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Brainfeeder By strangeloop, on April 11th, 2014, at 9:53 am A limited number of seats will be outfitted with SubPac Tactile-Sound devices, systems which directly transfer low frequencies to your body. Arrive early for your chance to get one of the coveted seats, and experience bass in a wholly new kind of way! AV Sessions is produced in association with Strangeloop’s A/V collective Teaching Machine.
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igethype! 01 Sound Check02 Wake Up03 Loosie04 Zap05 Jordan VII06 Dada07 WTF08 Lol09 Dark Sunshine10 Black & Brown To say that Black and Brown, the new collaborative EP from Detroit indie-rap producer Black Milk and shock-rap loose cannon Danny Brown, feels "half-finished" would be over-generous. Covering 10 tracks in a scant 22 minutes and bearing a forehead-slap obvious title that probably existed before the project did, Black and Brown is hastily assembled, thoughtlessly sequenced, and conspicuously truncated. There are two songs, back to back, titled "WTF" and "LOL". Four songs don't exceed the two-minute mark. The overwhelming impression is that the EP exists because an assistant stumbled across an "in-progress" folder of mp3s on Black Milk's desktop and leaked the results. igethype!
Throughout the week, a whole lot of material gets posted here on {*style:<i>*}XLR8R{*style:</i>*}. And while we know—and love—that some hardcore readers will eagerly pour over every single news story, interview, podcast, video, and MP3 download that appears on the site, we also realize that for most people, it's impossible to see everything, which means that some quality {*style:<i>*}XLR8R{*style:</i>*} content is likely to get missed in the hustle and bustle of everyone's daily lives. In the interest of making it easier for everyone to catch up, every Friday we present {*style:<i>*}The Lowdown{*style:</i>*}, a weekly wrap-up of the top 10 tidbits from our site.

XLR8R | Accelerating Music and Culture

XLR8R | Accelerating Music and Culture
Wziąwszy amulet do poświęcenia, całkowicie owładnięty i rozkojarzony uczeń zagląda do chatki szamana. - Witaj, Zamulan, nasz szamanie plemienia Buhapara, bądź pozdrowion! O wielki, mam tu amulet sporządzony z rogu renifera -Witaj, witaj, arch in dubby hub arch in dubby hub