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Apple Acquires Flash Part Maker Anobit. Apple Inc.

Apple Acquires Flash Part Maker Anobit

(AAPL) said it acquired Anobit Technologies Ltd., an Israeli company that makes a flash-memory drive part for the iPhone and iPad, confirming a press report from last month. The deal helps Apple secure supplies of a key component for its top-selling devices. Anobit. Anobit Technologies, Ltd.


(Hebrew: אנוביט‎) is an Israeli fabless designer of flash memory controllers.[1] Background[edit]

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EYEPHONE. FOXCONN. RENESAS. NIKO. SAMSUNG. HYNIX. SIRI iPhone Voice. QUALCOMM. Taking the iPhone Apart. An analysis from teardown firm Portelligent estimates that the new smartphone costs Apple a mere $220 to make As the creator of the iPhone, the most highly anticipated piece of consumer-electronics equipment in a decade or more, Apple (AAPL) certainly has much riding on the device's success. So too, in turn, do Apple's many, mostly anonymous suppliers. Pearltrees makes Web curation a joy with its 'magical' new iPad app. Not many tech CEOs would have the guts to describe their products as “magical” and as delivering “pure happiness”, but that’s exactly how Pearltrees‘ Patrice Lamothe describes the startup’s iPad app released today.

Pearltrees makes Web curation a joy with its 'magical' new iPad app

You know what? He may just be right. Pearltrees is a service that takes a visual approach to Web curation. Launched late last year with its browser-based version, it allows you to create networks of ‘pearls’ on screen. Steve Jobs: A Look Back: 1998 - At the Cause Conference. Steve Jobs was a college dropout who built computers in his parents’ garage in the mid-1970s with a friend, Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs: A Look Back: 1998 - At the Cause Conference

They founded what is now Apple Inc. in 1976 to sell their creations. Apple, based in Cupertino, California, surpassed Microsoft Corp. in 2010 to become the world’s most valuable technology company. Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc., is shown in 1969 in his freshman yearbook photo from Homestead High School in Cupertino, Calif. Photographer: Ryan Anson/Bloomberg. Vibe. Description The #1 viewer for instagrams and tweets around you (as close as 60 feet to 3 miles of wherever you are).


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