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Comprehensive Marketing SolutionsSet up in 2001, Prayag provides comprehensive marketing solutions for companies in the high technology industry. In addition to IT Services and IT Products, BPO and Engineering services domains, we also focus on Manufacturing, Telecom, Online and Green Technology verticals. Recently, Prayag has also diversified into newer segments and verticals like Not for profit Organizations (NPOs) and Educational Institutions.

Branding - Marketing

CS EvaluatingValidating market and success. CS Benchmarking channel strategy for Drives business. Making market research count. Want to validate your new idea in the market and test its viability?

Making market research count

Or you already have a product in the market but are not seeing the expected results? When not to initiate market research. Many words have been written on why a company should initiate a market study exercise.

When not to initiate market research

But what is equally important is knowing when not to initiate such an exercise. Here are 3 key considerations – a. Timelines: If you do not have too much time for a detailed study, the best idea is not to get into it. Many times, we have seen companies get into a market study with very aggressive timelines. There is pressure on the data collection and analysis phases leaving scope for errors, missed opportunities etc. On Cloud Nine- in conversation with Srikanth Karnakota, Country Head, Server and Cloud Business, Microsoft, India. Customer acquisition vs customer retention- a contrarian view. 3 simple ways to get ideas for content generation. Is generating quality content periodically one of your responsibilities at work?

3 simple ways to get ideas for content generation

And is that a problem area for you? Let me guess – scarcity of ideas, inadequate writing skills and lack of bandwidth to invest time and effort in developing the content are some of your bugbears. Sounds familiar – don’t worry – there is a way to get around these issues. This blog suggests 3 simple ways to deal with the first issue – I.e. generating ideas for relevant content - 1. Read and read more – keep yourself updated with the happenings and goings on in your industry. Written by Jayanthi. Usercommunity_print. Technology brands – noun or a verb? Technology has become a key part of our lives today undoubtedly.

Technology brands – noun or a verb?

Not a day passes without you downloading your emails, or logging on to Facebook or a similar social media networking site or using google to look up some information. In fact, names of some technology brands have crept into our vocabulary too. Role of Digital Marketing in the upcoming Indian Elections. Have you spoken to your sales team recently? I recently met with a client to discuss ideas for a marketing campaign that she wanted to launch for a particular offering from her company –an offering for a typical B2B enterprise.

Have you spoken to your sales team recently?

Initially we discussed coming up with something different and exciting that would catch the fancy of the target audience to remove the monotony from an otherwise boring offering. However, as we got into the details, a few things became clear. Communication that touches the heart. It is really possible to delight your customer. Automation- the latest panacea for marketing?

Internet of Things (IoT) – shaken but not stirred. Well it’s official – The internet of things or IOT as it is referred to is all set to enter our lives and shake things up quite a bit.

Internet of Things (IoT) – shaken but not stirred

What is IOT? In simple terms it refers to the connecting of people, machines, data, process and things – in other words it stands for a truly interconnected world where machines and devices talk to each other, people and machines are connected and so on. So what does it mean to you and me? IOT has solid implications across all spheres of life – manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education to name a few. Old dogs too need new tricks. How about mentoring me kiddo? Web-Marketing-Communication.pdf. Innovation-hubs.pdf.

CSAT-Gauging-success.pdf. The_Whys-and-WhyNots-of-a-website-revamp.pdf. CS Customer landscape analysis for account mining. Rediscovering the winning formula- Infosys bets on Sikka+UBP combo. So, the rumors were laid to rest as Infosys today announced that Vishal Sikka is indeed the next CEO.

Rediscovering the winning formula- Infosys bets on Sikka+UBP combo.

An unusual and interesting choice, to say the least, Sikka could however be just what the doctor ordered for the ‘ailing’ company. One has to say that Infosys (and team Murthy) has done itself proud by choosing a person of such standing and technical capability as its first non-founder CEO. With the founder-rotation policy running into rough weather, and the company’s image taking a severe beating, hiring a person of such impeccable credentials is quite a master-stroke.

Can Bangalore become the “innovation capital”of India? I attended an event organized by VCCircle for entrepreneurs today in Bangalore and came away with quite a few learnings from the discussions.

Can Bangalore become the “innovation capital”of India?

The day started with a keynote by Srivatsa Krishna – the secretary of IT for Karnataka and it was an impressive opening. His vision is to move Bangalore from being the IT capital of India to the Innovation capital and he talked about how he wants to go about that. For one, he is very gung-ho about this which itself was refreshing. His strategy is to ensure more startups from Bangalore with software and biotech being obvious areas. One thing that stuck me was that while it is common for people in the IT in Bangalore to say that the industry grew despite the government, steps are actually being taken by the government to aid it constructively. 5 questions you need to ask yourself to be successful in business.

The rise of the new sharing economy. Rising stars – the new faces of the Indian business world? I came across a few interesting and young companies all in different areas that are successful or on the path to success.

Rising stars – the new faces of the Indian business world?

Here is what I found interesting about them – Product Marketing lessons from the Burroti. The day before, I had Burrotis for lunch at an Indian fast food restaurant in downtown San Francisco.

Product Marketing lessons from the Burroti

Essentially roti rolls with an Indian flavored filling, the restaurant had picked a really smart name for its flagship product (an anagram of the more popular burrito). And not only that, the visitor has an option of creating his own ‘burroti’ in a few simple steps: Pick the base (the burroti wrap); choose your protein (paneer/chicken/garbanzo beans); and add your flavor. A truly ingenious way to make a traditional Indian dish relatable and appealing to a wider (non-Indian) audience. CS RFP assistance for an IT Services Company. Pinterest. Welcome to Prayag Confluence. From the Editor’s desk It appears we have seen off the worst of the recession and what that means for the outsourcing industry is that service providers are back in business, making their plans to gear up for the future. Who better to hear from than IBM Global Services on what changes they are seeing, how the Global Delivery Model is shaping up and how IBM is augmenting its delivery footprint.

In this issue’s “Spotlight,” we have Koushik Radhakrishnan, Director, IBM Global Services, share his views on this topic, as well as give us a sneak preview into his new role as Head of Industrial Sector, GDC, China. Talking of trends, going ‘green’ seems to have become the mantra of companies across the spectrum. Welcome to Prayag Confluence. Welcome to prayag CONFLUENCE. Welcome to prayag CONFLUENCE. What's Up - Editorial. The acquisition of Keane by a relatively smaller Caritor created ripples in the industry. We give you our perspective of the affair, in an analysis of possible pitfalls and potential. The real test of M&A success is in Integration. What's Up - Editorial. Talking of interesting trends, offshore based IT infrastructure management is predicted to be an area with high potential for growth.

Network Solutions (NetSol) is one of the fastest growing companies in this segment. In late 2005, NetSol was acquired by IBM Global Services. The deal is expected to bring together a David and a Goliath for mutual benefit and gain. Welcome to Prayag Confluence. Message from CEO A happy new year to the growing tribe of Confluence readers! The year has started off on the right note with clear signs of rebuilding business momentum.

Welcome to Prayag Confluence. 48 Things You Need To Know About Super Bowl XLVIII. Michael Steinhardt forged the model for making ...


Social Media Consulting. Verticals. Disclaimer Prayag consulting provides its content on this Web site subject to the following terms and conditions. We may periodically change the Terms, so please check back from time to time. Marketing CommunicationCreating a Website that will be a Great Conversation Starter. How Obama’s marketing strategy helped win the election. Thought Leader.

Social media marketing made easy – 5 simple tips. Your team includes the client as well. Mu Sigma gets the formula right! Social media marketing – fantastic results. Digital Currency is here to stay. 5 Easy Ways to Stay Competitive in the Visual Marketing World. Know Thy Competitor. Just 5 steps away from better content. Know Thy Competitor.

Launching an existing product in a new market. Consulting - Newsletter. Consulting - Newsletter. Vantage Point - Articles. Making market research count. Repurposing content. Fashion Meets Big Data. Offshore%20BPO%20research. Intricacies%20of%20Business. MarketingPractices2008. Consulting - NewsLetter. Consulting - NewsLetter. Consulting - NewsLetter. Contact Us. Consulting. Consulting. Consulting. A recent Forrester report predicts a major shake out in the offshore IT industry and recommends that even large players align with each other to prepare for a maturing market. They predict consolidation, not just at the small company level, but among companies of all sizes. We have recently witnessed the acquiring of Mphasis by EDS, one of the more significant deals in the offshore space.

Consulting. Marketing at technology companies is still quite nascent or non-existent. Consulting. Many companies view thought leadership as an esoteric marketing idea requiring "high- brow" intellectuals who can evangelise path breaking new ideas. Verticals - Educational Institutions. With reforms being ushered in higher education and a slew of corporate entities entering the school education space, Education is one of the most happening sectors in India today. You are aware of the value add that a holistic and comprehensive marketing approach can bring but lack the bandwidth to anchor this internally. Prayag Consulting can be your ideal marketing partner. Clients - IT Services. Clients - IT Products.

Prayag Comprehensive Marketing Solutions. Clients - Testimonials. Clients - IT Products. Clients - BPO. Clients - Engineering Services. Clients - Others. Verticals - Educational Institutions. Public Eye. Public Eye. Public Eye. Prayag Consulting, India's first and leading technology marketing solutions firm, has bagged a Platinum award at the prestigious MarCom Awards 2009. Prayag won the Platinum Award for its work for Cisco Systems. The 2009 win is the second year that Prayag has won at the MarCom Awards - the company won a Platinum and a Gold last year. MarCom Awards recognize outstanding creative achievement in marketing and communication. This year, there were over 5,000 entries from throughout the world. Some prominent winners in the Platinum category include Fidelity Investments, Costco Wholesale, Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, Carnegie Mellon University, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Randstad, Siemens Healthcare, Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc and Wells Fargo, to name a few.

The award winning entry from Prayag was Human Network calling India, carried out on behalf of its client, Cisco. Public Eye. Prayag Consulting. Verticals - Clean Technologies. Sustainable growth and expansion is on the radar of most organizations today. Verticals - Telecom. Verticals - IT Services. With the new normal redefining the contours of the BPO industry, companies in this industry are actively examining how to understand recalibrated expectations and win customer confidence. In this context, acquiring a global footprint, exploring risk-reward models, deepening domain capabilities and interleaving technology into business process optimization are some of the issues that BPO companies are thinking through. A marketing partner like Prayag, who understands the nuances of your industry, can help you understand customer expectations, craft communication programs that help you stay in touch, track the market to help you navigate the dynamic business climate, and much more.

Having worked with many leading BPOs, Prayag Consulting also has the needed expertise and hands on experience. Verticals - IT Services. The Indian manufacturing industry is growing year on year spurred by the increase in domestic demand. Globally, manufacturing capacity is moving from developed to emerging countries providing another huge window of growth opportunity. Verticals - IT Services. IT Product companies need the power of marketing right from conceptualizing a product, through crafting a go to market strategy and launching the product to keeping a tab on user/customer feedback and experience. Prayag Consulting has worked with two of the top three global software product companies as well as several emerging and established product companies for precisely these needs. Verticals - IT Services. The IT services industry, comprising global scale players, Indian multinationals as well as a growing number of next generation niche players is interestingly poised.

Verticals. Offerings - Research. Offerings - Research. Content Management Services Development Company, Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain, Bangalore - India. Offerings - Branding.