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BACTERIA Mouth Test For Cancer

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Streptococcus mitis - Wiki. Streptococcus mitis is a mesophilic alpha-hemolytic species of Streptococcus that inhabits the human mouth.

Streptococcus mitis - Wiki

It is a Gram positive, coccus, facultative anaerobe and catalase negative. It can cause endocarditis.[1] It has been widely reported that this organism survived for over two years on the Surveyor 3 probe on the moon; but some NASA scientists suggest this may be a result of contamination during or after return of Surveyor parts to Earth, as the person assembling the camera may have sneezed.[2] Neisseria elongata - Wiki. Neisseria - Wiki. Neisseria is a large genus of bacteria that colonize the mucosal surfaces of many animals.

Neisseria - Wiki

Of the 11 species that colonize humans, only two are pathogens, N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae. Most gonoccocal infections are asymptomatic and self-resolving, and epidemic strains of the meningococcus may be carried in >95% of a population where systemic disease occurs at <1% prevalence. Neisseria species are Gram-negative bacteria included among the proteobacteria, a large group of Gram-negative forms.

Gut - BMJ Journals. Mouth bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer.