is expanding quickly for two reasons: (1) Health foodies are discovering the joy of seasoned veggie chips made in the oven or the dehydrator. (2) Seasoned gardeners are expanding their gardens in response to food prices. Acrylic penbox, cut with a laser - instruction guide and template USA. How to make a plant identification or gardening stakes USA. BARROW WORKS. Paracord Projects. Easy 15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial. This is the easiest, fastest, funnest little bag ever.

Easy 15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

I had just bought my son’s little friend this set of blocks and knew from experience that the little tub they come in wouldn’t last long. I had made the same bag for my kids’ blocks and thought it would be a nice addition to the gift. Plus when he opens it he doesn’t have to wait an hour for mom to get the package open, that’s the worst. And when he is done playing, they already have a home for easy pick up and storage. I was able to be the first one to get my hands on a fox applique from my sister, super cute and super easy. Here is how to do it: Supplies: fat quarter of fabric. Measurements and Cutting: If you have a pre-cut fat quarter you’re set. With a 22 inch side at the top, press and fold over each side with a hot iron. Now sew each fold just down the center and off the side just like the fold.

Press the same 22 inch side over a quarter inch with an iron. Then fold over again about ¾ inch and press again. Scrappy Felt iPad Cover ▽▼▽ My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration. Crafty Projects Found Elsewhere. Inspired by Five Green Acres' Rumpelstiltskin Challenge (which started about two weeks ago but I am just crashing the party now), I too am digging into my ample fabric stash to make some of those things I have been meaning to make for months, or in some cases, even years.

Crafty Projects Found Elsewhere

Double Heart Spiral Card. I know, I know, everyone has made a spiral card by now. But have you thought about what would happen if you made a spiral that didn't start as a circle? And what if you made two spirals, and joined them above the card crease to make a card that could open 180°? Animal Pop-Up Cards. My group made this pop-up card to illustrate the pets they have or would like to have. It gave a dimensional effect to the project. Here are the directions: 1. Fold two pieces of paper in half.

Put one aside.Starting at the folded edge, cut a line. Green Walls: Integrating Nature into Buildings. In recent years, green roof technology has become an accepted sustainable design strategy as the benefits and advantages have become better known and proven design options have become more available. A corresponding interest is emerging among designers and owners who are also considering installing vegetated green walls on the outsides of their buildings or on interior walls. There have been a number of historical or traditional strategies to add vegetation to walls, such as installing a trellis system, but recently the option of truly living walls has become viable.

The overriding concept of such a green wall is based on planting or mounting a series of living, growing plants on a vertical surface. In response to this interest, there are now several manufacturers of green wall systems currently offering solutions to North American architects. Overview of Vegetated Living Walls Introducing vegetation onto building surfaces is hardly a new concept. Design Goals and Green Wall Benefits.