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5 Fundamental Skills Every Artist Should Master. As an artist, your job is to immerse your viewers into a world that you have built and guide them safely through it.

5 Fundamental Skills Every Artist Should Master

Artists have much in common with storytellers. Storytellers have several tricks that they use to keep their readers coming back for more. Like storytellers, artists can use similar tricks to help them produce more compelling artwork. In this article, we will explain 5 fundamental skills that every artist should master. Let's take a look! Code School - Try Git. Good job!

Code School - Try Git

As Git just told us, our "octobox" directory now has an empty repository in /.git/. The repository is a hidden directory where Git operates. To save your progress as you go through this tutorial -- and earn a badge when you successfully complete it -- head over to create a free Code School account. We'll wait for you here. Next up, let's type the git status command to see what the current state of our project is: Batman & Dracula: Red Rain. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain is a 1991 graphic novel by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones,[1] in DC Comics' Elseworlds line of alternate reality stories.

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain

It spawned two sequels by the same creative team; Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Crimson Mist. Plot[edit] Investigating a series of murders of Gotham's homeless, the victims' throats having been slashed, Batman discovers that the murders are being committed by a family of vampires led by Dracula himself, still "alive" and well. With the aid of a rogue vampire called Tanya—who was once a member of Dracula's brood until the sight of an innocent child drove her to flee from him, creating a "blood substitute" to spare her from the cycle of death and murder—Batman, himself bitten by a vampire (Tanya herself, who seeks his aid in defeating Dracula as all Vampires created by Dracula are powerless against his abilities and mental powers), is able to acquire the strength necessary to stand against Dracula's minions while still retaining his humanity.

What's Wrong with Pakistan? - By Robert D. Kaplan. Perversity characterizes Pakistan.

What's Wrong with Pakistan? - By Robert D. Kaplan

Only the worst African hellholes, Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen, and Iraq rank higher on this year's Failed States Index. The country is run by a military obsessed with -- and, for decades, invested in -- the conflict with India, and by a civilian elite that steals all it can and pays almost no taxes. But despite an overbearing military, tribes "defined by a near-universal male participation in organized violence," as the late European anthropologist Ernest Gellner put it, dominate massive swaths of territory. The absence of the state makes for 20-hour daily electricity blackouts and an almost nonexistent education system in many areas. Patent Search. F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b. Karamati Coat 1994 FULL MOVIE (Hindi lang) (English subtitle) Disco Dance and Bollywood - FILMISTANI - Filmon Ki Kahani, Hamari Zubani !! "Taj Mahal, India. Rocking Out Your AngelList Profile.

AngelList is awesome.

Rocking Out Your AngelList Profile

In fact, we encourage all of our startups to use AngelList to raise money – it’s clearly useful to both founders and investors. Two-way transparency FTW! The Next Generation Housing Portal - Housing.co.in. Synergy. Galactus is number 5 - IGN. Stripe: Payments for developers. Want to save more tax? Add NPS to your CTC. How NPS benefits in saving tax?

Want to save more tax? Add NPS to your CTC

For majority of taxpayers, Rs 1 lakh tax-saving investment limit under Section 80 C is the only one which can be availed to save tax. The reason is very few employers/employees are aware of additional tax benefit which can be availed under Section 80CCD (2). An Open Letter To Prospective Indian Employer « Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind. NYTimes India Ink carries a lot of nice things.

An Open Letter To Prospective Indian Employer « Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind

Sometimes though, it does not. As an example, this hectoring “An Open Letter to India’s Graduate Classes” delivered from a position of moral, ethical and overall-I-am-awesome-and-you-are-not superiority. An Open Letter to India's Graduating Classes. Namas Bhojani for The New York TimesStudents prepare for summer placements at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, in this November 10, 2008 file photo.

An Open Letter to India's Graduating Classes

Dear Graduates and Post-Graduates, This is your new employer. Konami Code Sites. The Story of Civilization. The Story of Civilization, by husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant, is an eleven-volume set of books covering Western history for the general reader.

The Story of Civilization

The volumes sold well for many years, and sets of them were frequently offered by book clubs. The series was written over a span of more than four decades. It totals four million words across nearly 10,000 pages, but is incomplete. In the first volume (Our Oriental Heritage, which covers the history of the East through 1933), Will Durant stated that he wanted to include the history of the West through the early 20th century. Unusual clock. War of Currents. In the War of Currents era (sometimes, War of the Currents or Battle of Currents) in the late 1880s, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison became adversaries due to Edison's promotion of direct current (DC) for electric power distribution over alternating current (AC).

War of Currents

Thomas Edison, American inventor and businessman, known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park", pushed for the development of a DC power network. George Westinghouse, American entrepreneur and engineer, financially backed the development of a practical AC power network. Edison's direct-current system generated and distributed electric power at the same voltage as used by the customer's lamps and motors. This meant that the current in transmission was relatively large, and so heavy conductors were required and transmission distances were limited, to about a mile (kilometre); otherwise transmission losses would make the system uneconomical. At the time, no method was practical for changing voltages of DC power. Search Kashmir. At The Edge. Running a startup. When I read over law paperwork, I’m like When someone asks what is our business model, I’m like When I don’t see anyone at an event I know, I’m like.

Malleus Maleficarum. The Malleus Maleficarum[2] (commonly rendered into English as "Hammer of [the] Witches";[3] Der Hexenhammer in German) is a treatise on the prosecution of witches, written in 1486 by Heinrich Kramer, a German Catholic clergyman. The book was first published in Speyer, Germany, in 1487.[4] James Sprenger is also often attributed as an author, but some scholars now believe that he became associated with the Malleus Maleficarum largely as a result of Kramer's wish to lend his book as much official authority as possible.[5] The main purpose of the Malleus was to systematically refute arguments claiming that witchcraft does not exist, to discredit those who expressed skepticism about its reality, to claim that those who practised witchcraft were more often women than men, and to educate magistrates on the procedures that could find them out and convict them.

Background[edit] Kola Superdeep Borehole. Coordinates: Kola Superdeep Borehole, 2007 For two decades it was also the world's longest borehole, in terms of measured depth along the well bore, until surpassed in 2008 by the 12,289-metre-long (40,318 ft) Al Shaheen oil well in Qatar, and in 2011 by 12,345-metre-long (40,502 ft) Sakhalin-I Odoptu OP-11 Well (offshore the Russian island Sakhalin).[2]

The Man Who Wanted to Wed 500 Times. Holder of world records for the most flags tattooed on his body, most straws stuffed in his mouth and longest non-stop scooter journey ever, Guinness Rishi explains his need to break and set new records In 1980, I was asked by my company to cover the length and breadth of India on a Luna 50 cc moped. I worked for an auto parts company, Novelty Auto Traders, and was asked to promote our products on the journey.

I went pretty much everywhere I could, Leh-Ladakh-Kashmir to Kanyakumari. As this was before the age of the internet, I wasn’t sure where the eastern- and western-most tips of the country lay. Old Indian Photos. List of Old Doordarshan TV shows and Serials - AbhiSays.com. The 80s was the era of Doordarshan with soaps like Hum Log, Buniyaad and comedy shows like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi which made Doordarshan a household name. Circus, Gul Gulshan Gulfam and Nukkad are some of the serials that come instantly to my mind when I think of the good old days of Doordarshan. Those were phenomenal days when people gathered in crowds to watch the telecast of these serials. The characters of Ramayan and Mahabharat were almost worshiped like God and Goddess throughout the country. Other popular programs included Hindi film songs based programs like Chitrahaar and Rangoli and crime thrillers like Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat and Janki Jasoos.

This is the big list of Old Doordarshan TV shows and serials. Nazia Hassan - Disco Deewane (HQ) (very rare) (early 80's) The 100 best games of all time. Coursera. Ico. Microsoft Pulls Prank / Company takes browser war to Netscape's lawn. Not Just Another Fake Mona Lisa - Interactive Feature. Comparing The United States to India. The 50 Coolest Books Ever - Entertainment. Ignobel Indians. Melencolia I. Eadweard Muybridge. Where has the Ghazal gone? India's Worst Journalists... Deepa Malik [Biography] Swimmer,Biker of the world ~ Matpal.

Remember when Indi-pop used to outsell bollywood music? What were your favourites? What Did J.D. Salinger, Leo Tolstoy, Nikola Tesla and Sarah Bernhardt Have in Common? Biddu. Crocodile in water, tiger on land. Party (1984 film) Home - The Startup Centre : We are a Hub + Accelerator for Tech Startups. Beef eating: strangulating history. Ask r/India: How is the innovative/startup scene in india? Graeme's Fantasy Book Review. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia. Ruth Westheimer. The greatest program ever written. Wendigo. Tagore and Einstein - School of Wisdom. ZbigZ.com. Helen Keller. Hunter S. Thompson. Technische Universität Wien : 3D-Printer with Nano-Precision. Jijibisha: A man's 'Wheel' to live. Life & Style / Metroplus : Mission heritage. Full-on Masala Comics. Diving Dogs Are Good Catch for Photographer. In Search of Grappling’s Roots in India, Part 1.

How the U.S. Military Shares Its Rich History With Facebook Timeline. Charge Your iPhone Simply By Breathing Into This Mask. Brave New World. Rahul Sood. Super Mario Crossover. Let Them Eat Spam! Pixar Engineers Leave to Build Real World Living Toys. Hottest recent sighs - /dev/sigh - programmer rage. Medicine. Capability Maturity Model Integration.

Bio-bak.nl - now featured in 1000 megapixels! Columns / Harsh Mander : Barefoot - The other side of life. Ten Amazing Java Applications. Deus Ex: Human Revolution opening title sequence. The Chicken and the Pig. 40 Beautiful 8-Bit Artworks. The Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems. 27C3: Adventures in analyzing Stuxnet (Bruce Dang from Microsoft) Parable of the Pearl. Equal opportunity. Point Taken (Who needs a fast & 24 hours internet?)