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Squarepusher. Collective - ask squarepusher! answers. On the eve of the release of his Hello Everything album, Squarepusher aka Tom Jenkinson answered questions posed by Collective members.

collective - ask squarepusher! answers

On Music Process.1.Hols_444 asks: In recent interviews you appear warmer. Has age has lifted the strain and pressure of the creative process? Does your high stature allow you to relax a little? Or is the pressure to explore even more always a factor? I'm more curious about the personality behind music. As I perceive it, the main reason that people ask questions concerned with the personality of a composer is to try to form some sort of background against which the music may be contextualised. Indeed, it seems to me that a proper understanding may not even be desirable for most listeners. 2.Stickfigure8 asks: I've been making electronic music for six years and playing the guitar for 11 years. 3.Mrkvm23 asks: I'm curious in general about the process of putting together a Squarepusher album.

Page two. Squarepusher interview - erutufon. Here's an interview I did with Squarepusher by email and a little bit by phone.

Squarepusher interview - erutufon

Q - Chris Cunningham and Richard James did the Flex piece at the RA; you, Jamie and other WARP artists are doing the Ether thing. What does the “art world” have to offer ravers and vice versa? The first thing is that the "art world" isn't quite desperate enough to try to incorporate ravers into itself yet. However it seems that amongst other things I am now seen as something other than a raver, which is of course perfectly true - it is just as ridiculous to be bracketed as a raver as it is an "artist". I have never composed for an orchestra and I don't actually know what I'm going to do yet, but I imagine that it will soon become obvious.

I am probably not the best person to ask as I know comparatively little about professors of modern music. Q -Do you feel that different “scenes” can suck artists in? Q - You’ve played all over the world, and are popular in different ways in different countries. Q. Squarepusher. DnB 1996 (LolaDaMusica) part1: Squarepusher. Squarepusher. Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson, a UK-based recording artist.


His compositions draw on a number of influences including drum and bass, acid house, jazz and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources, live instrumental playing and digital signal processing. He is the brother of Ceephax Acid Crew (Andrew Jenkinson). Early life[edit] Tom Jenkinson was born in January 1975 and grew up in Chelmsford, Essex. Much of his early experience of music was from scanning through various radio stations for anything that caught his ear irrespective of style or genre, and he was also fascinated by radio static and amplitude modulation artefacts on the Short Wave band. Aphex Twin. Aphex twin - Google Images. Aphex Twin. Aphex Twin has released recordings on Rephlex, Warp, R&S, Sire, Mighty Force, Rabbit City, and Men Records.

Aphex Twin

History[edit] Early years[edit] Richard David James was born in Limerick, Ireland, and grew up in Lanner, Cornwall, enjoying along with two older sisters, a "very happy" childhood during which they, according to James, "were pretty much left to do what [they] wanted".[3] He "liked growing up there, being cut off from the city and the rest of the world".[4] James attended Redruth School, located in Redruth, Cornwall.[5] Early career: early 1990s[edit] In 1989 James met and befriended Grant Wilson-Claridge when working as a DJ on alternate weeks at the Bowgie pub, near Newquay in Cornwall.

James' first release was the 12-inch EP Analogue Bubblebath on Mighty Force Records in 1991. Where music plays. Rephlex. <div class="alert_message warning"><div class="set_to_page_width"><i class="icon icon-exclamation-triangle icon-large"></i><strong>Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. </strong></div></div> Rubber Johnny. Venetian snares. Venetian snares - Google Images. Venetian Snares. Venetian Snares is the main performing alias of Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk.

Venetian Snares

Known for making electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (mostly 7/4), up until 2007, Funk was prolific, releasing as many as eight recordings a year, for labels including: History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen. Funk debuted on a record label in 1999 with the EP Greg Hates Car Culture. Prior to this, he self-released material on cassette tapes as early as 1992.[1] Biography[edit] In a February 2003 interview, Funk was asked a question regarding the diverse mix of genres he draws upon in his music, a property which the interviewer labelled "eclecticism".

In other interviews he discusses how his early experiments in sound influenced his aesthetics and use of samples: "When I was a kid I'd use a bunch of ghetto blasters playing all at once to play different sounds I'd recorded with some other shitty ghetto blasters. Venetian snares - Google Videos. Chaîne de vsnares. Broadcast Yourself. Vache. Gentleman / Live Drums. Warp.

Chaîne de WarpRecords.