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Mike Fasano Florida Senator : Go_OD Guy::Against Priv8JailZ

Largest U.S. Private-Prison Deal Defeated in Florida’s Senate. Report: Thousands of U.S.-Born Kids Languish in Foster Care As Immigrant Parents Detained, Deported. This is a rush transcript.

Report: Thousands of U.S.-Born Kids Languish in Foster Care As Immigrant Parents Detained, Deported

Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, continuing with immigration news, we turn now to a major new report that looks at thousands of U.S. -born children whose parents are detained or deported. It is called "Shattered Families: The Perilous Intersection of Immigration Enforcement and the Child Welfare System. " According to the report, there are at least 5,100 children currently living in foster care who are prevented from uniting with their detained or deported parents. AMY GOODMAN: The Applied Research Center estimates the U.S. deported more than 46,000 parents of U.S. citizen children between January and June of this year. We’re joined here in New York City by Seth Wessler, a senior researcher at the Applied Research Center, principal investigator for the new report, "Shattered Families.

" Seth, lay out what you have found, how kids are separated from their parents and put into foster care here. AMY GOODMAN: Seth, what needs to happen? The U.S. Prison System is a Modern Day Gulag System.


Harrison Narcotics Tax Act - Wiki : Burn IT. The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act (Ch. 1, 38 Stat. 785) was a United States federal law that regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution of opiates and Coca products.

Harrison Narcotics Tax Act - Wiki : Burn IT

The act was proposed by Representative Francis Burton Harrison of New York and was approved on December 17, 1914.[1][2] "An Act To provide for the registration of, with collectors of internal revenue, and to impose a special tax on all persons who produce, import, manufacture, compound, deal in, dispense, sell, distribute, or give away opium or coca leaves, their salts, derivatives, or preparations, and for other purposes. " The courts interpreted this to mean that physicians could prescribe narcotics to patients in the course of normal treatment, but not for the treatment of addiction.

Although technically illegal for purposes of distribution and use, the distribution, sale and use of cocaine was still legal for registered companies and individuals. History[edit] International background[edit] Effect[edit] Douglas A. Blackmon.

MTC Management & Training Corporation

GEOGoup KidnapperZ. Arizona SB 1070 - Wiki. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer meeting with President Barack Obama in June 2010 in the wake of SB 1070, to discuss immigration and border security issues.[1] Critics of the legislation say it encourages racial profiling, while supporters say the law prohibits the use of race as the sole basis for investigating immigration status.[15] The law was modified by Arizona House Bill 2162 within a week of its signing with the goal of addressing some of these concerns.

Arizona SB 1070 - Wiki

There have been protests in opposition to the law in over 70 U.S. cities,[16] including boycotts and calls for boycotts of Arizona.[17] Polling has found the law to have majority support in Arizona and nationwide.[18][19][20][21] Passage of the measure has prompted other states to consider adopting similar legislation.[22] Provisions[edit] In addition, the Act makes it a crime for anyone, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, to hire or to be hired from a vehicle which "blocks or impedes the normal movement of traffic. " Private Prisons in a Wider Context (part 1 of 2) Private Prisons in a Wider Context (part 2 of 2) Report Card on American Education: A State-by-State Analysis.