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Polymetal. STEEL. Yangzhou Gloucester Coal China. HYDRAGEN ELLEMENTS. BHP Billinton. Alcoa Power Generating Inc. - Wiki. Alcoa Power Generating, Inc. is a subsidiary of Alcoa, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Alcoa Power Generating Inc. - Wiki

Its three divisions were independent subsidiaries before being consolidated into Alcoa Power Generating, Inc. (APGI). ALCOA ALLUMINIUM. ANTOFAGASTA PLC. ANTAM. ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI.


ANGLO American PLC. DIAMONDS. ALROSA. AGNICO-EAGLE MINING. ADEX MINING. FREEPORT McROWAN Copper & GOLD. NEWPORT MINING. ALLIANCE MINING CORP. Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas. With gold prices soaring to around USD 1,600 per ounce, Colombia has made a concerted effort to stimulate foreign investment in its mining sector.[1] As a result, the Colombian government has favored multinational mining companies over small to medium scale local miners.

Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas

While this new gold rush represents a significant source of investment and finance for the federal government, it also helps fund Colombia’s four-decade long civil war. After years of government-sponsored eradication, paramilitary and guerrilla armies have begun to abandon coca production and are turning to gold mining, as well as the extortion of mining communities, to generate significant sources of revenue. Moreover, as a result of governmental favoritism, multinational mining corporations utilize national military forces and paramilitaries to harass native populations, local miners, and unionized workers in an effort to force them from their gold-laden lands. COLOMBIA MINING.


Changing public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems. Research, News, M&A, Statistics, Economic Indicators, Islamic Finance - ISI Emerging Markets. GOLD.