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Hemp DigestZ Nuclear Waste. Nuclear_TruckerZ. #San_Onofre : #Jennifer_Manofre Press. Tsar Bomba - Biggest Nuclear Explosion EVER. Grand Canyon Uranium Banned For 20Years. Halliburton IRAN Nuclear. List of ICBMs. Soviet Union / Russia[edit] Specific types of Soviet ICBMs include: Active[edit] Inactive[edit] United States[edit] Active[edit]

List of ICBMs

Voevoda-Class WAR_Head Satan_Dea_DraX Of Russia.

Savannah : Nuclear Spider Web Spent Fuel Assemblies

North Korea Nukes. Broken ArrowZ : Missing NukeZ. GERMAN NUKEZ. FUKUSHIMA. FRANCE NUKES. PAKI_NUKEZTAN. SELLAFIELD. Radiation updates. Nuclear Holocaust - Last Days. Private spat within U.S. nuclear agency laid bare. Multicountry Nuclear Event Alert. IRAN NUCLEAR. NUCLEAR REACTOR TYPES. SCE San Onofre California. SYRIA NUCLEAR. Galeria de Fotos. Rezn8d. Nuclear. Greenpeace has always fought - and will continue to fight - vigorously against nuclear power because it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity.


The only solution is to halt the expansion of all nuclear power, and for the shutdown of existing plants. Nastya, from Belarus was only three years old when she was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and lungs. According to local doctors the region has seen a huge increase in childhood cancer cases since the Chernobyl disaster. We need an energy system that can fight climate change, based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Nuclear power already delivers less energy globally than renewable energy, and the share will continue to decrease in the coming years.


HAZMAT in United Kingdom on Thursday, 13 October, 2011 at 17:09 (05:09 PM) UTC. EDIS CODE: HZ-20111013-32672-GBR. Highly radioactive material found on a Fife beach is giving "cause for concern", according to environmental watchdogs.

HAZMAT in United Kingdom on Thursday, 13 October, 2011 at 17:09 (05:09 PM) UTC. EDIS CODE: HZ-20111013-32672-GBR

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency found the lump of contaminated metal at Dalgety Bay beach on Saturday. Radium from wartime aircraft is thought to have been in landfill used when the foreshore was reclaimed. The material was 10-times more radioactive than any material found at the site previously. The discovery was made during work to trace the radioactive source, which is due to be completed over the next two weeks. A specialist team removed the material from the beach and took it to a lab for testing on Wednesday.

Highly radioactive material found / Fife Beach /Scottland.

JAPAN Nuclear Watch

GEORGIA LEAK. UK joins laser nuclear fusion project. 9 September 2011Last updated at 05:34 By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News Hiper already has a vision for how fusion energy could be harnessed and distributed The UK has formally joined forces with a US laser lab in a bid to develop clean energy from nuclear fusion.

UK joins laser nuclear fusion project

Unlike fission plants, the process uses lasers to compress atomic nuclei until they join, releasing energy. List of nuclear reactors - Wiki. This List of nuclear reactors is an annotated list of all the nuclear reactors in the world, sorted by country, with operational status.

List of nuclear reactors - Wiki

The list includes military, commercial and research reactors, excludes nuclear marine propulsion reactors, except those at land installations, and excludes uncompleted nuclear reactors. Algeria[edit] Research reactors[edit]


AMERICIUM. CURIUM. FRANCE. MOX Nuclear Recycle Agent. France mox nuclear" Nuclear weapons testing. Nuclear weapons tests are experiments carried out to determine the effectiveness, yield, and explosive capability of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons testing

Throughout the 20th century, most nations that developed nuclear weapons tested them. Testing nuclear weapons can yield information about how the weapons work, as well as how the weapons behave under various conditions and how structures behave when subjected to nuclear explosions. Nuclear power accidents by country. Worldwide, many nuclear accidents have occurred since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Nuclear power accidents by country

Two thirds of these mishaps occurred in the US.[1] The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has concluded that technical innovation cannot eliminate the risk of human errors in nuclear plant operation. An interdisciplinary team from MIT have estimated that given the expected growth of nuclear power from 2005–2055, at least four serious nuclear power accidents would be expected in that period.[1] List of civilian nuclear accidents. This article lists notable civilian accidents involving fissile nuclear material or nuclear reactors.

List of civilian nuclear accidents

Civilian incidents not serious enough to be accidents are listed at List of civilian nuclear incidents. Military accidents are listed at List of military nuclear accidents. Civil radiation accidents not involving fissile material are listed at List of civilian radiation accidents. For a general discussion of both civilian and military accidents, see Nuclear and radiation accidents. Leaked Video Of Explosion At Tricastin Nuclear Power Station In France! Nuclear Power in France. (Updated February 2014) France derives over 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy.

Nuclear Power in France

This is due to a long-standing policy based on energy security.France is the world's largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation, and gains over EUR 3 billion per year from this.France has been very active in developing nuclear technology. Reactors and fuel products and services are a major export.It is building its first Generation III reactor.About 17% of France's electricity is from recycled nuclear fuel. In 2011 French electricity generation was 542 billion kWh net, and consumption was 478 billion kWh (down from 513 billion kWh in 2010 due to being a mild year) – about 6800 kWh per person. Winter demand varies by 2300 MWe per degree C.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): The Nuclear Safety Culture: Strengthening Safety at Nuclear Installations. Offices and Contact Information. IAEA Offices and Contact Information Headquarters Liaison Offices.

Offices and Contact Information