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Hi! I'm Elle(nickname)! I love animals, glitter, fashion/cosmetology, and singing. Singing is my passion and I don't go through a day without doing it. I also write my own songs and play the piano. My favorite color is pink and I also like gold/silver. My favorite animal is a panda or kitten. I love chocolate and ice cream. I'm 13 and I love when my birthday comes because that means i'm the queen, LOL! I hope you like my collections and pics!


Hello Pearltrees!<3. Pandas! What is Cosmetology? (with pictures) Cosmetology is a profession that can include a number of different haircare, skincare, and nail care services.

What is Cosmetology? (with pictures)

The field includes a wide range of body pampering and beauty treatments for men, women, and children. People who perform these jobs must usually be licensed, and generally undergo specialized training at specialized schools or institutes. They work in many different settings — some people work out of their homes or small shops, while others are on staff with upscale salons or spas.