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WikiLeaks Is Back! With Millions of Global Intelligence E-mails. Share NOTE: see 8:30 pm Sunday entry below for main story.

WikiLeaks Is Back! With Millions of Global Intelligence E-mails

Greg Mitchell is the author of The Age of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning. --GO HERE FOR TUESDAY's WIKILEAKS NEWS & VIEWS AND UPDATE ON THE "GLOBAL INTEL" FILES 5:25 Good Mother Jones backgrounder on Stratfor and what the emails reveal about it (and its ambitions) so far. And David Corn now with piece raising question of whether Statfor got access to some materials seized in raid that killed bin Laden. 5:15 Cole Stryker at Salon: WikiLeaks enters its "new phase" by partnering with Anonymous ushering in new era for "hacktivism.

" 4:10 Federal Judge: Halliburton may have set me up in double sex case. 3:15 InfoWorld headline: "Extremely Hacked and Incredibly Dense. " 3:10 The Telegraph: Email finds Stratfor guy claiming Osama bin Laden was very much in steady contact wtih Pakistan spy agency. 3:00 Talking Points Memo piece not impressed by news coming out of the emails so far. Anonymous And WikiLeaks Team Up To Release Intelligence Files. WikiLeaks has a new source of information the “hacktivists” Anonymous.

Anonymous And WikiLeaks Team Up To Release Intelligence Files

This time they teamed up to release information from a company called Stratfor, a subscription based provider of geopolitical analysis. Stratfor recognized in December that their data servers were breached by Anonymous. Also Stratfor said that the e-mail released by WikiLeaks might have been altered and condemned the “deplorable, unfortunate – and illegal – breach of privacy.” WikiLeaks will be posting the GIF (Global Intelligence Files) files, they consists on more than five million emails. The emails date from July 2004 until late December 2011. The website mentions that “Government and diplomatic sources from around the world give Stratfor advance knowledge of global politics and events in exchange for money.”

The first file was titled “The Stratfor Glossary of Useful, Baffling and Strange Intelligence Terms”, that includes vocabulary and terms used by Stratfor.

WikileakZ On_The SimpletonZ

'Rolling Stone' to drop big Julian Assange interview next week by Michael Hastings, the guy who blew the lid off Gen. McChrystal. Michael Hastings is in the news this week for his latest book, The Operators, a 379-page follow-up to the journalist's explosive June 2010 Rolling Stone profile of Gen.

'Rolling Stone' to drop big Julian Assange interview next week by Michael Hastings, the guy who blew the lid off Gen. McChrystal

Stanley McChrystal, whose career-making spot as the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan came to a screeching halt after the article revealed him trash-talking Vice President Joseph Biden and some of the president's top aides. RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012 (feat. Noam Chomsky & Anonymous)    :  Information Clearing House News. 109th Congress (2005-2006.

NSWC National Security Whistleblowers Coalition

Draft:The Most Wanted Leaks of 2009. From WikiLeaks 2009's Most Wanted Leaks—the concealed documents or recordings most sought after by a country's journalists, activists, historians, lawyers, police, or human rights investigators.

Draft:The Most Wanted Leaks of 2009

Broadcast Yourself. Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq. Welcome to FoWL: Friends of WikiLeaks! U.K. Debate On Extradition. Spi_FileZ #HQ. US targets WikiLeaks like no other organisation. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks during a news conference in central London.

US targets WikiLeaks like no other organisation

Photo: AP WIKILEAKS is the target of an ''unprecedented'' US government criminal investigation, Australian diplomatic cables obtained by the Herald reveal. The cables also show the Australian government wants to be forewarned about moves to extradite Julian Assange to the United States, but that Australian diplomats raised no concerns about him being pursued by prosecutors on charges of espionage and conspiracy. Bradley Manning lawyer: White House review found 'leak' did no real damage.

Bradley ­Manning is facing multiple charges relating to his alleged releasing of state secrets.

Bradley Manning lawyer: White House review found 'leak' did no real damage

Photograph: AP The US army intelligence analyst suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks says a White House review has concluded that the alleged leaks did no real damage to national security. Bradley Manning's defence attorney made the claim in a court filing he released publicly on Monday. The filing also claims a defence department review found that all the information allegedly leaked was either dated, represented low-level opinions, or was already known because of previous public disclosures. Manning is seeking the reports to aid in his defence. Assange's latest leak: his own story of how he fell out with 'backstabbing' press - Press - Media. The comments reveal the depth of distrust between Mr Assange and senior journalists at The Guardian newspaper, with whom he fell out over an agreement to publish thousands of secret US diplomatic cables alongside two other international newspapers last year.

Assange's latest leak: his own story of how he fell out with 'backstabbing' press - Press - Media

The film, to be aired on More4 tomorrow, charts how a pact to publish the contents of more than 75,000 leaked US cables in a deal between The Guardian, The New York Times and Germany's Der Spiegel went interminably sour leading to bitter fallouts with all three newspapers. It comes as Mr Assange is still embroiled in a fight to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces allegations of sex crimes.

Senior judges will meet in London next Monday to decide whether an appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court. Obama Signs Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act. <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" Business News</a> Copy President Obama signed the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act today, less than a year after an ABC News investigation into the murder of the 24-year-old volunteer in Africa.

Obama Signs Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act

The act, which passed earlier this month in Congress, is designed to protect Peace Corps whistleblowers and improve the treatment of victims of violence and sexual assault. The law is named for 24-year-old Kate Puzey of Georgia, who was murdered in Benin in 2009 after telling superiors she believed a fellow Peace Corps employee was molesting female students. In an investigation that aired on "20/20," ABC News told the story of Kate's murder and examined what critics say has been a "blame-the-victim" culture within the Peace Corps when volunteers are assaulted or attempt to report problems.

"It's such a wonderful thing. Julian Assange na Trip #199. Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange Hires Pirate Bay Lawyer ~ The Hacker News. Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange Hires Pirate Bay Lawyer Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has fired his lawyer in favour of one with experience in batting for The Pirate Bay, according to a Swedish news report.

Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange Hires Pirate Bay Lawyer ~ The Hacker News

Julian Assange has ditched his Swedish legal counsel and lined up a new defence team in readiness for a likely return to the country to face allegations of sexual molestation and rape against two women. Assange has filed a petition with the Stockholm District Court, says the newspaper, and communicated his desire to change his representation to attorneys Per Samuelson and Thomas Olsson. Bradley Manning: WikiLeaks suspect to get hearing at Fort Meade. A military hearing for Army Pfc.

Bradley Manning: WikiLeaks suspect to get hearing at Fort Meade

Bradley Manning, the former intelligence analyst accused of giving classified materials about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to WikiLeaks, has been scheduled for next month at Fort Meade. The primary purpose of the Article 32 hearing is "to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the government's case as well as to provide the defense with an opportunity to obtain pretrial discovery," Manning's attorney wrote Monday on his website. The hearing is scheduled to begin Dec. 16 and is expected to last five days, according to attorney David E.

Coombs. Political Interference - Sweden vs. Assange. What Does it Cost to Change the World? Contents US and Sweden: Informal Talks about Assange Extradition to US since December 2010 Media reports that Wikileaks is planning what they describe as a "smear campaign" against Sweden. Good to know.… — Carl Bildt (@carlbildt) February 22, 2012 The UK newspaper The Independent (08 December 2010) reported that Sweden and the United States were holding informal negotiations about Assange’s onward extradition.

Leaker of Pentagon Papers Joins WikiLeaks in Rebuking U.S. 11-07 Wikileaks' Assange must be protected. Authored by William Shaub Julian Assange has become more than an agent of transparency; he’s our resourceful David in a 21st century fight against thousands of steroid-enhanced Goliaths. WikiLeaks' Assange files appeal to take case to U.K. Supreme Court. News By Jeremy Kirk November 15, 2011 12:51 PM ET. The US Justice Department Hacked My Twitter Account. Intro: "Few realise that foreign governments gain the right to our personal data when we sign up to social media. This must end. " By Birgitta Jonsdottir, Guardian UK 13 November 11. Birgitta Jónsdóttir. Twitter Ordered to Give Up Wikileaks Data. A federal judge on Thursday ordered Twitter to give up information about three account holders under investigation for possible connections to WikiLeaks.

The decision rejected an appeal by the three account holders that argued their IP addresses should be considered private. Those account holders — Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp and Birgitta Jonsdottir — have addressed the situation on Twitter. "The consequences of this decision for me are extremely limited: there’s not a whole lot you can learn from records that Twitter has on me that you can’t learn from reading my blog," he wrote. "There are bigger principles at stake though, and this is not a good ruling for online privacy. " Sweden vs. Assange. Government to disclose evidence against WikiLeaks suspect in pretrial hearing.

Free Bradley Manning

Free Mercedes. JUSTICE FOR JULIAN. “Assange (Wikileaks) Condemns Australian Threat To Free Speech: Falsehood Must Be Repudiated Not Punished” Donate. WikiLeaks is entirely supported by the general public. The Guantanamo Files. Herald staff dominate Walkley Awards nominations. Wikileaks. When you talk too much for Twitter. WITCHES SUPPORTING WIKILEAKS. France mox nuclear" OpSubverse. Hbgary. Message to H.B. Gary and H.B. Gary Customers From Anonymous. WikiLeaks' obvious truth. WikiLeaks. Wikileaks.

WIKILEAKS from Dec. 2010 till Feb. 2011. Wikileaks. Wikileaks. Wikileaks. WikiLeaks.


WikiLeaks. Wondering why the. Rendition Warsaw WikiLeakZ. Viewing cable 05WARSAW4037, IRAQ: POLES SIGNAL READINESS TO STAY, BUT PRESS Understanding cables Every cable message consists of three parts: The top box shows each cables unique reference number, when and by whom it originally was sent, and what its initial classification was.The middle box contains the header information that is associated with the cable. It includes information about the receiver(s) as well as a general subject.The bottom box presents the body of the cable. The opening can contain a more specific subject, references to other cables (browse by origin to find them) or additional comment. This is followed by the main contents of the cable: a summary, a collection of specific topics and a comment section. To understand the justification used for the classification of each cable, please use this WikiSource article as reference. Discussing cables If you find meaningful or important information in a cable, please link directly to its unique reference number.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made. Statement on the 9 Month Anniversary of Cablegate: Release of 133,887 Cables. 29th August 2011. Egypt's military ruler Tantawi and the American siege of Gaza: revelations from Wikileaks. The US administration of President Barack Obama was even more actively involved than previously known in enforcing the siege of Gaza along Egypt’s border with the territory. And the Pentagon provided direct assistance and technology for these efforts, a newly released official document reveals. The US Embassy cable dated 8 April 2009 and released yesterday by Wikileaks is a briefing document for US Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY) – a hardline supporter of Israel – who was in Egypt to meet with officials.

Freedom of Information. US espionage investigation against WikiLeaks: PATRIOT Act order unsealed. US Kuwait. Burkino Faso. CHILD TRAFFICKING. Hong Kong US. Cablegate's cables: Full-text search. PARAMARIBO34 Suriname. CATHOLIC CLERGY. 30 new revelations from #wlfind. Wikileaks-iraqi-children-in-us. WikiLeaks bids to end credit card ban so it can start sending out confidential documents again.