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Occupy LSX criticizes British media. Occupy LSX criticizes British media The Occupy London Stock Exchange movement has criticized the British media for downgrading the anti-capitalism demonstration after claiming only one out of ten protest camps were occupied during the nights.

Occupy LSX criticizes British media

British media, which had formerly imposed a total blackout on the event, claimed that the majority of Occupy LSX protesters who are camped outside St Paul's Cathedral leave their tents at night and return to their “warm beds.” According to the Daily Mail, “footage from a thermal imaging camera” shot by a police helicopter showed that the camps were almost completely empty during the nights. “It suggests the majority of the 300 'defiant' protesters at the cathedral return home or to hotels after dark to sleep in warm beds,” the Daily Mail reported.

The paper also quoted from Matthew Richardson, Corporation of London councillor, as saying, “It's incredible. “This is simply not the case. “We are ordinary people with jobs and families. Professor Jan Toporowski. Occupy London Stock Exchange. Newsnight: Paul Mason: Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere.

Anon / Police Officer Paradox @ #OccupyLSX. 'Occupy' is a response to economic permafrost. 16 October 2011Last updated at 11:27 'Anonymous' people have become the new pole of attraction for the deep 'autonomist' movement.

'Occupy' is a response to economic permafrost

In February I wrote a blog called "Twenty Reasons Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere". With the global Occupy protests yesterday it is still looking quite accurate. But it's now clear there is a 21st reason. And a 22nd. I went down to Paternoster Square to observe the first few hours of the London protest. Who were they? Of the people I met: lots of student occupation activists from last winter; veteran leftists and veteran anarchists going back to the days of Saltley Gate; people involved in NGOs; an Oxbridge professor of computer science; a large smattering of "Anonymous" people - with their Guy Fawkes masks - who've become the new pole of attraction for the deep "autonomist" movement. Protesters mean to limit the power of finance capital and build a more equal society It's a pointless question. Powerful signal worldwide. Thousands set to march in Occupy London protest - World news - Europe.

The Occupy London movement in the U.K. eclipsed 12,000 Facebook followers Thursday, with more than 4,500 saying they will march on the London Stock Exchange this weekend. Occupy Wall Street-style movements are spreading in the United Kingdom, Naomi Colvin, an activist and spokeswoman for the group, said. A similar movement began in the northern English city of Manchester earlier this month. Occupy Wall Street-style protests spread to Britain Colvin belongs to a core group of 30 people who are organizing the London event. "We're pretty overwhelmed by the response," she said. Story: World intrigued by "Occupy Wall Street" movement The Occupy London demonstration is scheduled for noon Saturday, with organizers expecting people from around the U.K. to attend.

Thousands set to march in Occupy London protest. Occupy Wall Street protests come to London. Protests against the global financial system which have seen huge demonstrations in New York's Wall Street will spread to the City of London this weekend.

Occupy Wall Street protests come to London

A number of campaign organisations, including direct action group UK Uncut, say they will support an occupation of the heart of the capital's financial centre on Saturday as part of a "global movement for real democracy" to highlight social and economic injustice. The Occupy London Stock Exchange collective said a Facebook page on the protest had attracted more than 9,000 followers, with more than 3,500 confirmed attendees. Laura Taylor, a supporter of the so-called OccupyLSX, said: "Why are we paying for a crisis the banks caused? More than a million people have lost their jobs and tens of thousands of homes have been repossessed, while small businesses are struggling to survive.

"Yet bankers continue to make billions in profit and pay themselves enormous bonuses, even after we bailed them out with £850bn. " Occupy the London Stock Exchange. ‘Occupy’ protests to arrive at London Stock Exchange. By Agence France-PresseTuesday, October 11, 2011 22:39 EDT LONDON — Protests against corporate power that have taken hold in the United States are to hit Britain on Saturday with a rally in front of the London Stock Exchange, organisers revealed.

‘Occupy’ protests to arrive at London Stock Exchange

Occupy London Stock Exchange (OccupyLSX) plans to launch a “peaceful occupation” near the capital’s financial nerve centre, and its page on social networking site Facebook has attracted 3,500 confirmed attendees. “This is a people-powered movement protesting against the increasing social and economic injustice in the UK,” OccupyLSX supporter Kai Wargalla explained on Wednesday. “We want to stand with…the overwhelming majority who value people over profit. We want to make our voices heard against greed, corruption and for a democratic, just society,” she added. The group will host workshops, assemblies and discussion groups during Saturday’s protest against the financial sector and its regulatory system.

Agence France-Presse. Occupy London (First General Assembly)