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Herbs and Oils

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American Botanical Council. Update: Login to ABC Website For a limited time, you can access all of ABC's content without a password, so no login is required.

American Botanical Council

The search button has been restored on all pages. Euromed Adopts Milk Thistle through ABC's Adopt-an-Herb Program. Annies Remedy Herbs for Self Healing. Ask the Herbalist: Questions about Specific Herbs. ANSWER: Croton is a pungent, unpleasant-smelling herb that is exceedingly irritant and purgative.

Ask the Herbalist: Questions about Specific Herbs

Chinese Herbs Healing: Art of Herbal Remedies Revealed. Eyebright Acupuncture : Herbs. By Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow 333 pp This is a book for the herbal practitioner and the intelligent layperson.

Eyebright Acupuncture : Herbs

It arises out of our 25 years in practice. It is based on the time honoured traditions of Western herbal medicine which go back to pre-Roman times, but which have been added to over the centuries. Gernot Katzer's Spices: Introduction. Definitions According the Austrian Food Law, the term spice refers to plants or parts of plants (possibly dried) that are used to enhance the flavour or taste of human food.

Gernot Katzer's Spices: Introduction

Horizon Herbs-Organic growers of medicinal herb seeds, medicinal herb plants, organic vegetable seeds and organic garden seeds. Medicinal Herbs Article list, How to use wild herbs, herb pictures, Methow Valley Herbs: Start Here. Welcome to my site about growing your herbal knowledge!

Methow Valley Herbs: Start Here

Traditional Nourishing and Healing Skin Care. How to Make Your Own Skin Balm Little did I know that a trip to a farm in Mexico would lead me to embark on another journey, one to discover a practical solution to the modern skin care dilemma, a solution consistent with the true principles of nutrition and health.

Traditional Nourishing and Healing Skin Care

This journey led to the discovery of what people used for skin care before the introduction of man-made chemicals as well as the science behind their traditional wisdom. Due to the lack of any product on the market that fit the ideal for healthy and effective skin care, I was prompted to create a formula that I could use and share with others—a simple recipe for traditional nourishing and healing skin care. Herbs for back pain. Herbs for back pain...

Herbs for back pain

A lot of people suffer back injuries; I've heard estimates that 65 million people in America alone suffer from chronic back pain. Conventional treatment of such injuries usually revolves around strong pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and very often surgery. Unfortunately, it is too common that these treatments do not yield the recovery hoped for. One reason for this is that most conventional approaches are suppressive in nature and do not really address the issues that need attention in order for healing to take place.

"The Herbal Survivalist Spot" Herbal Survival and First Aid: a book on natural SURVIVAL solutions in the event of any emergency: Nick Carlucci: Kindle Store. Herb List. ASHITABA—The Asian longevity herb Ashitaba is perhaps THE major adaptogenic herb useful as an aid to kundalini-actives.

Herb List

Herbal Medicine: Constitutional Herbalism and The Herbal Energetics of Western Herbs. HEALTH and DISEASE What forces, seen and unseen, cause disease and promote health?

Herbal Medicine: Constitutional Herbalism and The Herbal Energetics of Western Herbs

This is a question that has occupied the thoughts of humans for thousands of years. Although we know many more minute details about the processes that occur during health and disease, we may not be any closer to really understanding the process. Many herbalists throughout history have said that the state of health we enjoy is related to several important factors: 1. Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Olive Leaf Extract Remedy. A New/Old Healing Bonanza for Mankind by James R.

Olive Leaf Extract Remedy

Privitera, M.D. Science has long stalked the chemical world within plants to uncover their amazing healing secrets. Lately, these investigations have yielded discovery after discovery of natural compounds with promising health and medical potential. Some of these compounds stimulate the production of anti-cancer enzymes in the body. Others bind and neutralize certain carcinogenic chemicals. Triphala -East West School of Herbology-study with Michael Tierra. Ayurvedic Formula for Internal Purification Dr. Michael Tierra L.Ac., O.M.D.

The most popular herbal remedies in the health food industry are those that promote bowel movement. The reason is quite simple since a very common problem for so many individuals is constipation and bowel irregularity. Myrrh Oil Benefits and Uses. You may have heard of myrrh from Biblical stories, as it's one of the precious gifts (together with gold and frankincense) offered by the three wise men to the newborn Jesus. This valuable element actually has a long history of use, especially in ancient civilizations. Today, myrrh is most commonly known as an essential oil. Keep on reading to learn more about its many benefits. What Is Myrrh Oil? Nigella sativa / Black Cumin / Black Seed. Nigella sativa: Black seed, Black cumin, Nigella sativa, Kalonji, Schwarzcummel, sinouj, Nutmeg flower, Black caraway, Habba sowda, fennel flower...Black seed (Nigella sativa) is considered to be one of the greatest healing herbs of all times.

This herb has been used for millenniums to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, purify the blood, protect against irritants and support healthy longevity. Nigella Sativa. Persimmons for heat, hiccoughs, hemorrhoids, hangover.