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5 Easy Steps to Shift from Magnetic Tapes to Cloud Storage. The world moves one step forward every day and no one here wishes to stay seated at one place.

5 Easy Steps to Shift from Magnetic Tapes to Cloud Storage

Do you know it’s possible to carry every bit of your loved memory in your pocket all the time, that too without carrying any special kind of memory device. Can you name the tech behind this miracle? Its cloud storage. 6 Benefits of using DVD over VHS. Ever thought why this generation moved to DVD from the very precious VHS tapes?

6 Benefits of using DVD over VHS

As VHS was the only way of recording personal memories at that time, it ruled the world for more than two decades and once seen as a threat by the television industry, it went out of mainstream limelight around 2008. The only reason for its extinction was DVD and here we have 6 solid reason to prove why getting VHS converted into DVD is the best way to secure your memories for future generations. # Extensively Long Life DVDs can last over 100 years, providing ultimate protection to your favourite content. Passing the same to your children becomes easy and highly reliable. 6 Benefits of using DVD over VHS.

6 Benefits of using DVD over VHS. The Videotape Format War between VHS and Betamax. An analog videotape format introduced by Sony originally developed in Japan.

The Videotape Format War between VHS and Betamax

Betamax was first introduced in US market in 1975. Betamax was very less utilized by customers but still somewhere used by professional TV Production. The cassette utilized ½-inch tape, with an underlying limit of 1-hour initial time. What is S-Video: S-Video vs Composite Video. S-Video is a colour video format that consolidates the three YUV video signals into two channels.

What is S-Video: S-Video vs Composite Video

It utilizes a round connector interface, and cable that transmits video luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) flag independently. S-Video alludes to a technique for analog video transfer that keeps the color and B/W parts of the video sign isolated until it arrives at the device like TV. This is the reason the video quality of S- Video. Video Transfer Service in Los Angeles. First and foremost, i would like to Welcome all clients, Past, Future and Present to our newly created blog for Digital Video & Film Lab, LLC. Here, we will be providing you with substantial information on the latest technology advancements for Video and 8mm Film Transfers. VHS TO DVD & 8MM FILM TRANSFER SERVICE IN LOS ANGELES. Our VHS TO DVD & 8MM FILM Conversion Service In Los Angeles Choosing a company that you can trust to transfer all your cherished memories can be a very exhausting process.


Who should you trust? Will they deliver quality? Will they ship off your media to some far off distant country? 8mm FILM & 16mm FILM Frame by Frame Transfer SERVICE IN LOS ANGELES. Over the past several months we have been receiving calls from the Los Angeles Community about Frame By Frame Transfers for their 8mm & 16mm Films.

8mm FILM & 16mm FILM Frame by Frame Transfer SERVICE IN LOS ANGELES

Frame by Frame Transfers is exactly what it means, FRAME BY FRAME. Film is scanned by a professional film scanner in either 720p or 1080p resolution. The example below is an exact demonstration of a FRAME by FRAME capture. At Digital Video & Film Lab, we transfer all films by a Professional film scanner. Old VHS Tapes That Are Actually Worth a Lot of Money. Nowadays when we have streaming services of Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, it’s difficult to accept we at any point needed to enjoy a movie at home.

Old VHS Tapes That Are Actually Worth a Lot of Money

For this, people headed to video rental stores and started searching for VHS Tapes. When you were finished viewing the movie you needed to rewind the tape and really return it to the store. There are a couple of tapes that value a huge amount of cash to the collecters. On the off chance you have still those VHS Tapes, investigate and check whether you have any of these uncommon diamonds.

How VCR's Work? The black-and-white TV set invention and the first broadcasts of television signals in 1939 and 1940 were obviously important.

How VCR's Work?

Then the advent of color TV and its huge popularity starting in the 1950s. There is the rise of cable television and cable channels like HBO and CNN competing with the three big networks in the 1970s. In this same list must certainly go the development and popularization of the VCR starting in the 1970s and '80s. The VCR recorded one of the most important events in the history of TV because. As through this, people can control what they could watch on their TV. A VCR tape is a complicated device in its own right, and it's a classic miracle of mass production. If you take a closer look at the videotape, you will find in it: • The top and bottom parts of the external shell • A spring-loaded door which moves is to protect the tape • Two spools to hold the tape • An 800-foot long, and 1/2-inch wide piece of oxide-coated Mylar tape which acts as the recording medium.

What is S-Video: S-Video vs Composite Video. Transfer VCR Tapes to DVD. The History of Audio Cassette. The Compact Cassette format (reel to reel recording tapes), was developed in 1935, that was huge and inconvenient that’s why they were only utilized in studios.

The History of Audio Cassette

Improvement of tape was represented in 1963, with top-notch sound by Philips at Berlin Radio Show in Europe. Due to their decision to license the format for free, Philips’ Compact Cassette became the mass leader. The large scale manufacturing of Compact Cassettes began in 1964 in Hanover, Germany. Pre-recorded music tapes were propelled in Europe in late 1965. Pre-recorded cassettes made a new appearance just after the two years of cassette tapes invention. The Fall of the Audio Cassette Following its top in the late 1980s, the market for tapes dropped in both Western Europe and North America. The Videotape Format War between VHS and Betamax. Convert VHS to AVI, MP4 and Quicktime MOV Transfers in Los Angeles, CA.

Different Type of Video Tape Formats. As technology keeps on progressing, we’re constantly switching out the old for the new.

Different Type of Video Tape Formats

There have been so many different tape formats and shifts of technology over the years, it’s not easy for anyone to keep track of the model names or equipment needed to play their old videotapes. Hopefully, I have kept track of videotape formats that will help you figure out exactly what kind of tapes we have or had. First of all what is a videotape? Videotape is magnetic tape devices which are used for storing video and mostly sound in addition. Information can be stored in the form of either an analog signal or digital signal. Now let’s talk what types fall under videotapes: Learn about different types of videotapes formats as follows from which some of the formats disappeared into history.

Microcassette These cassettes were Introduced by Olympus in 1969. Audio Cassette These cassettes were developed by Phillips and released in 1963-1964. MiniDVD This disc having 8 cm (3 in.) in diameter. Difference Between an EP and LP. Transfer Regular 8mm Film to DVD Los Angeles, CA. Need and Advantages of Converting VHS to Digital. Digital Video & Film LabNeed and Advantages of Converting VHS to DigitalNeed and Advantages of Converting VHS to Digital If your precious memories are captured on deceased VHS video tapes then it is recommended to transfer them onto DVD as this format deteriorates over time. VHS utilizes composite video to carry colour. This combines the two shading distinction signals, and interference with the black and white signal.

On the other hand DVD holds tAdvantages of Transferring VHS to DVD 1.Unlike VHS tape, the signal always degrades with each time it is played back, the signal always remains same even in constant played back. How Simply To Convert VCR Tapes To DVD – Digital Video Lab. The old VCR cassettes are deteriorating rapidly, and family memories are bound to disappear on such a medium. Here are the tips for convert VCR taps to DVD. Use an analog to digital converter To transfer the content of your VHS to your computer, use an analog-to-digital converter.

The accessory is marketed between 20 and a hundred euros. 35MM FILM DEVELOPING TO CONVERT NEGATIVES FROM PHOTOS TO DIGITAL MEDIA. Given the increasing popularity of digital imaging, many people have abandoned their old 35mm camera films. Using a scanner, it is possible to convert all your old rolls of 35mm film into digital media. This provides the versatility and convenience of digital storage, editing and sharing methods and can renew old, forgotten photographs. We are going through a transition in which many of our memories are still in analog format, that is, in the form of 3mm film. Undoubtedly many of you have scanned all those photographs to save them forever on your hard drives. But did you know that the negatives can also be converted into digital? Pay for professional service. How We Can Convert VCR Tapes to DVD – Never Compromise with Quality – Digital Video Lab. The memories make you happy and always give you pleasure.

Everyone wants to keep a precious glimpse in a moment. In this era of advance, the man has the chance to save his life in photos and videos. HI8 To Digital Converter. Know Advantage Of Films Digitized By Film Lab Los Angeles – Digital Video Lab. How to Convert or Transfer The 16mm Film To Digital Format – Digital Video Lab. How to Transfer My 8 mm or Super 8 Movies to DVD? – Digital Video Lab. Converting VHS Tapes to DVD from Professionals. Digital Video Lab: How We Can Convert VCR Tapes to DVD. The memories make you happy and always give you pleasure.

Everyone wants to keep a precious glimpse in a moment. In this era of advance, the man has the chance to save his life in photos and videos. Discover How To Convert VHS To DVD And Other Formats – Digital Video Lab.