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Checklist of documents for your kid’s nursery admission – Just dakhila. Nursery or pre-school is the best and fun part of a kid’s life.

Checklist of documents for your kid’s nursery admission – Just dakhila

In the pre-school, the kids learn very basic things from scratch. Admitting your kid in a pre-school or nursery helps them to succeed in understanding a specific environment where they learn how to be socially connected to other kids. In India, the nursery school admission 2017-18 begins from end of this year. Parents can get nursery admission form online as well as offline from school’s website or by visiting the school in which they want to get their child admitted. In India, nursery admission age of a kid lies between 2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months as approved by the education department of India. List of nursery admission documents checklist to be followed by parents: Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation. Nursery Admission. Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar Iii, East Delhi -

Dav Public School, Sreshtha Vihar, East Delhi - Shaheed Rajpal Dav Public School, Patparganj, East Delhi - Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar I, East Delhi - Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar Iii, East Delhi - Delhi Nursery School Admission 2017-18 Questions For Parents – Just dakhila.

A Nursery School Admission is a trying time for the parents.

Delhi Nursery School Admission 2017-18 Questions For Parents – Just dakhila

They have to go through the grueling process of filling forms, preparing the child and even themselves for long interviews. To help you here are some of the tough questions that schools may ask you. Why did you select our school? This question is one of the most common ones and is asked to know how much effort parents have taken to select a school for their child.

How do you play with the child? By asking this question the school wants to get an idea of the kind of environment the child is growing up in. Tell something about the child? This sounds like a very casual question but in fact, is put mostly to know how much each parent understands their child. Mount Carmel, Dwarka, West Delhi - Vandana International School, Dwarka, West Delhi - Indira Ideal School, Janakpuri, West Delhi - Pioneer Kamal Convent, Uttam Nagar, West Delhi - Rajindra Public School, Nangloi, West Delhi - New Era Public School, Dwarka, West Delhi - Delhi Public School, Dwarka, West Delhi - Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Jack N Jill Play School, Patparganj, East Delhi - Shishu Mangal, Nirman Vihar, East Delhi -

Petals, Nirman Vihar, East Delhi - First Step Learning School, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi - Shemrock Jewels, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi - Justdakhila. Ramakrishna Public School, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi - Vidyagrah, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi - Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Best Day Schools In Gurgaon, Gurgaon - JustDakhila. Justdakhila. Best Day Schools In Shakurbasti, West Delhi - JustDakhila. Justdakhila. Best Day Schools In Gurgaon, Gurgaon - JustDakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Justdakhila. Top 5 Essential Fitness Tips From Twinkle Khanna For All Women – Just dakhila. Twinkle Khanna, 42, a well-known actress-turned-columnist and wife of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, shared some simple yet valuable lifestyle tips to all moms and working women out there.

Top 5 Essential Fitness Tips From Twinkle Khanna For All Women – Just dakhila

Her tips have gone viral since she has a huge fan-following and admirers across the globe. All women irrespective of their ages look closely towards her to gain some valuable insight on womanhood, feminism, and parenthood. Twinkle Khanna, herself is a proud mother of two children now. She has recently disclosed a secret to her glowing beauty while sharing some essential tips on parenthood, here is what she stated while inspiring all women to keep themselves healthy and emotionally fit 24×7 despite hectic life schedule. You should maintain a perfect balance of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Daily practice of yoga and meditation is the simple way to keep your emotions under control. Twinkle Khanna is also an interior designer by profession. I like thisUnlike Like3I dislike thisUndislike 0. 5 Ways To Teach Kids The Value Of Money – Just dakhila.

Money is an important part of life.

5 Ways To Teach Kids The Value Of Money – Just dakhila

It is essential to teach your children the value of money and the importance of saving, right from their early ages. Financial lessons are crucial for the development of the children into responsible adults and instil a respect for money in them. Use Maths as a Tool Once your child starts learning the basics of maths at school, educate them about money. Play some fun money games with them to give them some practice. Main Reasons For Weight Loss In Babies – Just dakhila. Babies at a certain stage of time need special care and pampering from their parents and guardians.

Main Reasons For Weight Loss In Babies – Just dakhila

When we provide our whole sole attention to them and their growth, then only they can nurture out properly. But in spite of a lot of care being taken, there can be many thousands of reasons why the babies show a significant loss of weight. This can put the parents in lots of worries. So, here we are providing you some of the tips that you must go through, and then you will get to know what can be the major probable reasons for the loss of weight in babies. Have a look at the major reasons: Winter shopping list for your baby: – Just dakhila. Choosing dresses for a baby is always fun.

Winter shopping list for your baby: – Just dakhila

But you also need to remember the safety factors of the garments. Winter is on its way. Babies need more protection than the adults during winter. St Francis School, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - Best Play Schools in Delhi. SUNCITY WORLD SCHOOL, Gurgaon Sector 54, Gurgaon - HOLY ANGELS SCHOOL, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad - Best Day Schools In Gurgaon, Gurgaon - JustDakhila. How to Limit TV Watching Time of The Kids – Just dakhila.

Televisions have become a family member for everyone.

How to Limit TV Watching Time of The Kids – Just dakhila

Not only adults, in fact children also enjoy watching TV a lot. Being a parent you must control their habit and decide a schedule of watching the television. Here are a few tips, which you may follow to take control of this activity. Researches have proved that children below 2 years must not watch TV and the preschoolers can watch only for an hour. Watching TV continuously can steal their precious time for performing other important activities like playing, reading, meeting with other people or friends, etc.

Children usually watch some cartoons on the TV. Following are a few of the habits which you can develop in your child to keep them away from the television: Since it is true that actions speaks louder than the words, so being a parent you can set the example by yourself in front of them. I like thisUnlike Like0I dislike thisUndislike 0. Science Of Mother-Baby Bonding And It’s Impact On Baby’s Health – Just dakhila. Bonding is the powerful attachment that naturally develops between parents and their baby.

Science Of Mother-Baby Bonding And It’s Impact On Baby’s Health – Just dakhila

Isn’t it a miracle of nature, that as soon as a mother discovers that a little life is taking shape inside her, an unbreakable bond is formed with this life, which is not more than a mass of cells; at least at the beginning. And as soon as the parents hold their bundle of joy in their hands, all else ceases to matter. Scientists are still exploring and researching about bonding. Research has shown that the strong ties with the parents help develop a sense of security and also lead to increased self-esteem. In a research conducted by Ohio State University researchers showcased that rabbits which were cuddled got natural protection against artery-clogging.

Congratulations For Becoming Parents! But Did You Do All This? – Just dakhila. Clearing all your doubts These days there are a lot of hospitals who provide 1 or 2 parenting sessions to the parents so that it becomes easy for them to handle the baby and they can take care of the baby in the best possible way.

Congratulations For Becoming Parents! But Did You Do All This? – Just dakhila

Make sure that you attend these sessions without any failure. These lessons are given to the father and the mother right after the delivery when the mother feels fine or in some hospitals they even give the sessions when the mother is admitted in the hospital 1 or 2 days before the delivery. Some parents ignore these sessions as they think that this is something that they can easily get from internet or their parents can teach them everything that a doctor will tell them as they are experienced. It is suggested to take proper session given by the doctor and the nurse. Inform your insurance company: There are many couples who take insurance in which there is a claim for the baby’s birth. 5 Top Tips To Keep The Baby Healthy – Just dakhila. A baby is indeed the most desired gift that each couple wishes from God.

5 Top Tips To Keep The Baby Healthy – Just dakhila

When a baby is born in the family, there is happiness spread everywhere but we must not forget that a baby is very delicate and is very much prone to the diseases. The reason behind this is that the immune system of a baby is not developed in a way that it can protect the baby from the outside germs and changing weather. Therefore, it is very important for the parents to take extra care of the newborn baby. Top 6 things ways to find best Pre-school – Just dakhila. Your kid’s first stage of learning is the play school or preschool. This school helps in the planning of your youngster’s meetings in the principle school. Here are a few tips that will help you in selecting the best preschool for your kid. Know Your Child First: right away, you have to comprehend your tyke first. Top 6 things ways to find best Pre-school – Just dakhila.

Impact of Demonetization on Education System – Just dakhila. After the sudden decision of Demonetization , Many structures have been served with a shock. The decision of RBI of cancelling the Old Currency Notes of 500 and 1000 with effect from 25th November 2016 has not affected the Parents who want to admit their Children in Government Schools. Parents and Students can pay fees using the Old Currency but upto 2,000 until 15 December 2016. Giving a solution to those college students who haven’t paid the examination fees have been exempted from doing so.

Where there is so much relief for the students of Government Schools or Colleges, Private Institutions have refused to take old currency notes with effect from the announcement of note ban. “I submit fees of Aastha(my daughter) through cash quarterly and this time the school has suddenly refused to take the cash” A mother said explaining the after effects of Demonetization. Demonetization is impacting parents negatively who submit their ward’s fees in cash. This is how I got my child into one of the best school of East Delhi – Just dakhila. I’m a working mother of 2 Children: Himani & Mehak. Yes! That’s a tough statement. Himani is in class 9th and Mehak, my special child is just 3 and half years old. I live Mayur Vihar and my office is in Karol Bagh. Nursery Admission. What Does Your Kid Learn From His Pre-school? – Just dakhila. Mother is always the first teacher for her child. But there are other things which a kid needs to learn apart from his homely school.

Things like how you can mingle with other kids, share and play with your friends and basic manners. As a parent, we are always curious when our child comes from school, wondering what he learned new today. We often ask our kid, what did you do today in school? Pre-schoolers come anywhere from 18 months to 5 years. Surprise Your Child With Yummy Cupcakes Of Oreo – Just dakhila. Preparing some evening snacks for your child always gives you hazards. Most of the children have tantrums regarding the snacks and food. Kids get easily bored out of the everyday meals. They always nag for something tasty, spicy and unique to eat. Here Are Some “MUST DO” Things After Your Baby Is Born – Just dakhila. Here Are Some “MUST DO” Things After Your Baby Is Born – Just dakhila. 8 Tips to prepare kids for Nursery Admissions – Just dakhila. Getting your kid ready for the nursery?

What Precautions Should Be Taken If Pregnancy Is On Your Mind – Just dakhila. Kidonova in conversation with Dr. Lubhana Malik, A Psychologist – Just dakhila. Do you know what common problems a couples face? Finally, The ‘Silent Man’ speaks on Demonitisation – Just dakhila. Former Prime Minister who has names on not speaking and staying silent every time finally spoke on the Current matter of Demonitisation. Managing Home After Office Hours – Just dakhila. Nursery admissions are not a child’s play – Just dakhila. Often it is at the nursery school that most children get to be separated from either of the parents for a sustained period of time. This makes it all the more important that nursery admissions are requested at schools that would address the concerns of the parents as well as of the child to some extent.

Admittedly, higher education would be more important and produce greater and immediate result on the pupil, yet a good number of parents are so focused on trying to get the elusive nursery admission of choice. The Role Of Money. Best 4 Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Your Website – Just dakhila. Top 5 Hacks to Get Perfect Baby Hair – Just dakhila. Some babies have good hair growth, while other do not. During the first year of birth, it is most likely that your baby hair growth may change drastically. Growth of baby hair depends on many factors including his hormones, genetics, ethnicity, etc. Many babies lose their hairs due to a common reason, which is friction between mattress and hair. This temporary baldness fades away with time, as the baby begins to sit upright. Top 10 Schools of Central Delhi – Just dakhila. 11 trending celebrity baby names for your child – Just dakhila. Top 3 Tips To Celebrate Kid’s Birthday In Budget – Just dakhila.

How to work on losing weight? – Just dakhila. New Mothers! Here Is Something For You – Just dakhila. How to efficiently breastfeed your baby – Just dakhila. Tips to Take care of Newborn and Mom – Just dakhila. Post Pregnancy. Pre-Pregnancy. During Pregnancy.